The Story of Nila Class 9 Assignment in 10 Sentence Lipi Unit 4 Lesson 4

Unit-5 Lesson-1 : The Greed of the Mighty Rivers

The Story of Nila/Lipi Assignment in 10 Sentence for Class 9 English. You can get the story of Lipi class 9 complete assignment from here. We have given a title of the assignment. The Assignment of Nila / Lipi has been done in 10 new sentences by our expert teachers. The Unit 4 Lesson 4 includes the chapter of Lipi on your NCTB English Book. If you want us to complete the assignment of your class 9 English book, then we will do it for you. Now download the assignment in 10 sentence in PDF format here.

The Story of Lipi Class 9

The story of Lipi has been included in your class 9 Textbook English For Today. It is the lesson 4 of unit 4 in your book. The story of Lipi is a text that highlights the population in our country. Here is the full text of the story of Lipi as written in your Class 9 English textbook.

The year before last, Lipi, a 14-year old girl was in Class 9 in a rural school in Rangpur. Lipi is the eldest o five children—the daughters and two sons. Their father is a day laborer working on other people’s land and mother is a homemaker and part-time worker at other people’s homes. The parents, particularly the mother, found it real difficult to raise five children on the small income the father could earn. Perhaps that is why Lipi’s father wanted to marry her off.

But Lipi was not ready to accept what here parents wanted to impose only her. She wanted to peruse here education. Her mother stood by her, though secretly. When her father arranged here marriage with Tara Mia, the only son of a farmer in the same village, she became greatly upset. Tara Mia was a widower-illiterate, but well off. His father had a few acres of arable land and was influential in the village. The marriage seem to be inevitable. 

The Story of Nila Class 9

The directorate of secondary and higher education has assigned the unit 4 lesson 4 the story of Nila as an assignment for the class 9 students. As per the direction, the students have to write up the full story using only 10 sentences. The beginning of the story has been given here. You can say that the first line is given here for the students by the question authority. The next nine sentence have to complete in term of the idea of the unit 4 lesson 4 story of Lipi.

We have made the full assignment done for the class 9 students in line with the story of lipi from the unit 4 lesson 4. There in the lesson a section also tells what should do if anyone faces the same situation as Lipi faced in the book. Directly, you need to go the head master to your school and tell your problems. They might take the necessary action to stop the arrangement of marriage. In your assignment syllabus, the story of Nila / Lipi is available for the assigned task.

The Story of Nila Assignment

The Story of Assignment: Read the beginning of the story of Nila / Lipi completing story. Write 10 new sentences to complete the story in a way you would like. Nila, a young girl of 14 is a student of class 9 of Noapara Girls’ High school, Noapara. She was a poor girl but had an aspiration to help her family for a better life. On her way to school , a boy named Alam used to tease her very often. But she didn’t get frustrated rather …………………………………………………………….

Story of Nila In New 10 Sentences 

…She wanted to pursue to her higher education. Nila was the eldest of five children—three daughters and two sons. Her father was a day labour who worked at other people’s land while her mother was a homemaker who worked as a part-time worker at other people’s homes. The parents particularly the mother found it very difficult to raise the five children on the small income the father could earn. Her father knew that Alam was the only son of a well-off farmer in the village and fixed marriage with Nila with the illiterate person.

However, Nila wanted to peruse her higher education and could not accept the parent’s decision. Therefore, she took the help of her classmates who later informed the incident to the school headmaster. The headteacher called a meeting where he invited the school managing committee member as well Nila’s parents. In the meeting, the head teacher and others explained in detail the serious consequences that would follow Nila’s marriage. Later, Nila’s parents realized the matter and called the marriage off. Now Nila is going to her school everyday with friends. 

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