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You may find this post in a better way of worthy for having a search for Higher Secondary Certificate Scholarship, briefly known as HSC Scholarship Result online. In this post of today, we are here to hold a discussion on how you can easily watch your HSC Scholarship Result 2020. I will suggest, if you are a first-year student at the intermediate level at any government or private college, you must read this post in a vigilant way to know how you can watch your HSC Scholarship Result online in a very easy way.

HSC Scholarship Result 2020

As you know and surely know, the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination of 2020 held in the last February month of this year. A huge number of HSC students successfully took part in the about month-long HSC examination 2020. This year a total of 21,35,333 (twenty lakh thirty-five thousand three hundred thirty-three) students sat for attending HSC Examination under all nine education boards in Bangladesh.

hsc scholarship result dhaka board

The month-long HSC Examination concluded at the beginning of March in the same fiscal year. Since already more than ten months have already been passed, it is about to come to an end to the economical year of 2020. The Bangladesh intermediate and higher secondary education board are about to declare the HSC Scholarship Result this year on 29 December 2020. The HSC Scholarship Result 2020 will be published on 29 December this year. We are giving surety of the date as a consequence of the earlier year’s experience.

JSC Result 2020 All Board

HSC Scholarship Results 2020

Higher Secondary certificate scholarship is a very prestigious issue for a class ten student who has succeeded in his HSC Examination a few months ago. Getting the HSC Scholarship is not only related to prestigious but also it is a matter of enjoyment. You surely know that a student who gets the prestigious HSC Scholarship he gets fix money for the next two years.

The money one gets from HSC Scholarship can contribute a lot in any way to continue his further academic life. The money provided as a token of the scholarship is nothing but a sum of money that the HSC student can expend in the way he feels pleasure. By the provided money he can buy anything needed for him either books or the related thing. The HSC Scholarship brings honor and value for a student in his or her school as well as locality.

HSC Scholarship Result 2020 Date 

Last year the Secondary and Intermediate Education Board of Bangladesh published the HSC Scholarship Result 2018 in the last week of December. So, the possible date of declaring the Higher Secondary certificate scholarship result 2020 on 29 December this year. Do be in touch with us to know when the HSC Scholarship Result 2020 and how you will get it. You can also get the idea of where you are going to get hsc scholarship results this year for all education boards.

Watch PSC Result 2020 All Board

I believe you will not disagree with me over the date of the HSC scholarship result date 2020. Unlike the HSC result, the scholarship result does not follow the same process of publishing. The different education boards publish their HSC scholarship results in different periods of time in the year. Basically, they do not publish the HSC scholarship result at a time, but at various times. Some of the board publish their HSC results after a few months of the examination. On the other hand, some of them take a long time to publish the HSC scholarship result.

Dakhil Scholarship Result 2020 PDF

You know that all education board publishes HSC scholarship result 2020 in PDF format. Especially, PDF or portable document file is a very flexible file both for publishing and printing documents. In the PDF file, the education board authorities include the name and the roll. One can find his or her HSC scholarship result only by his exam roll. One might also look for his name in the published pdf file of the HSC scholarship. 

There leaves no confusion on the issue that HSC scholarship result 2020 will be in PDF file. We have also always uploaded the HSC scholarship result in PDF file. Because, if we publish the image file it is almost impossible for all to read. So download the pdf file of the HSC scholarship result to get whether you get the HSC scholarship result for this year. 

HSC Scholarship Result 2020 All Board

Primarily, each of the nine education boards in Bangladesh is responsible for publishing the HSC Scholarship result for the year of 2020. There is no scope that any education board can skip the task. They must have to publish the HSC scholarship result every year. Because it is the education board that provides the money for giving scholarships to the meritorious students. So, all board must publish the scholarship result in a possible good time.

Letter Grade Range of Marks Grade Point
A+ 80-100 5.00
A 70-79 4.00
A- 60-69 3.50
B 50-59 3.00
C 40-49 2.00
D 33-39 1.00
F 00-32 0.00

This year all the nine education boards will also publish the HSC scholarship result at different times. Some of the education boards have already published their HSC scholarship results in 2020. They have published a list of names with schools of the student who has got the scholarship. It is beyond question that getting a scholarship is not a very easy task. One must have to cut a good figure in the examination to get a scholarship in any examination.

HSC Scholarship Result 2020 Dhaka Board

As we have stated earlier each of the nine boards is responsible to publish the HSC scholarship for its respective region. None but the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka is nothing but bound to announce the Dhaka Board HSC Scholarship result 2020. This year a total of 548220 (five lakh forty-eight thousand two hundred and twenty) students have sat for the HSC Examination 2020 under Dhaka Education Board. Of that total number of students 266881 (two lakh sixty-six thousand students were male.

