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all class assignment 2021

Assignment 2021 for Class 8 7 6 9 has been declared justly by the authority named secondary and higher education directorate, Bangladesh. The first week assingment syllabus 2021 for six to nine has been announced. The secondary education directorate, dshe, has urged all the teachers, guardians, and students to implement the assignment on due date. Accordance to the latest notice in 2021, this assignment will continue till the end of this year. From this website, any teacher, student or the guardian will find out all class assignment answer and syllabus.

Assignment 2021

The earlier year assignment ended in last December as the no final examination of any level of education took place in the country. As the covid-19 still prevails in the nation, the government is not reluctant to open the suspended educational institutions. Though students and concerned citizens has been urging the authority to re-open the school, the education ministry has come out with new assignment 2021.

So far, the assignment evaluation process will run from now at every school in Bangladesh. Instead of taking examination for the result, from now the teachers have been guided by DSHE to take assignment works from their students. Thereby, it can be said from the realistic point of view that students will not have to site for any exam before the Eid 2021.

all class assignment 2021 1st week 2021 assignment

The main source for collecting the original copy of assignment 2021 is from the official website known to all It is the lone official website from where anyone in the world having internet access can watch and download the assignment. To find out the assignment, one must click on the recent notice section where he or she is subject to find out some Bengali writing.

You have to select there the document that says it is the assignment evaluation notice for class 6 to 9 at the secondary level. Opening that file will redirect you to the address 2021 assignment . So you can also click on the link as you can in the previous line to download your all class assignment. However, below we have also given the class wise assignment list PDF file for our beloved learners.

Assignment Class 8 2021

Class 8 students will get shocked by seeing this notice of assignment. Assignment Class 8 2021 is getting to long for around the whole year staring from March 20. As a result, class eight students will have to write two subject’s assignment per week as per the new condition. So, the base of the assignment task is not too heavy upon the students. But, the most problematic issue is that it is year lengthy.

Here the 1st week assignment 2021 includes two subjects – Class 8 Bangla Assignment and Islam Assignment Class 8. Both assignments have taken the first chapter to write down answer. Therefore, students who got new books from the school have already completed the first two chapters. It will be very easy for them to produce answer for assignment from the beginning sections of the text.

Class 9 Assignment 2021

Already, the class nine students in Bangladesh has collected the original NCTB textbook from their schools. It has been three months class 9 learners have started their home studies. The education ministry has realized that there would be severe uncertainty about the opening school and college. But, the students must be kept under academic activities by providing Class 9 Assignment 2021.

The result of this thinking is the assignment 2021. The students of class 9 from each of the three sections have to go through this assignment without any exception. Writing assignment is compulsory for each of the learners under any branch. The teachers will have also to look on the assignment to find out whether they are understanding the text matter properly.

Class 7 Assignment

Class 7 Assignment 2021 has also entered its second wave from March 20. Every class seven student in the country are bound to follow the assignment’s guideline. Actually, there is no alterative to the students but writing the assignment answer. Moreover, the directorate has made it mandatory that class 7 students will have to write the assignment by their own hand.

So, from the first point, our children cannot copy other assignment and can tell it of their own. Teachers know every student’s handwriting and they will be able to catch if anyone cheats. Consequently, students are with no exception but using their own hand to write the assignment answer by their own merit and talent. 

Class 6 Assignment 2021

Class 6 students are the most youngest in term of their age. They have just now admitted in class 6 skipping the PSC Result 2021. Therefore, assignment term will be very complicative for them. In 2021, all class students will have to do the assignment task as fixed by the education ministry authority. Hence, six students are not any exceptional but to practice the Class 6 Assignment task.

We have given the 1st Class 6 Bangla Assignment and Class 6 Islam Assignment for the students. They can have visit those links to get the syllabus and answer for the selective subjects.

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