Firni Recipe Assignment in English For Class 8 Student High School

Firni Recipe Assignment in English for Class 8 student in High School level. Get the recipe for the Firni making for your class eight assignment. Firni is a home-made food that anyone can make very easily. People prefer eating Firni more than Pudding or Khichuri as it is very delicious dish or food. Here, we have described the way how to make Frini Recipe in English. As a class 8 student, you can follow the steps in writing a full and complete Firni Recipe Assignment.

Firni Recipe Assignment

Firni is one of the most delicious and healthiest foods that we everybody like. It is a mixture of various delicious ingredients into very soft food. Not only in our country, but also people of all over the world loves to eat Firni recipe. So, we will tell now how to make a firni recipe for the class eight student as per syllabus. You have only one day to submit your English assignment to your school teacher. Therefore, make if finish as soon as possible.

Firni is a food that is prepared from milk. At present, you can find various types of firni in market. The taste of firni varies due to the ingredients mixed in it. Here we have described how to make firni recipe at home with the elements you already have. So, let’s start for making firni following a some easy and appropriate steps. However, you must take dshe direction into consideration while making any assignment. 

How to Cook Firni

Here you can get your answer for the assignment how to cook firni recipe. Generally, Firni is a healthy food that is very similar to lot rice milk or payes. The size of firni as complete different from payes. However, the main ingredients for making Firni is rice powder and milk. The cooking process also includes cardamom powder and rose water, which further enhances the taste of firni. In addition, dried fruits are also used. Let’s see how to make a return.


Polao Rice                 1 cup
Raisins                       2 tablespoons 
Milk                            2 liters 
Pistachio Nuts          2 tablespoons
Condensed Milk       1 packet
Cinnamon                  4 pieces
Sugar                          Half cup
Cardamoms               2
Saffron                       Half teaspoon 
Keora                          1 tablespoon

Firni Recipe Assignment Sample

Delicious Firni can be easily made at home at low cost. This firni can be eaten after any meal. You should collect all the materials for cooking firni. However, if you cannot find all of the ingredients, there is no problem. Start making what you have near you. First, pour the liquid milk into the pot and stir with cardamom, cinnamon etc. Shake for a while and pour the mixed milk powder. When it becomes thick, stir it with rice. Next give condensed milk in it.

It will thicken after two or three balls rise. If you give condensed milk, you don’t need sugar anymore, but if you want to eat more sweets, add sugar. Then, pour raisins, saffron and a small amount of different almonds and stir. When the scent thickens, take it down. Now pour the rest of the almonds in a bowl, spread the saffron on top and serve. I am sure this process will help you a lot in writing Firni Recipe Assignment syllabus for class 8.

firni recipe assignment 2020

firni recipe assignment

Firni Assignment PDF Download

You can also download Firni Recipe Assignment PDF as you have shown the description. Our expert teachers has made an complete assignment on the Firni Recipe. You can download it from the below option that will redirect to a page where you will find a PDF file. The PDF file includes assignment page cover also. In the name of school you should type the name of your school. Therefore, you are here congratulated for getting what you need.

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Firni Recipe Assignment PDF

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