[History] Passed vs Not Passed (Among Appeared) (% of GPA 5 among passed)
  Year Appeared Passed Not Passed % of Pass GPA 5 % of GPA 5
1 2020 548,220 436,620 111,600 79.64 29,924 6.85
2 2018 530,422 432,201 98,221 81.48 41,585 9.62
3 2017 449,729 388,744 60,985 86.44 49,745 12.8
4 2016 410,810 364,458 46,352 88.72 41,030 11.26
5 2015 349,742 310,177 39,565 88.69 36,911 11.9

The number of female students who took part in the HSC examination is 281339 (two lakh eighty-one thousand three hundred and thirty-nine. Among the total students, 208257 male and 228363 female students passed, i.e. secured minimum GP 1.0 in every compulsory and elective subject. The ratio of Pass is 79.64 (seventy-nine point sixty-four). A total of 29924 (13803 male and 16121 female) students got a GPA of 5.00 in this year. Check the below PDF file to watch your Dhaka Board HSC Scholarship Result 2020. 

Dhaka Board Scholarship Result HSC 2020

Dhaka Board HSC Scholarship Result 2020 PDF

HSC Scholarship Result 2020 Rajshahi Board

Securing a place for scholarship merit list is not the easy thing you are thinking of. Rajshahi education board of intermediate and secondary is about to publish the HSC scholarship result for this year. They will declare the result within a very short period of time. You have to collect the Rajshahi education board HSC scholarship result from this place. You can check the HSC scholarship result from this surrounding. It is the only reliable place where you will get your Rajshahi board HSC scholarship result.

We have given a chart where you can the list of students who took part in the previous year HSC Examination under the Rajshahi Education Board.

[History] Passed vs Not Passed (Among Appeared) (% of GPA 5 among passed)
  Year Appeared Passed Not Passed % of Pass GPA 5 % of GPA 5
1 2020 203,914 186,902 17,012 91.66 22,908 12.26
2 2018 193,955 166,865 27,090 86.03 19,498 11.68
3 2017 167,050 151,470 15,580 90.67 17,413 11.5
4 2016 152,268 145,666 6,602 95.66 17,645 12.11
5 2015 127,891 121,345 6,546 94.88 16,010 13.19

Open the link to watch your HSC Scholarship Result. Once the Rajshahi education board has come out the HSC Scholarship result this year. We will publish the PDF file of the recent Rajshahi education board scholarship result here. Click here on the below link to watch your Rajshahi Education Board Scholarship Result 2020.

rajshahi hsc scholarship

Rajshahi Board HSC Scholarship Result 2020 PDF Full

HSC Scholarship Result 2020 Comilla Board

Being an autonomous institution, Comilla Intermediate and Secondary Education Board serves as the regulatory authority of the secondary and secondary level educational institutions in the Comilla district of Bangladesh. Mainly, it maintains supervision over the students all over the Comilla district. If you are a student who has passed your HSC examination this year from the Comilla Education Board, then you are at the place that is absolutely right.

  Year Appeared Passed Not Passed % of Pass GPA 5 % of GPA 5
1 2020 193,305 168,569 24,736 87.2 8,827 5.24
2 2018 182,720 146,897 35,823 80.39 6,865 4.67
3 2017 183,042 108,155 74,887 59.09 4,494 4.16
4 2016 160,535 134,971 25,564 84.08 6,984 5.17
5 2015 145,779 122,803 22,976 84.24 10,241 8.34

At the right time and in the right place you have reached last. In the last stage of your searching, you can enjoy the feeling of getting your Comilla Board HSC Scholarship Result here. Generally, only the meritorious and talented students get the HSC scholarship. They have secured the highest number in the HSC examination and now deserved their acknowledgments. Either I or the Comilla Education Board cannot deny your talent even though they want so. So get your Comilla Board HSC Scholarship Result 2020 from the below link.

Comilla Board HSC Scholarship Result 2020 PDF

HSC Scholarship Result 2020 Jessore Board

In spite of the fact that the vehicle of guidance is Bangla in all schools and universities, with the exception of some college Jashore offers training in the English form of NCTB schedule to the understudies. The digitalization brings all about changes in the process of publishing the Jessore Education Board HSC Scholarship Result. Online processes of publishing HSC scholarship result of the Jessore board open assessment in 2011. Here see the analytic of the previous year of HSC Result of the selected board.

  Year Appeared Passed Not Passed % of Pass GPA 5 % of GPA 5
1 2020 182,426 165,889 16,537 90.93 9,987 6.02
2 2018 183,589 140,699 42,890 76.64 9,395 6.68
3 2017 154,730 123,099 31,631 79.56 6,484 5.27
4 2016 148,165 136,135 12,030 91.88 9,496 6.98
5 2015 128,183 107,902 20,281 84.18 7,198 6.67

Though you are one of them who are most talented, you can only sure of it by getting your HSC scholarship result from here. Being know the fact, you have come here to find out your name in the HSC scholarship result list for further search. You do not any further search in order to find out your name on the scholarship list. Open the PDF file attached here to check your name very soon.

Jessore Board HSC Scholarship Result 2020 PDF

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