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Make a list of responsibilities of a student at home from Unit 1 Lesson 4 Section HW C for class 9 assignment. Class 9 English assignment has three works among them two is from the main textbook. Unit 1 Lesson 4 Section C of English for today is the text entitled Responsibilities. In the assignment, the students have been asked to complete the homework (HW) of the section. We have given the answer for the responsibilities of a student at home and make a a list of them.

Unit 4 Responsibilities

The Unit 4 responsibilities is a text of you NCTB English of Today. In the first assignment of class 9, the directorate of secondary and higher education has directed to the students to complete the homework (HW section C) for their English textbook. The unit 1 lesson 4 section includes a story of Rony and his friend. Rony uses the money his mother gave him to buy salt and chilies to take his friend Tanim to hospital.  Rony in this text has done his responsibilities as friends.

In the following text, there has been at least eight questions of which you have to write down answer in you class 9 English assignment. You have a number of responsibilities at home as a student. You also have responsibilities of a student to your family members, parents, friends, and at society and school. We have given the answer of the unit 1 lesson 4 responsibilities hw homework. Here is the answer for to make list of your responsibilities for a student.

Unit 1 Lesson 4 Responsibilities Section C

Here is the original text of from Lesson 1 Unit 4 responsibilities What is responsibility? A responsibility is a duty or an obligation TO DO something. For example, you have the responsibility to attend school and pursue your studies properly, to take care of your parents in their old age, and so on. You also have responsibility to your society and the government, e.g. to help a neighbour in trouble or to cast your vote if you are 18 or over. A responsibility is also an obligation or a duty NOT TO DO something.

For example, you have the responsibility not to steal a book from a public library or not to pile up your building materials on the footpath. These are your responsibilities as citizens. But there are responsibilities of the government as well. Our government has the responsibility to provide for its citizens “the basic necessities of life, including food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care”.  The government also has the responsibility to protect the fundamental rights of its citizens which include freedom of speech and expression, freedom 0 of the press, freedom of religion, equality of all before law etc.

Responsibilities Assignment Class 9

The knowledge, skills and attitudes you have gained at home, at school and in society will help you to be aware of your responsibilities and to carry them out effectively. Remember, discharging your responsibilities will be good for you, good for your family and friends, and good for your society and country as a whole. Which persons and institutions do you have responsibilities for Lesson 1 Unit 4? Make a list. The first in the list is done for you. a. parents b. c. • • • 2 Make a list of responsibilities you have as a student at home, school and in society.

3 Make another list of things you shouldn’t do at home, school and in society. 4 Who do you get help from to discharge the responsibilities you have listed in C1? How do they help you? 5 Are there any difficulties in fulfilling the responsibilities? Briefly describe them. 6 Make a list of responsibilities other people have towards you. Briefly describe what might happen if they fail to fulfill the responsibilities. 7 (a) What rewards are you likely to get if you fulfill your responsibilities? (b) What penalties or punishments may you get, if you do not carry out your responsibilities?

Q: Which persons and institutions do you have responsibilities for Lesson 1 Unit 4? Make a list. The first in the list is done for you.


Of course, we have responsibilities for :

(i) parents,

(ii) school

(iii) Society, and

(iv) government

Q: Make a list of responsibilities you have as a student at home, school and in society.


As a student, I have the following responsibilities at home, school and in society:

At home:

  • look after my parents,
  • take care of my sister and brother,
  • help my parents to do household works.

At School:

  • keep classroom neat and clean
  • follow the instructions of my teachers
  • obey the discipline of my academy

In Society:

  • stand by the suffering people after natural calamities,
  • motivate people to send their children to school
  • remove the darkens of ignorance


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