PSC Result 2019 (With Marksheets)

of all education board has been published by the recently. Please read the whole text in a very good way and click the below link to get your desired PSC Exam Result 2019.

Absolutely you are a class five student and have attended Primary Examination School Certificate Examination 2019 under any of the education boards. As a PSC examinee, you know that the PSC Exam 2019 ended in the very last month of November. 2019. Now, PSC Result 2019 will be published in a very short period of time this year. The expected time for publishing the most debuted PSC Result 2019 is the last week of the December 2019 this year. The Directorate of Primary Education published the PSC Exam Routine 2019 many days ago.

PSC Result 2019 – Directorate of Primary Education Bangladesh

PSC Result 2019 – Directorate of Primary Education Bangladesh has been published by The results of the 2019 primary and secondary education completion exams have been released. Primary and Mass Education Minister Mostafizur Rahman Fijar handed over the fruit to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the Ganobhaban on the morning of December 26 and the Prime Minister and the Minister of Mass Education presented the results at a press conference at the Secretariat in the afternoon. The combined pass rate for the two tests is 5.7 percent. The results were posted on the sms and online after 2pm. In addition to the website of the Education Department, you can also get the results online from the Education Department website. Let’s know how to know these results.

Aftereffects of Examination of Primary and Secondary Education on Android Mobile:The aftereffects of the essential and paid training ends can be accounted for on Android versatile. Results can be gotten from any Android versatile through the Primary Terminal Result application. As indicated by the information of the Ministry of Elementary and Mass Education, the essential assessments and the end of the essential instruction close on November 27, as per information from the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education. In every one of the 3 subjects, an aggregate of 5 tests were directed. This time the numerous decision question (MCQ) has been killed.

This time the pass rate in the PEC is 5.7 percent, and in Ibtedayi the rate is 5.7 percent. The consolidated breeze through rate for the two assessments is 5.7 percent. A year ago, 5.7 percent of the understudies breezed through the rudimentary and paid tests. This year, the absolute number of understudies in the PEC and Ibtedayi tests is 27.25 million. Of these, 25 lakh 5 thousand 5 individuals passed, which is a normal of 5.7 percent. The PEC tests took 2 lakh 12 thousand 5 thousand, out of them, the absolute passed 25 lakh 5 thousand 5, which is a normal of 9.5 percent. There were 2 lakh 3 thousand 5 thousand individuals taking the test, among them, 2 lakh 5 thousand 5, which is all things considered 5.7 percent.

PSC Exam Routine 2019 PDF

As PSC Exam has come to a conclusion in November 2019, the PSC Result is very important to you if you are class five students who have recently finished the Primary School Certificate Examination 2019. Watch PSC Exam Result 2019 for Primary Exam with 100% credibility. As you have searched for PSC Result result 2019, you have come up with a unique piece of Result. That unique piece of PSC Result 2019 is more than 100% authentic. It is the PSC Exam Result for this year. Then, never waste time but watch the PSC Result.

Firstly, Primary and Ebtedayee Exam Routine 2019 was published several days back. At that time everyone was busy searching for psc exam routine for this year. Later, the primary education board published the most searched psc exam routine so that students can take proper preparation for their ebtedayee examination. However, the time for attending psc and Ebtedayee has come to the front. Though there had confusion about the Result Date 2019, the exam is going to hit in the upcoming days. The Effect Of Bulbul has failed to create any impact on the Result 2019. The Result Will Follow The Routine Of The Scheduled Period in the incumbent year.

The psc exam is going on for this year. This year a huge number of students under the primary education board are giving psc examination 2019. PSC English exam took place yesterday, and yesterday was 17 November 2019. The English exam was also finished earlier. Now, PSC and Ebtedayee Math Exam 2019 will be published today. So, get your key for Result here very fast.
psc result 2019

Mark Distribution of Primary School Certificate (PSC)

Division of Primary Education will be distributed from 2019 PSC Result 20 – Preliminary Examination results 20. After the PSC Examination, the outcomes will be distributed in the most recent seven day stretch of December next. As indicated by the information gave by the Ministry of Elementary and Mass Education, around 2 lakh up-and-comers have taken an interest in the current year’s Primary and Equitable Education Completion Examination this year. Of these, there are 2 lakh 3 thousand 20 thousand and 4 lakh 3 thousand 3 admirers toward the finish of essential training.

