Class 8 4th Assignment Answer of English, Science, BGS

At present, the 4th week assignment answer is available for class 8 high school students in Bangladesh. As per 4th week syllabus, class eight students have to write assignment on English, Science and Bangladesh and Global Studies (BGS) subjects. It is also to make an announcement that it is the 2nd assigned task from the three subjects for class 8 students. As per declaration of the authority, you can get the syllabus or question for your class 8 4th assignment from your school. However, you can also get the 4th assignment along with its answer for each subject here.

Class 8 4th Assignment

This period of time is of a countless assignment for the class eight students. The day to end is not so close and it will take more than nearly a month to finish. And, the class 8 students are bound to complete the assignment within a particular week. Because it is the hard direction of the secondary and higher education directorate that is responsible for class 6 to 12 students in Bangladesh. So, you have to be very serious about your class eight assignment instantly.

4th week assingment notice & answer

There is no option but writing the answer of the 4th assignment for you as a student of class 8 in Bangladesh. The students of class 8 cannot avoid the assignment in any means. Since the high school teachers have to show the statistics of your presence of assignment to the directorate, you must submit it to the authority by any means. Therefore, start up with your own assignment of 4th week as per the following syllabus given below.

Assignment Class 8 4th Week Syllabus

The latest assignment for the class 8 is their 4th week syllabus. Announcement for the 4th week class 8 assignment came following the publication of the notice of directorate of secondary and higher education. Following the declaration, you should first move for the 4th week assignment. The date for doing the fourth week assignment is not so long. Rather you will get only a week – seven days in total- to complete your three subject assignment.

Assignment syllabus is the first and foremost thing that a student must collect either from online or schools. If you want to collect the assignment syllabus from your school teacher, then you should contact him/here as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you feel like downloading the syllabus online, you can visit the 4th week assignment syllabus link displayed here for you. You are invited to click on 4th Week Assignment Syllabus by now.

4th Week Assignment Answer for Class 8

After knowing what is in the 4th week assignment of the class 8 a student must start working for the answer. As the student has a very short period of time for finishing his or her assignment, he has to be very fast in making an answer of every assigned task. If you consider days, you have only two days for finishing the assignment of a single subject. So, you have to get the book on your list that you start first. Next, go through the book for the answer.

Below we gave the subject wise assignment answer for class 8 4th week syllabus. For giving an answer, it is very astounding to inform that our expert teachers have followed proper guidelines of the education ministry. So, you can take your class 8 4th week assignment answer from our website without any obstacle and hesitation. Our expert team has been doing the job of making answer for all classes including that of eight for as long as we do it regularly.

Class 8 Assignment English Answer

Days are passing in its own rule. So, do not take the assignment slightly. Rather, give your complete focus on writing your assignment as you are getting only a week for doing your 4th assignment of class 8 english answer. Actually, class eight assignment answer for any subject will depend on your wish and hard work. With the line of the 4th week assignment syllabus, the students of class 8 will have to write from their English grammar and composition parts.

Your first work in the fourth week assignment is changing sentences into interrogative. In the short and revised syllabus, the directorate has mentioned the name of the chapter from which you have to make an answer. In the page no. 143 of your English grammar and composition textbook, you will find at least ten exercises. You are subject to change those ten sentences into interrogative from assertive. Your class 8 4th second assigned task is writing a descriptive paragraph about a place you have visited last.

English Grammar and Composition Class 8 Answer Link

Assignment Class 8 Science Solution

Class 8 students can also join with us for getting their science subject assignment answer or solution now. They can have the opportunity to download the answer of their solution for the 4th week as you are now in the middle of November. It is to have the knowledge that your science subject has been included in the 4th week assignment of class 8 newly published syllabus. So, if you are making several attempts to find out what to write in your answer for assignment, you can download the below sample of class 8 science students.

The fourth week assignment of science includes only three lessons from six chapters in your NCTB textbook. This time, at the fourth step of assignment, the education directorate has asked students to give answers for only one question. You must include the following question in your science assignment such as what is aisotap or kake bole. You may also want to know about paromanobik sonkha bolte ki bujho, X o Y mol neutron etc. related questions. So, you must have your biggan asai men answer without any loss. 

Class 8 Science Assignment Answer PDF

Class 8 BGS 4th Assignment Answer

Bangladesh and Global Studies, which has taken the short name of three letters- BGS, has also been enlisted in your class 8 4th week assignment syllabus. So, as a student of class eight you must have to write assignments on the particular BGS subject. To help in the case of your BGS assignment, we have come here to answer your total 4th week assignment. Some of our JSC students also search the assignment as Bangladesh O Bisso Porichoy subject answer.

Class 8 high school students have to write answers from the 3rd and fifty chapters of their book of Bangladesh and Global studies. There has been a description before you question, and you have to answer the following in line with the topic. The question of the assignment reads that your educational institutions are now off due to Covid-19. The school is being used as Covid-19 center while one of your neighbors gets affected by Coronavirus. It has asked to know how you can cease the suffering of the affected people by the help of information and communication technology or ICT.

class 8 bgs assignment answer (2) class 8 bgs assignment answer (2)

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