2nd Week Assignment Class 8 9 7 6 Answer ২য় সপ্তাহের এসাইনমেন্ট

6th week assignment

The assignment syllabus for 2nd (second) week has been got published recently by the education authority. Now you have to focus on your fourth week assignment following the end of your 2nd assignment in 2021. We have uploaded the 4rth week assignment along with syllabus and answer for our class 9 8 7 and 6 students in Bangladesh. It is to meant that these assignments are only for high school level students in the country. Therefore, download 9 8 7 and 6 class 2nd week assingment syllabus and answer here ২য় সপ্তাহের এসাইনমেন্ট .

2nd Week Assignment

The declaration of the 2nd week syllabus by the directorate of secondary and higher education has just been made toward the students giving an expected message that their time for doing 1st 2nd and 2nd week assignment is now over. They should not be with the previous week assignment anymore. Rather the students must accept the new assignment syllabus with the directorate official website.

And they have to start for their assignment of the 2nd week now. This post will tell you about the in and out of the class 9 8 7 6 2nd week syllabus and assignment along with their answer and solutions. So get on the line to catch what you need to perform in the latest www.dshe.gov.bd 2021 assignment. It does not take time how much the assignment will take time to complete. But the main thing is that it a must and very important for you.

2nd Week Assingment Syllabus

Do you know that the dshe authority has already published the assignment syllabus for 2nde week for high school students. Though some of our students could not make it finish answering all the questions on their assignment, the door to 2nd week assignment has appeared just now. It is make you clear that we are have uploaded our website that is promised to provide every education and job related information within the shortest per of of time.

5th week assignment answer class 6 7 8 9

So, you are welcome here from as our team is going to give your assignment syllabus and answer for download with the easiest way in the earth. As the students have been asking over the days how can get the assignment syllabus of second week of class 8 9 7 6, we have attempted to give an answer for them by uploading it as a PDF file. So, make your 2nd week assingment syllabus download from below PDF or link.


2nd Week Assignment Download Link

2nd Week Assingment Class 9 Answer

Class 9 students 2nd week assignment is available now for at least three subjects. For the class nine students, 2nd week assingment can be very easy to write an answer. The class 9 students have to go for their 2nd week assignment in terms of three subjects. The three subjects are English, science, and Bangladesh and global studies or BGS. The questions in the class 9 2nd assignment syllabus are ever simple to make answer.

It is to mention that everyone needs checking the fact of publishing of the assignment syllabus first. If you cannot catch what week syllabus this is you may get it wrong for the existing week. As time is ever valuable, at present, to our students, we have no intention of wasting that precious thing. Rather we we working how we can cease the waste of time by providing correct thing and assignment answer. So, get your fourth week syllabus of the following classes here with subtle information.

  1. Man and Climate Unit- 5 Lesson- 3 HW: Section D -Write a letter to the Editor……

  2. The Greed of the Mighty Rivers Unit-5 Lesson-1 HW: Section D ….

  3. Class 9 Math Assignment Solution 2nd & 2nd Week

5th Week Assingment Class 9 Answer 5th Week Assingment Class 9 Answer 5th Week Assingment Class 9 Answer

Nine Class Assignment Answer

Class 8 2nd week Assignment Solution

Eight class students are now in wanting of the basic urge for the 2nd week assignment. It is not only the urge of the students who have already completed their previous week assingment task. But, the students who has not been able to finish their 2nd week assignment can also need to write the second week assignment answer or solution. Check what is in your class 8 fourth week solution to be sure your next day assingment topics and questions.


The working of making answer for the class 8 latest week is going in full swing. Our expert will upload the assignment when it will be finished making solution. So, before then, you can watch what subjects and lessons your class 8 2nd week assignments includes. As you have gotten a free da, Friday, you can complete reading the assigned NCTB English 2nd paper, Science, and Bangladesh and global studies answer with solution. 

  1. Class 8 English 2nd Paper Grammar and Composition Assignment Answer

  2. Class 8 Science Assignment Answer -2nd Week Biggan Solution

class 8 5th week assignment (1) class 8 5th week assignment (1) class 8 5th week assignment (1) class 8 5th week assignment (1) class 8 5th week assignment

2nd Week Assignment Class 7

 Along with the other classes assignemnt syllabus, you will also get that of the  2nd week assignment answer for our high school 7 students. Our website is the right place where you will get your class seven assignment syllabus along with answer and solution together. You are subject to notice a huge number of post we have uploaded here for your assignment. What you work at this site is to find out what is your and get it by having a click on the particular link or PDF file.

In the fourth stage of your high school assignment, the class 7 will have to go for several assignment task. The 2nd week assigned works for the class seven students are from – English Grammar and Composition or 2nd paper, science and Bangladesh or Biswaporichoy subjects. You will also get details information about all week assignments for every subject and class from particular blog post available on this site. 

  1. Class 7 English Assignment Answer & Solution (4th Week)

class 7 5th week assignment answer (2) class 7 5th week assignment answer (2) class 7 5th week assignment answer (2)

2nd Assignment Class 8 Answer

2nd Week Assignment of Class 6

The 2nd week assingment syllabus and answer of the class 6 at secondary school will be unique post of ours. The hardness of the assignment is answering point to point topics. Our experiences over last few weeks has mentioned it distinctly that the students who have added more information from textbook and internet has done better than others. So, I think you will also follow them to get the most remarkable score in your class 6 assignments.

  1. Class 6 English Grammar and Composition 2nd Paper 2nd Week Assignments 

5th Week Assignment of Class 6 (4) 5th Week Assignment of Class 6 (4) 5th Week Assignment of Class 6 (4) 6th Week Assignment

Class 6 Assignment Answer

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