The aftereffects of the Primary and Private Education Examination Results of the 27th were distributed on December 23, 25 and the PSC Scholarship Result was distributed on March 27, 29. This year the PSC Examination has begun in all once again the nation together on the last 1/3/25 and will end on the 25th of November. This year PSC Result 20 will be discharged next December. PSC Result 21 and Ibidadai Result 21 can be found on the site of the Directorate of Primary Education of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Additionally observe JSC Result 20 at this connection.

This year, the essential and private schooling assessments began on November 7. Assessment begins at 5am consistently and closes at 3pm. Furthermore, there is an extra 5 minutes for extraordinary needs understudies. An aggregate of 3 imprints are to be given to the understudies on the best five themes. A year ago, in light of the Primary Education Examination (PSC) assessment of 28, the portion was gotten by 5 thousand and in Talentpool 5 thousand understudies were gotten. This year, the all out grant got at PSC was 12 thousand 5 understudies.

When will PSC Result 2019 be announced?

Of the 25 understudies who took the PSC test, GPA-5 understudies who get 5 to 5 percent imprints will get either a Talenpool or legitimacy grant, and the individuals who get a 3-to 5 percent marks are relied upon to get general grant. The aftereffect of PSC grant will be distributed on the site of the Department of Elementary Education March 20, 2021. The PSC grant is isolated into either Telenpool or legitimacy grant and general grant. By and large understudies with Talenpur grant or legitimacy grant will get 1/ – (300 rupees) a month with unpaid instruction and a sum of Tk. 22/ – (200 and twenty-five) every month with general grant will be Tk. Get a grant. The residency of the grant will be from January 2021 to December 2022.

The PSC grant result 2019 will be reported on the site of the Board of Elementary Education in December this year after the PSC assessment. Subsequent to declaring the aftereffect of PSC grant results, you can visit the site of the board to get the outcomes. You can likewise observe the consequence of PSC grant through Planet Bengal. Talentpool grants were conveyed by deciding the upazila or thana quantity in relation to the quantity of understudies participating in the Upazila or Thana Primary Education Completion (PSC) assessment.

psc result 2019 marksheet

A year ago, there were 6,220 grants as every (5 understudies and 4 understudies) in every one of the all out 5 associations or city wards of the nation, and from the staying 1,212 grants, each from upazila or thana (5 understudies, 3 understudies and 5 upazilas). Based on merit) 4 thousand 5 general grants have been granted in 4 upazilas or thanas. Accordingly, the complete grant got 12 thousand 5 understudies.

It is to be noticed that the pass rate the nation over in the last 20 Primary Education Completion (PSC) Examination is 9.5 percent. The pass rate for the understudies is 1.5 percent. What’s more, the pass rate for the understudies is 8.5 percent. The pass rate for finishing the Ibtedayi training tests is 8.5 percent. The pass pace of the understudies is 8.5 percent and the pass pace of the understudies is 1.5 percent.

The aftereffects of the grant under the Madrasa Board of Education were distributed on 23 April last. This year, 5 understudies have gotten merit grant and 5 understudies got general grant. In view of the JDC Examination consequences of the Madrasa Board of Education, an aggregate of 224 understudies got grants. The grant 20 will be stretched out for the following five years. Understudies will get grant cash with unpaid training beginning January 25 and December 2021.

PSC Results in 2019 by Internet or Online

Understudies who have taken the PSC assessment will have the option to take their psc result on the web (psc result 2019, psc result 2017, psc result 2016, psc result 2015). You will have the option to discover the aftereffect of the test (psc result). First you need to take a cell phone or PC. Then you need to associate with the portable web (information ought to be turned on). Then any You have to go to Bowser or Google. Go to the page (Wave site). After you arrive you will encounter alternatives. Do what number understudies in the test diyece referenced the need to make reference to it.

