Class 8 Assignment 2022 Bangla & Math 1st Week Answer

class 8 assignment syllabus answer অষ্টম শ্রেণির ১ম ও ২য় এসাইনমেন্ট সিলেবাস ও উত্তর

Class 8 Assignment Answer for the 1st Week of 2022 March including solution for Bangla, Math, Agriculture, English, BGS and other subjects. The home assignment will continue till 12 March 2022 for class 8 students. There will be a weekly basic assignment syllabus task for the class eight student. In the first week, the work for completing class 8 Bangla and Math (gonit) has been finished. Now, the assignment of first week for the class eight students is running  at high school level. Watch and download the Class 8 Assignment Answer for 1st Week here.

Class 8 Assignment

Class 8 assignment is very important to the students who have missed this year’s JSC exam 2022 . In the previous year, they used to be evaluated following their performance in the yearly board examination. However, as the JSC Exam 2022 is not taking place, the assignment is only the way for 8 students to prove about their hard work. Doing assignments will be very easy for the class 8 student who has studied regularly in 2022 .

On the other hand, the students who have not studied regularly will face a big problem and will suffer in the run. The student of class 8 have to complete their Bangla, English, Math, Islam (Dhormo), Bangladesh and Global studies, Information Communication and Technology (ICT) subject assignments. They will have to finish the assigned tasks for bangla (biggan), agriculture (krishi), home economics (gahostro orthoniti) subjects also.

Class 8 Assignment 2022

It is note for the students that there is no alternative way that you cannot complete the class 8 assignment 2022 answer. Rather, the students of all education board including Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Mymensingh, Rangpur, Dinajpur, Barisal, and Sylhet have must go with the direction of the directorate of firstary education. The student of Madrasha, Technical, and vocational also must need to submit their class 8 assignment answer on time with their school.   

Each of the education board has published the new syllabus for their students on official website. You can download the firstary and higher firstary revised syllabus at 2022 syllabus. In the syllabus, the dshe authority has fixed the course plan of the class 8 students. We have separated the syllabus for class 8 only and uploaded for our eight students. Therefore, download your needed revised syllabus for class 8 1st week assignment.

Assignment Class 8 

Class 8 1st week assignment syllabus is available on our website now. In the first week syllabus, the class 8 students had to complete several task. You can get every subject assignment syllabus from our website. Both the class eight first week and 1st and 1st, and 1st week assignment syllabus are available for download. In line with the education ministry, we also publish here all kind and types of assignment and syllabus for every class of any education board.

Download your assignment no. 1st for the class assignment syllabus for this week from 2022 assignment. You should remember that you are directed to finish the assignment before 12 April 2022 . There might a possibility of reopening the closed educational institutions in March 2022 . Hence, do not wait for upcoming days. Rather, make complete all the assignment as soon as you can do so.

all class assignment 1st week 2022

1st Week Assignment 2022 PDF Download

Class 8 Assignment Bangla

We have provided here with class 8 bangla (biggan) subject assignment along with its answer. Our students can find the class 8 bangla assignment pdf against the question found in the 1st week syllabus. If you are trying to access the most relevant answer for your bangla assignment, you cannot miss it. Because, our expert are very much profession in making assignment for the young children.

So, please look the below bangla assignment from the class 8 courses as given in the syllabus in 2022 . Our main helper for preparing for any assignment is of that class NCTB original textbook. Our students can also make their biggan assignment very flexibly using their bangla textbook. Thus, the dependable on us is their priority in every case of emergence for the class 8 learners.

class 8 bangla assignment 2022 1st week

Class 8 Bangla Assignment 1st Week Answer

Class 8 Bangla Assignment 2022 1st Week Answer is the top priority in this post of excellence. The answer is from your class eight biggan textbook since then. The promising solution for the bangla assignment is only accessible on this website. Every and most person who looks for the answer has got this website very much helpful for the class 8 learners. The 1st week assignment indeed is a very good effort from the government to teach the students about answer.

Therefore, only taking by side does not probe your merit on the bangla subject. But, coming out with a unique and good answer in that case help to attain favour among the teachers. So, find out the relevant topic from the first chapter of your biggan book to make the answer more vulnerable. Thus, you can also download the assignment answer below for your class VIII in 2022 here as the visibility allows.

