Grocery Shopping Assignment -Narrate Any of Your Shopping Experience in 300 Words

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Grocery Shopping Assignment -Narrate Any of Your Shopping Experience in 300 Words. In the 3rd week assingment for the class 6 students, the authority has asked to write an assingment on grocery shopping in 2020. The student will have to finish the assignment within three hundred words. The length and size of the grocery shopping assignment would not be larger than a paragraph. Our experts have attempted to give the answer for your class 6 assignment on narrate any of your shopping experience in 300 words, download it here.

Grocery Shopping

In order to write up an assignment on grocery shopping, you have first noticed the text in your class 6 English book. On lesson 8 you will find the text entitled Grocery Shopping. You can get the the idea what a grocery store is, how can you shop things from there, what are the things you can buy. At the lesson a student will be able to use word stress and stress on words in sentences. They will be able to ask and answer questions.

They will also participate in short dialogues and conversations on familiar topics and read and understand texts. While writing your English assignment, you must care those questions : Have you ever visited any grocery shop? Why did you go there and who with? What did you see there? If you are yet to visit such a shop, what are the reasons behind? In that case narrate any of your shopping experience in 300 words.

Lesson 7 Grocery Shopping 

Some guests will visit Imran : ‘s house tonight. So Imran : ‘s mother will cook dinner for them. She asks Imran : 63 go to the local market. He often forgets to buy the necessary items. So his mother is making a shopping list for him. He is helping his mother make the list.

Imran : Mom: what do I need to buy? Mom: Well, see if we have enough potatoes? Imran : We have some potatoes but I don’t think it’s enough. Mom: Then get half kg of potatoes. How about tomatoes? Imran : . I don’t see any tomatoes. Mom:: Are there any other vegetables? Imran : Yes, there are some beans, carrots, cucumber and eggplants….That’s all. Mom:: Well, I’ll need one kg of tomatoes. Half kg of beans and two cauliflowers. Mom: Are there any eggs, dear?

Imran : : There are only three eggs. Maybe I’ll buy a dozen more? Mom: : Humm. oh, yes…. get some sugar, and milk and one litre of oil, too. Imran : : OK. One litre of milk and…. one kg of sugar. Mom: : One more thing, dear. You are forgetting your lists Here it is. Imran : : Oh!  hanks, Mom: Salesman : Hello, how can I help you? Imran : Do you have any beans Salesman: Yes, we do. How much would you like?

Grocery Shopping Assignment 

Here we have given Grocery shopping assignment for the students so that they can take some information from here. You have following question while you are going to write down the assingment of grocery shopping. So, check the below question of the class 6 English assignment first.

Question : Narrate Any of Your Shopping Experience in 300 Words


Recently I have visited to a grocery shop. I went to the grocery shop with my father to buy some necessary commodities. It is located in our local market. So, we had to go there on foot. The shop was not so big but not so small also. One or two people run the shop. The shop always is very crowdy place. People of our area come to this shop as nearly everything is found here. In the shop, there have been a vast number of various things most of which are daily commodities. The things in the grocery shop includes the followings, especially our daily —————

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necessary commodities such as rice, dal, oil,  potatoes, tomatoes, onions, cauliflower, beans, eggs, salt, sugar, milk, carrots, cucumber, vinegar, noodles, pickles, palm corn, corn flour, baking soda, baking powder, Bread, biscuits, cakes, jams, jellies, honey, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, detergent powder, brush, mouthwash, sanitary napkin, cream, ice cream, cold drinks, juices, powdered drinks, mineral water, tea leaves, coffee flour, ginger, garlic, turmeric, bay leaf, cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, various spices, etc. If I am to visit such a shop, then would be for buying our household things needed for my family members including me such as pen, brush, toothpaste, rice, dal, oil, etc. Going there I asked the shop owner to give me one kilogram rice, half kilogram dal, one liter oil, and one kg onions and potatoes. The shop owner gave me the things I wanted from him. Then I returned with the things and gave to my mother.

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