Gold Price in Bangladesh Today Per Vori 22k, 21 carat,18k

today gold price in bangladesh

The Bangladesh Jeweller’s Association has again settled the price of gold of different varieties today. In a meeting, the association has fixed Tk. 1,00,777 for per vori 22k gold price in Bangladesh. It is the highest record of the price of gold Bangladesh has ever seen since its independence in 1971. Not only has the price of 22k gold been increased, but also that of other varieties of gold has also been adjusted. The new gold price is Tk. 2,333 more than previous price. Then, read this post carefully to know the today gold price in Bangladesh per vori 22k and other qualities.

Who sets the gold price in Bangladesh?

The gold price is different from one country to another due to variation in the value of currency. As the price of anything in Bangladesh is calculated in accordance with the country’s own currency, it varies from other parts of the world. Since the price of the US dollar keeps changing, the price of gold in Bangladesh also changes equivalently. Now, the big question comes first: who is the authority that sets the gold price in Bangladesh. Unfortunately, the government does not set the price of gold in Bangladesh but the traders do. The traders who deal in gold have an association namely Bangladesh Jeweller’s Association (BAJUS), which actually fixes the price of various quality of gold including that of 22k or carat.

Gold Price Today in Bangladesh

Gold price in Bangladesh changes everyday. Therefore, the price of gold today is not the same as it was yesterday or it will be tomorrow. The today gold price in Bangladesh per vori is adjusted whenever there is any change in the US dollar rate. The value of BD currency depends on the rise of the US dollar price. So, the gold price today in Bangladesh is different from that of yesterday as the BAJUS has increased the price a little. In a press release, they have increased the gold price by Tk. 2,333 per vori. Hence, the gold price in Bangladesh today 22k is 1,00,777 as per the latest notice.

Gold Vori Price in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, gold is measured in vori, a term which is against using the gram method. One vori is equal to 11.66 grams as per the international measuring method. Since the vori term has been used in Bangladesh for so long, the citizens always deal with it. Moreover, vori is the highest unit of gold measurement in Bangladesh while ana is the lowest unit. So, you must know the gold vori price if you are going to buy or sell ornaments or gold. Basically, there are four categories of gold found in Bangladesh. Therefore, 1 vori gold price in Bangladesh today is one lakh seven hundred seven taka.

22k Gold Price in Bangladesh Today Per Vori 2023

As we have mentioned earlier, there are gold of several qualities available in Bangladesh. Among them, the 22k or 22 karat is of the best quality. People generally select this 22k gold for making ornaments and other types of things. So, if you are going to buy 22k gold, you should know its price first. The gold price in Bangladesh today 22k is Tk. 1,00,777, according to the latest announcement. The announcement says that today gold price in Bangladesh per vori 22k has been adjusted by raising its price by two thousand and three hundred thirty three taka. So, 22k gold price in Bangladesh today per vori 2023 is Tk. 1,00,777 or (One lakh seven hundred seventy seven taka).

21 Carat Gold Price in Bangladesh

Though the quality of 21 carat gold is inferior to that of 22 karat gold, it is most used in Bangladesh. Basically, the jewellers feel good using 21k gold as it is flexible for making any sha6e of ornaments. So, the demand for 21 carat among gold lovers is also sky high. However, the BAJUS has also fixed the new 6rice for the 21 carat gold. The latest 21k gold price in Bangladesh today is 96 thousand 228 taka per vori. So, it will cost one Tk. 96,228 (Ninety six thousand two hundred twenty eight taka) if one is about to buy 1 vori 21 carat gold price in Bangladesh.

18k Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

Globally, the 18k gold is thought to be of less quality. As its quality is inferior, the 18k gold price in Bangladesh is also lesser than that of 22 and 21 carat. The 6resent 6rice of 18k gold price in Bangladesh today is 82 thousand 464 taka. Though it was Tk. 80, 540 yesterday, the BAJUS has increased the 18 carat gold price in Bangladesh to Tk. 82,464 (eighty two thousand four hundred sixty four taka) per vori.

Besides, gold is also measured using the traditional unit which is the most inferior. As gold is not found in Bangladesh, it is exported from the foreign countries. Therefore, the price goes up and down with the gold price in the international market. At present, the traditional gold price per vori in Bangladesh is Tk. 67,126. In addition, gold is also bought and sold in Bangladesh using ana unit of measurement. One sixteenth part of 1 vori is called ana. So, 1 ana gold price in Bangladesh is 1,00,777/16=6299 taka.

Today Gold Price Chart in Bangladesh

Gold Amount  Gold Price
1 Vori (22k) 1,00,777 tk
1 Vori (21k) 96,228 tk
1 Vori (18k) 82,464 tk
1 Vori (traditional) 67,

Gold Price Today in Bangladesh

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