Pudding Recipe Assignment For Class 8 High School

How to make a Pudding Recipe Assignment for a Class 8 student in Secondary High School? In your first week English assignment, you have to write any of the three- Puding, Firni and Khichuri by your own. As you are not aware of the assignment task, we have written it for you and giving here. At first, you need to download all class assignment syllabus from our website here first. So, you can download how to make pudding recipe assignment for class 8 following this post.

Pudding Recipe Assignment

If you are a class eight student under any secondary or high school in Bangladesh, then you cannot but write an assignment on pudding. Therefore, you must have a knowledge how to make a pudding assignment. Before going for writing you should keep in mind that, the real pudding making and writing are not the same thing. They are different in the existence. Making pudding with eggs, milk, and sugar is not too hard to make.

Assignment On: 

Think about a delicious and nutritious food like Khichuri or Pudding or Firni. Ask some questions to your mother about its recipe. Try to prepare it with the help of other family members. Now, describe how to cook it following the recipe of custard given in your textbook. Also, write down two reasons why it is good or healthy food. 

Here will give a sample of the pudding recipe assignment so that you can write for you own. So, never forget to bookmark this page on your browser and visit us again for more information. The secondary and higher education authority has directed the students to finish the assignment process.

How to make pudding recipe

Pudding is always on the list of everyone’s favorite food. People of all ages loves to eat pudding recipe because it is easy to make and delicious to eat. You can try to make it home by using following steps. At first, we would like to ask you to read the Unit Two of your NCTB English Textbook. After reading the Food and Nutrition chapter you will get idea how to make pudding recipe. I believe that the process stated in the book help you in many ways.

However, we have also given an sample assignment for your here. You need the following ingredients to make a pudding recipe: 

  1. Condensed Milk: 2 Cups
  2. Sugar: 1 Cup
  3. Chicken eggs: 4
  4. Cardamom powder: 2, and
  5. Cream: 2 Tablespoons.

Pudding Recipe Assignment Sample

Her is a sample pudding recipe assignment for class 8 student in high school level. First, boil the milk in a pot until it becomes half-condensed. Then mix sugar with eggs and blend milk, eggs, sugar, cardamom powder and cream well until it becomes mixed properly. Next, put a pot in the oven and caramel it with a little ghee, oil, butter and sugar. Now pour the egg mixture in the caramelized pot with sugar, cover the mouth of the pot with a lid and boil it or keep it in a pressure cooker with water for 15-20 minutes.

pudding assignment

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After that let the pudding be cool. Lastly, cut around the mold with a knife. The plate should be inverted by pressing on the face of the mold. Leave in the fridge to cool and serve with delicious cream pudding. 


Pudding Recipe Assignment Download

For our eight class students, we have brought the Pudding Recipe Assignment PDF download option. As a student, you can use this pdf option in two ways. One is you can rewrite or write an pudding assignment following this recipe. On other hand, you can also use this to submit to your school or online. However, we will suggest our beloved children to make the assignment by their own as it will increase their writing creativity.

Pudding Assignment PDF Download

Our children can also download the www.dshe.gov.bd 2020 assignment for all class on our website that is for education and job. The assignment cover page for school is also available here to download.

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