This progression will allude to the understudied area was analyzed. The understudies should indicate that the segment was analyzed. In this progression, the understudy needs to indicate the locale from which he has breezed through the PSC Preliminary Examination. Furthermore, select Upazila. After that, the understudy should roll the board. After that ensure all is well. At the end click on Done. After that, the PSC/Primary Education Completion Exam Result will turn out on another page.

Adhering to this straightforward standard, any understudy can see his/her very own aftereffect of PSC Result/Elementary Education. In the event that regardless you have any issue to discover the aftereffect of your PSC test then you can remark and we will evacuate the consequence of your PSC test. For this, we need to give all the above data on the PSC understudy. At that point, we can get the consequence of his PSC test. Coming up next is a model PS aftereffect of a PSC test. First, snap on the connection given by us (see PSC Result).

dpe result 2019

The results of this year’s fifth and eighth-grade exams will be published on Saturday, December 5. In addition to the website of the Department of Primary Education and Board of Education, students will be able to get the results through SMS on mobile phones. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will officially release the results on Saturday, December 7 at 9am. After that, Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid will present the details of the results at a press conference in front of his ministry at 2pm.

Primary and Mass Education Minister Mostafizur Rahman Fijar will publish the results of the Primary Education Examination at 6pm at a separate press conference. The information was disclosed in a notification by the Ministry of Education on Thursday, December 26. The results of the Primary (PSC) and Ibtedi can be found on the Directorate of Primary Education ( and the Teletalk website ( In addition, by typing the DPE from any mobile, you can write the code of the thana / upazila by entering the space and roll number with the space. 

psc result and marksheet

In addition to, JSC-JDC results can be found on the Education Boards website. In addition, by typing the JSC / JDC space with the first three letters of the board, the space with the roll number followed by the space and sending the SMS to the number 12222 will return the result in the SMS. It is to be noted that on 8th of November this year, 2 thousand 5 junior school certificates (JSC) and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) exams were started simultaneously at 8am on Wednesday.

It was attended by 2 lakh 5 thousand 122 students. JSC and JDC examination was conducted in a total of 5 centers outside the country. On the other hand, on 7th November, 7,235 centers and 32 centers of the country started concurrently examining primary and paid education-20. It participated in 1 lakh 3 thousand 5 small students. To get the results of EBTEDI, you need to write EBT with space and write code of Thana / Upazila with space and roll number with space.

পিএসসি রেজাল্ট ২০১৯

The consequences of the current year’s fifth and eighth grade tests will be distributed on Saturday, December 5. Notwithstanding the site of the Department of Primary Education and Board of Education, understudies will have the option to get the outcomes through SMS on cell phones. Executive Sheik Hasina will formally discharge the outcomes on Saturday, December 7 at 9am. From that point onward, Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid will display the subtleties of the outcomes at a public interview before his service at 2pm.

Essential and Mass Education Minister Mostafizur Rahman Fijar will distribute the consequences of the Primary Education Examination at 6pm at a different question and answer session. The data was unveiled in a notice by the Ministry of Education on Thursday, December 26. The consequences of the Primary (PSC) and Ibtedi can be found on the Directorate of Primary Education ( and the Teletalk site (

Likewise, by composing the DPE from any portable, you can compose the code of the thana/upazila by entering the space and move number with the space. To get the consequences of EBTEDI, you have to compose EBT with space and compose code of Thana/Upazila with space and move number with space.

Notwithstanding, JSC-JDC results can be found on the Education Boards site. Also, by composing the JSC/JDC space with the initial three letters of the board, the space with the move number pursued by the space and sending the SMS to the number 12222 will restore the outcome in the SMS.

Results of PSC 2019 by SMS

Instruction is the foundation of the country and the instructors are the spine creators. On the off chance that the inquiry is, which is the most significant thing to make a perfect, morally persuaded country? It appears that the most proper answer ought to be the fundamental instruction of good information.

In the wake of leaving the family, a youngster starts his second period of admission to class. Like the guardians in the principal stage, his first training, at this stage the educator instructor turns into his subsequent guardians. In the initial four to five years, what he gained from his family built up an argumentative association with the school.

