The Ferry Boat Class 9 Unit 4 lesson 1 English Assignment

the ferry boat class 9

The Ferry Boat Class 9 Unit 4 lesson 1 Assignment is a part of English Homework. The Ferry Boat is the title of the Lesson 1 of Unit 4 in Class 9 English Textbook. The students have been asked to complete their homework from the Ferry section. So, we would talk about the The Ferry Boat assignment for the high school students in Bangladesh. You have to make your own question and have to write the answer of the question. However, you can download Unit 4 Lesson 1 The Ferry Boat Class 9 English Assigment Answer.

Unit 4 lesson 1 The Ferry Boat

The Ferry Boat is a topic in the lesson 1 of Unit 4 in your NCTB Class 9 English Textbook namely English For Today. In the lesson 1 of Unit 4, the conversation between a student and a teacher takes place. During their conversation, they discuss how the people are insincere. Jamal told his teacher that the boat has sunken in the midst of the river due to heavy load of passengers. What the student did was the right thing. Each of the people should did this.

In the class 9 book, there have some questions at the end of the unit 4 lesson 1 the ferry boat. The questions are of group work. However, there have also question that you have to answer. You can find class 9 English question along with solution from this post. Though, it is not possible for us to give everything you want. We have given here the important question along with its answer from Ferry Boat lesson.

The Ferry Boat Class 9

In order to know you have to first know what the topic is in your assignment syllabus. The class 9 assigment syllabus includes several lessons and units from your English textbook. Among them, a task of assignment is The Ferry Boat lesson 1 under unit 4. In the lesson, there are three questions. You have to answer of the trio question as your homework. Therefor, we have given a link to the PDF of the answer of the class 9 English assigment.

Here is the text for you: “Is there anybody here who has ever crossed a river by a country boat?”  “I have, teacher,” said Jamil. “And I clearly remember what happened in that journey.” Would you please tell us what happened?” the teacher asked. “Okay, teacher. It happened when I was in Class 6. On a weekly bazar day, people were coming back with their shopping bags and baskets in hands, on shoulders and heads. They had to cross the river.

The Ferry Boat Assignment Answer

Unit 1 lesson 4 section hw c adds the story of the ferry boat. You can find question along with the short paragraph of ferry boat assignment answer from there. Our educators have answered the hw c section question here. You can download or make them very easy for you to write. You can also use these assigment to your school teacher. These may not be best answer, but I think it will be very relevant to your question.  

Therefore, Download the PDF and image file of the Ferry Boat assignment class 9 answer paragraph. As the time is running fast and new assignment syllabus is already available, you should take much time but complete the 1st week Class 9 English assignment.

Why did some people have little or no patience when the ferry boat was in danger of sinking?

Ans: People thought that a storm was approaching and it was getting dark. If they could not cross the river instantly, they might fall in a big problem in case of returning home. So, some of them became impatient to get into the boat. The people knew that the boat was overloaded and could sink anytime but they did not want to wait. Therefore they got into the ferry boat though they knew about the danger of sinking.

If we have too many buyers of fish in the market, what is likely to happen?

If we have too many buyers of fish in the market, the demand of fish will be bigger than the supply. Then the market will be unstable and the prices of fish will be very high. People of all walks of life will not be able to buy them.


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