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Gold Price Today in USA, India, and Bangladesh: Gold is one of the most precious materials found in the heart of the earth. It is also a chemical element that defines how wealth a nation is. Along with the differences in the prices of USA dollars, the price of gold varies time to time and day to days. Due to variation in dollar rate, the Gold Price also varies from country to country such as United States of America (USA), India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Here we have displayed per gram and ounce today gold price of several countries.

Gold Price Today

The price of gold varies due to various reasons. The quality of gold and change of USD rate is the main factor to settle the gold price today in the international markets. Along with the ups and down of dollar rate, the gold prices also changes from time to time. There, the gold price of today can be different from previous day or the upcoming days.

Therefore, everyone who are concerned with the gold industries should be aware of the today gold price in both domestic and international market. The gold stock and share prices also influence behind decreasing and increasing the demand. The London Gold Fixing, widely known as Gold Fix, is mainly the setting of each day gold price. Its sets a new gold price today twice in a day in accordance to USA dollar rate.

Gold Price in USA

United States of America or USA is now one of the countries with most valuable materials in the world. As per recent data of United States Bullion Depository, USA has half of the world’s gold in its storage. Therefore, gold prices in USA is one of the major issues for the country’s residence along with other nations.

As the days are passing, a variation in the price of gold in USA are being noticed over the years. The buyers are trying to deposit more gold as its price is increasing in USA and global markets day by day. If you are involved in gold market or want to buy gold, you should know what is price of gold in USA. One will also can know what gold price per gram in usa is from this post as we are going to tell you.

Gold Price Today in USA

The price of gold of toady is very important for everyone as its goes changing twice in a single day. Therefore, knowing today gold price usa is the best option for anyone than trying to learning other documentations. According to the World Gold Council, gold price today in USA is 1,808.39 USD per ounce (oz). Therefore, per gram gold price today USA is 58.14 USD.

The World Gold Council has also set the live gold price in USA as 58,141.09 per Kg. Here, is the detailed information give about price of gold usa for our readers. The gold rate USA has also changed over the days and it is decreasing. 

Gold Price in India

India is another country where gold is regarded as one of the most important as well as precious metal. India is one of the countries which import a massive amount of gold each year. The gold price in India is not stable as its demand is increasing the country in recent years. The dealers and bankers are the persons who play a vital role in fixing gold pirce india.

In India, India Bullion and Jewellers Association Ltd, mostly known as IBJA, is the authority that fixes the price of gold. The gold rate in India is equivalent to the rupee of dollar. So, you need to know what is the price of gold in India and is there any possibility of changing the rate any time. Below tables will display all types and quality of gold along with their live price and rate in detail.

Today Gold Price in India

What is the gold price in India today? I think everyone has the same question as they are very desperate to know. If you are an Indian citizen or involved in gold business, you will know there are various types of gold available in the local market. Therefore, today gold price in India will be different in accordance to their quality. The gold price in India Ahmedabad is also the same as the central prices.

According to IBJA data, the best quality gold price today india is 135,837.85 INR (rupee) per ounce. Today 24 carat gold price in india is 4826 ₹ (rupee) per gram while 1 (one) bhori is equal to 56271.16 INR or rupee. Therefore, 1 gram gold price in india is 4826 ruppe. On other hand, the price of 22 carat gold has been set for 4711 ₹ per gram in the domestics markets of the country. As per the official data, 1 kg gold price in india is 4,367,288.22 INR or rupee. 

IBJA’s indicative Retail selling Rates for Gold Jewellery (PM)

No. Title Price
1 22 KARAT PER GRAM 4711 ₹  (INR)
2 21 KARAT PER GRAM 4296 ₹ (INR)
3 18 KARAT PER GRAM 3909 ₹ (INR)
4 14 3113 ₹ (INR)
5 Fine Gold (999) 4826 ₹ (INR)

Table Source:

gold price today in India

Bangladesh Gold Price

Bangladesh also follows the international market in fixing gold price in BD. Similar to India, four types of gold is also found in this country. Bangladesh Jewellers Samaity (Association), known as BAJUS, is the authorized body that set the live gold price. Therefore, the gold price in Bangladesh is totally depend on the international market.

Gold price today Bangladesh is the same as of previous day. The last change in the gold price in bangladesh per vori was made a few days ago. Hence, gold vori price in Bangladesh is enlisted below with a table content.

Today Gold Price in Bangladesh

Today gold price in Bangladesh is elusive. According to BAJUS data, today 22k gold price in bangladesh or is 730,13 Tk. per vori. Since 1 vori is equal to 11.66 grams, 1 vori gold price is also 730,13 taka. So, one should not have any confusion about knowing gold price in bangladesh today per vori.  The 22k (carat) gold price in bangladesh is about 1809 USD as per the government notice.

No. Title Price

Table Source:

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today Per Vori 2021

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