At school, a kid crosses ten years into adolescence and goes to his childhood. Moves from youthful to develop age. While in transit to turning into an ideal individual. The subsequent stage is the stage – when a kid is denied of the information on the experience page, with or without information, and gets subject to the booklet to get it.

PSC Scholarship Result 2020

With the hands of the instructors, he enters the universe of books. This is the second period of the large troublesome. It’s the point at which an understudy becomes confident. That is the reason the job of educators and instructors turns out to be significant in this stage. In this stage the establishment of progress and disappointment of the following profession is laid. Confucius, the antiquated thinker of China, says: ‘The educator will be the wellspring of information and insight. He will be a perfect ruler. ‘

Instruction is the apparatus of building an edified society. The instructor is his showstopper. Without instruction, production of illuminated individuals is in no way, shape or form conceivable. An instructor has some work and obligations. This obligation and duty to associates, to society, to the nation and to the country, to the people to come. The instructor assumes a significant job in the achievement of a fruitful individual.

The instructor isn’t simply fruitful, he educates to be a decent individual. In spite of the philanthropic fiasco or worldwide, financial emergency, instructors keep on assuming a necessary job in social, monetary and scholarly development. Instructors are the bearers of development. Not exclusively is the instructor educating, he is additionally a skilled worker. That is the thing that our folks give us. Instructors help fabricate that life wonderfully.

PSC Board Challenge Result 2019 – PSC Re-scrutiny Result

The main training priest of the communist Soviet, Lunacharski, said that the instructor is an individual who will pass on all the important accomplishments put away in the new age to the new age, however won’t hand over superstitions, blame and shrewdness. This is the standard for the significance of educators. It is imperative to recollect that just through them would we be able to sustain sound buds. American history specialist Henry Adams says of the significance of an educator, that an instructor is an absolute impact, nobody can tell where his impact closes.

The rationalist Bertrand Russell has said that the educator society is actually the still, small voice of society and human progress. That is the reason educators are called ‘social specialists’, the engineers of social development. The job of training and instructor is significant in the general advancement of the general public.

Who Will Announce PSC Result?

The characteristics of a decent instructor are attractive – understudies must comprehend their psyche. You must be keen on learning. Free of medications, instructors have numerous task to carry out in the development of society. Instructors can make a general public free from drugs. This is beyond the realm of imagination just by applying the law. The present government has found a way to accomplish quality training. In this nation, the instruction rate is 12%. The present youthful understudies should be instructed and taught for good.

The legislature has sat down of their most noteworthy nobility as a skilled worker for the arrangement of a country of educators. Since the more taught the country, the better. Along these lines, it is important to give the status of instructors to teach a country on great training. The present government has attempted to build up educators in the most elevated regard by nationalizing instructive establishments with expanding pay recompense for instructors.

To build up equity and great administration, great individuals, instructed individuals and shrewd individuals are required. Sonar Bangla requests development time, Bangabandhu dreams. The obligations of the instructors who make individuals for what’s to come are a lot more noteworthy. An educator can make a delightful and insightful man. On the off chance that individuals are not proficient and information isn’t rich, at that point there is no utilization in the public eye.

psc result 2019 with marksheets

Ebtedayee Exam Result 2019

The Ebtedayee Exam Routine 2019 was at first distributed a couple of days earlier. Following the publication, around then, almost everybody looked for the current year’s ebtedayee exam routine 2019. At that point, the Ebtedayee educational board discharged the most well known Ebtadayee exam routine so that understudies could appropriately take a good plan for their assessment. In any case, watch your Ebtedayee Math result 2019.

The current year’s Ebtedayee exam is on the run. This year Ebtedayee assessment is being completed by a colossal number of understudies under the Ebtedayee Education Board. Ebtedayee English Exam occurred on 17 November 2019 yesterday. Today will occur PSC and Ebtedayee Math Exam 2019. So 100% common question and Result for Ebtedayee Math Exam 2019.

