Class 9 Assignment English 2021 Answer 2nd Week

class 9 assignment 2022 1st week

Class 9 Assignment English 2021 on the life of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Here you will get the Class 9 all subject including English Assigment Syllabus along with its answer for the 2nd week. The first week assignment task for the class nine students includes the story of Lipi, Nila, The Ferry Boat, and Responsibilities. Our teachers have made answer for all the English Assignment topics for your. Now, you have just download the answer from the exact Class 9 Assignment PDF link. 

Class 9 Assignment Syllabus

Here is your assignment syllabus for the class 9 students. We have uploaded the assignment syllabus for the following subject of Class 9 : Bengali literature, Bangla, Grammar of Bengali language, English for Toady, Math, English Grammar and Composition. The Class 9 Assignment for information and communication technology (ICT), Science, Essays, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Higher Mathematics  and Geography and environment subject in 2020.

You will also feel delighted hearing we have the assignment for economy, agriculture education, home science, Politics and Citizenship, Accounting, Finance and Banking, Business enterprise, Islam and moral education, Hindu, Buddhism, Christianity. Bangladesh and world identity Arts and Crafts, History and world civilization of Bangladesh, Physical education and health sciences and sports also available on our website for answer at 2020 assignment.

Class 9 Assignment English

The first subject of which we are going to give answer is for Class 9 Assignment English. In the English for Today NCTB Textbook, there are three task in the first week assignment for the class nine students. Class 9 is very crucial place for the students in Bangladesh. Therefore, we should take care of them very much with utmost importance. That is why we have taken this post a a relief plan for our class 9 students. In the 1st week assignment, you have to check first three unit in your English book.

For the Class 9 English Assignment, the following units are unit 1 lesson 4, unit 4 lesson 4, and unit 4 lesson 1. All are very easy lesson to read and understand. We think that you can realize what is stated in those text very easily. Therefore, it will be easy for your to make your English Assignment done following directions of the secondary education directorate in BD.

The Story of Lipi / Nila

One of the trio assigned tasks for the class 9 students is completing the short story of Lipi in English. The unit 4 lesson 4 is the section c for the the story of Lipi, a girl who was a victim of early childhood. The story of the girl Nila will have to write following the Lipa’s description in nit 4 lesson for section c in your English book. Here is the solution of the completing story of Nila / Nipa assignment answer in direct link with question for class 9 er student.

Story of Nila in 10 Sentences PDF

The Ferry Boat

The title ferry boat suggest the paragraph of something which is relating to river. At the beginning section of Unit 4 lesson 1, you will find a picture of boat carrying a huge passengers. In the 1st week assignment, you have been asked to write the answer of the homework question in your book. You can get your class assignment from below direct post link. Never be one them who make directly copy of this assignment and submit to their school teachers. 

The Ferry Boat Assignment Download

Class 9 Assignment Bangla Answer

You must keep this matter in mind that a lot of people especially students are visiting this site. Because, it is the best education website for the high school student at now. So, there might be a chance that a number of  students will download the same answer. Therefore you need to be unique in your assignment that will give you the chance of getting high marks. Class 9 Bangla assignment includes only one chapter of your NCTB Bangla book.

Students have to answer from the Kapotakkho Nod, a poem by renowned poet Michael Modhusudon Datto. The questions for the Bangla assignment are very simple. You just have to write down a total of ten qualities in 10 sentences. That is all for your for the Class nine Bangla assignment answer. Some students think that they will get more marks if they collect information from internet as reference. Yes, It is true for them. So, download your Bangla examination assignment.

Bangla Assignment PDF

Class 9 Chemistry Assignment

Class 9 assignment for chemistry subject answer has also given here for our readers. Chemistry is the first week assigned task for the class nine students. Sometimes our class 9 students find the subject chemistry (rosayon) very difficult to read. However, our teachers have made the answer of the chemistry assignment in a way. You will understand the answer with a single attempt to read it. Therefore, this assignment of the particular class will be very useful to our children.

There are several question given by the authority in the chemistry assignment. Class 9 students are in the epic of performing the assignment by their own. Each day they have complete two or three assignments. In order to help them in free, our this initiative has drawn the attention of many people. Hence, we would like to congratulation our students that they are going to enter into new class following the assignment. 

Chemistry Answer PDF Link

Math Assignment Class 9 Solution

Mathematics, mostly known as math, assignment syllabus along with solution for the class 9 students are accessible on this post. Both math answers for the algebra and geometry section is available here. Students have to download the PDF file of the class 9 math solution from below link. The 1st image of the math assignment is also given here to prove the credibility of the answer. If you are a class 9 students, then you cannot understand how to solve the math assignment.

If you are searching for the math question along with solve, then do not rush any other place. It is on our website where you will find class 9 all subject assignment in PDF file. Therefore, we suggest our students to keep continuing our website to get their expected assignment for the particular class. Click below for download the Math assignment solution pdf and resolve again at home.

Full Math Assignment Answer PDF

Class 9 Physics Assignment 2020

Class 9 physics assignment is now available on our website in 2020. In the 2nd week assignment list, the directorate of secondary and higher education has set the physics assignment enlisted for the students. The Class nine (physics) podartho subject assignment syllabus will be available for download at 2020 syllabus. On the other hand, the syllabus for the each of the class solution especially in a PDF file or link.

While you are making search of any subject assignment download of any class, makes sure that you have picked up the right link. Otherwise, you could be mislead. However, find out the following subject assignment of your selected class here. Our team is working to make answer for class 9 all assignments and we will post those later. So, get back this post after a while to get what you need at this context. 

Full Physics Assignment Answer PDF

Assigned Task and Assessment Criteria on the basis of Revised Syllabus due to COVID-19, 2021




Lesson no and Title



Unit and
Unit Tittle






Father of the Nation

Lesson 1: Bangabandhu’s Family in 1971

Lesson 2:

The tale of Home coming

Lesson 3:

Bangabandhu at the UN

Lesson 4: Bangabandhu’s Relationship with other Countries

Prepare a fact file (a short report of all the most important information on a person or subject) on the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

You can use narratives, pictures, images, information, newspaper clips etc. to support your assignment.

Write 180-200 words.

1.Topic/Title: 2.Introduction: 3.Body/Description:

(Number or title of paragraphs may vary in writing the assignment)



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