Nakshi Kantha Assignment for Class 8 Student – Why Do I Like Nakshi Kantha

nakshi kantha assignment

Download and read Nakshi Kantha Assignment for Class 8 Student. In the first week assignment in your revised syllabus, you have been asked to write an assignment on Nakshi Kantha. At present, you are in great wariness of how to make a Noksi Katha paragraph or assignment. For the worried students, our this post is of today. We have attempted to give solution of the class 8 student’s assignment as per syllabus. The student of eight can collect this as an sample of assignment for them. Therefore, download your PDF file of Nakshi Kantha Assignment from here.

Nakshi Kantha Assignment

Students as well as their guardians can take this post into consideration as a guidelines for the Nakshi Kantha Assignment. The directorate of secondary and higher education has recently announced to evaluate the students as per 2020 assignment. For the class eight students, two assignment has been given to complete. Among the two, the first one is on Nakshi Kantha. First, read this post carefully before writing your assignment on Nakshi Kahntha.

In your NCTB Main Text Book, that you got from your school, there is a unit name A Glimpse of Our Culture. In lesson 2 of the chapter, you will find the description about Nakshi Kantha. There students will also get several questions relating the Nakshi Kantha. So, as a student of JSC you first read the whole section very carefully. You should also learn the vocabularies that is uncommon to you. Only after that you can start writing for the Nakshi Katha Assignment.

Why do you like Nakshi Kantha?

You can use the question why do you like Nakshi Kantha for as an assignment for our English subject. Here we have given some reasons why you can like or prefer Nakshi Kantha. You can consider theses reasons as your answer to the question why do you like a nakshi kantha or an ordinary kantha as your assignment syllabus. Nakshi Kantha is a special Kantha in our country. It is very well designed and furnished than the ordinary kantha. You can get the answer of why do I like Nakshi Kantha.

I like Nakshi Kantha because of the following reasons:

  1. It is one of the oldest art forms.
  2. It is easy to stitch.
  3. We can embroidery on old clothes.
  4. We can make different patterns and designs.
  5. Nakshi Kantha is a type of traditional embroidery art form that is notable in Bangladesh and Eastern Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura, etc.
  6. The word ‘Nakshi Kantha’ is derived from the Bengali word “Naksha” which means artistic patterns.
  7. It is one of the oldest Bengali traditional art forms. Thread and old cloth are basic materials that are used in this Nakshi kantha.
  8. This traditional art form is most famous in Jamalpur, Bogra, Rajshahi, Mymensingh, Faridpur, Jessore, etc. In this art form, colorful designs and patterns are stitched by doing embroidery.

Nakshi Kantha Assignment Sample

There are several answers and reasoning of the following question as set by 2020 syllabus. Class 8 English assignment includes that of Nakshi Kantha. In the following section, you will get an sample copy of the Nakshi Kantha where several reasons will be available. Here we have brought an Sample Copy of the Nakshi Kantha that you can download for further use.

As per your assignment syllabus, you must write the assignment on the following topics. Our educators can help your in this regard in helping how to write an assignment on the relative topic. You may notice the answer to get write in our assignment. We would like ask that you must follow the guidelines of the dshe authority.

Nakshi Kantha Assignment PDF Download

The class eight students can also download the pdf file of their Nakshi Kantha Assignment from our website. What they have to is just downloading the file from below link. The pdf file is very helpful for the student to read as well as watch. Beacuse, it does not change anything in the file. Rather you can mark and taka screenshot of the particular section from it.

nakshi kantha assignment

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