PSC Results 2019

Are you a student is my first question. If your answer is yes, then I will ask you whether you are a PSC student. If you are a psc student who will give his math subject exam, then I will tell you that see those PSC Result at your fist look. They are a very very common question. Teachers at PSC education board marks those PSC Results as three-star questions.

Those Math questions for psc examination 2019 are VVP- very very important. Read those VVP questions that are 100% percent common for Maths Exam. Not only for PSC Examination, those 100% common question is choice for Ebtedayee Math questions. So, hurry up to watch those 100% common math questions and their answers within a very much short time.

Click here to see PSC Result 2019

PEC Results 2019

With no confusion, you have come here searching for your Ebtedayee Math Question 2019. Do you think you have not wasted your valuable time? That precious time you may could spend studying. We do not make our students frustrated by providing the wrong information. Rather, we provide a hundred percent information accurately for the PSC examination. You are like my younger brother and sisters.

As English Exam has already finished, and you are not for here for english question answers surely. Rather you are here for your finding in Ebtedayee Math Question 2019. I will say you to watch the below image and link to download your Ebtedayee Math Question 2019. In the below link you will find your ebtedayee math question very easily and read them with 100% sure.

Click here to see Ebtedayee Math Question 2019

PSC Result 2019

You have come to the PSC Result 2019 without any perplexity. You don’t think that you’ve burned your time? You can use your valuable time thinking. We are not shocked by the improper data provided by our understudies. Or perhaps we are specifically giving 100 percent data for the PSC Result 2019. You will not find these exclusive math results not anywhere but here.

Since the English Exam is over, and PSC final result has been made for you. Alternatively, you are here in PSC Result final Result 2019 for your examinations. 100% percent questions for Result here for 2019 years. Watch these below-given Result to get common in your psc examination. You can get common in your math questions if you read these Results with the very core of your heart.

Click here to see PSC Result 2019

Ebtedayee Result 2019

The ebtedayee mathematics examination will follow the exam of PSC Dhormo O Noitik Shikkha, scheduled to be published on 21 November 2019. The Ebtedayee math examination will take place on the same day the primary school certificate mathematics examination will begin. In the books, there are a lot of chapters with a varieties of questions. There are patigoint, bijgoint, sorol onko, goint Result, goint question, and so other many things in your psc and ebtedayee books.

The final Results are the exclusive questions that are more than 100% common in the primary examination. Prathomik Goint result are one of the significant things that can be evaluated with 100% credibility. You will know the meaning of credibility in collecting Results for the existing years. May be you are not one of them who are wasting their precious time in searching for math question online. Instead, you are practicing math in a very good way.

PSC Result Leaked 2019?

Has PSC Result been leaked or is it available online before the exam night is the most search question online, as found in various studies conducted by the respective education board. Many people has also asked me whether the psc and ebtedayee math question is accessible online or it has been leaked by a corrupted people. Usually, in the past few years, some corrupted people are involved in leaking the PSC Results for any year. Those people who leak the question of any year have noting but an intense greed to money.

From the team, the most authentic place for educational information met PSC director general Dr. AFM Manzur Kadir, who is also additional secretary. He has told the team that there is no such incident of PSC Result leaking (question prosno of fass) in the running year of ed cation board. They have take enough measures to prevent the question leaking. And, they hope that no question will be leaked this year in the psc and ebtedayee math examination 2019.

Primary Education Board Result 2019

Many students are fond of searching for their primary school certificate examination mathematics question for the current years with an absolute Result. Either the question they found online after a huge attempts will be common in their ssc examinations or not is not a thing to consider. The students never consider how much time they are spending online searching their pace math question. The psc students usually think that the PSC Result will be leaked online and they will collect it before the examination.

Some students also asked whether psc gonit prosno fass hoyece online. Some also search for prathomik onko question final Result 2019 for Result 2019. Some of the students also asked for primary gonit onko super-duper common Result to get the psc question online. These students who search online for exam questions are totally fool with complete nonsense. They believe that they will get PSC Result online by means of which they will get high marks in their prathomik biddaloy workings.

Watch JSC Result 2019

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