Download Bangla Assignment Full Answer PDF


Class 8 Math Assignment Solution

The math assignment syllabus is yet to published by the firstary and higher education directorate authority. We would give the PDF file of the math assignment answer when the question will be published on the official website. The Math assignment answer PDF file has been released on our website just now for the 1st and 1st week. You have to no pressure on you to make the solve of the math assignment solution for your math assingment for the class eight.

class 8 assignment 2022 1st week

Leave you all pressure on us while we are uploading the solution and answer for you giving a room for rest. Therefore, you are very grateful to us for giving a thank for the math solution we have given to you. Now make it possible for you so that you can be expert in math along with other subject of class 9 by doing the tasks of assignment.

class 8 assignment 2022 math solution 1st week

Click Here To Download Full Math Answer

Class 8 Agriculture Assignment Solution

Get your copy of the 1st week agriculture assignment answer from here now for class 8 students. The class eight agriculture assignment has been in the list only for your as you are a high school learners in the country. If you want to watch the high school level agriculture assignemnt question and answer in PDF and image or picture file, then you may look below where our team has given every assignemnt answer in 2022 for the class 8.

Class 8 Assignment English

Here is you answer for class 8 assignment English subject. The class 8 students need to write two particular assignments from their NCTB English Text Book. One is on the Nakshi Kantha while another is how to make / cook firni/ pudding / khichuri in English. The answer of the all assignments has given in this website. You can make search on the search option to look whatever you want to get. Besides, you can also click on the below link to read the following class 8 english assignment.

In the Nakshi Kantha assignment, you have to write on about why do I like Nakshi Kantha or ordinary kantha. If you can do it taking help from your English text book, then you are welcome. If you cannot make it done, then you can watch our assignment answer and solution for the Nakshi Kantha Assignment section. You can also read the answer of how to make pudding recipe assignment or that of firni or khichuri from below link. 

class 8 assignment english 2021 2nd week

Download Class Eight Assignment Full Answer PDF

  1. Firni Recipe Assignment
  2. Pudding Recipe Assignment 
  3. Firni Recipe Assignment in English
  4. Nakshi Kantha Assignment– Why Do I Like Nakshi Kantha

Class 8 Assignment Arts and Crafts 2022

New addition to the class eight assignment is the arts and crafts subject in 2022 by the education ministry. From now, the students of class 8 will have to read about the charu and karukola subject as per their home work. The 1st week assignment has allowed the students to write some words about the usefulness of this arts and crafts course in 2022 . The most important part of this course is it is very easy and flexible to all.

Here our team has also added picture or photo of the class 8 1st week assignment 2022 of arts and crafts chapter. This unique subject does only include a single to elaborate by the novices. Here is your question that says how effective this arts and crafts subject is for the class 8 learners in 2022 .

class 8 assignment 4th week 2021 arts and crafts

Class 8 Arts Crafts 1st Assignment 1st Full Answer PDF

BGS Assignment Class 8 Answer

BGS assignment answer has also reached to us and we have given it online instantly. Our beloved students will find it very handy when they will their bagnladesh and global studies assignment.

class 7 assignment 2021 bgs 2nd week (2)

Assignment Class 8 Bangla

We have also tried to provide solution for the class 8 Bangla answer. The Bangla answer for the class eight students in the assignment task is an issue of your original text book. Therefore, you first take your text book into first way of solution your 8 assignment. Here, our team has attempted to give the answer for the class 8 questions with the possible solution. You can download the assignment for your 8 classes with  subtle information.

Class eight assignment for your class could be valuable for your at this present context. first find out what is relevant for you on this website and get the important section download. Download your Bangla Assignment Class 8 Answer and Syllabus from this link.

class 8 bangla assignment 2021

Click Here To Get Class Eight Bangla Assignment Answer

ICT Assignment Class 8 Answer

Information Communication and Technology, widely known as ICT in almost every country people in the world, assignment syllabus and answer is available for students. On November 05, the directorate of firstary and higher education in Bangladesh has decreed the ICT assignment syllabus for class students. The class 8 students are scheduled to submit their ICT assignments within this existing week. Therefore, our class eight students have a very short time in order to submit the assignment.

Only one chapter is assigned for the class 8 ICT assignments that has at least seven lessons. In the assigned task, the directorate has also fixed how the students will write their assignment. The main focus in the assignment will be the importance of information communication and technology. You need to focus on তথ্য ও যোগাযোগ প্রযুক্তি রচনা in your assignment. The beginning of the question is একজন ব্যক্তি সরকারের গৃহীত তথ্য ও যোগাযোগ ভিত্তিক সেবা থেকে কিভাবে সহযোগিতা পেতে পারেন। So, get you answer for the selective class assignment PDF file.

ICT Assignment Answer link

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