2020 United States Presidential Election Live Results – Who Won in the US Election Today

us presidential election 2020

Get the latest update and live results of the United States Presidential Election 2020. The vote casting is going on in each of the states in the United States. Who is going to sit in the chair of the president of the US will be defined by today’s election. Unlike previous year, 2020 United States Presidential election has shown so much ups and down. Who is winning the 2020 election today is a very complex question to answer ate present. In this year’s United States Presidential Election, the more vote is relatively casted than the last presidential election held in 2016.

United States Presidential Election 2020

The 2020 presidential election in the United States has exceeded all the records. Already more than hundred million has casted vote in early race for the election. Our team has been working to provide you the latest live updates about the United States Presidential Election. Therefore, be connected with us whenever it is time. Because, it is election time. The vote casting at all states is taking place peacefully, as reported by the election activists.

Most of the states’ election officials have assured to declare the US Election 2020 result between Wednesday morning and afternoon. However, some states official has informed that it would take more time for them to finish the counting of the mail-voting. The most encourage news is that people is casting votes in person from the morning, as our team members reported.

United States Presidential Election 2020 Live Updates

The anxiety and excitement along with the tension among the voters is increasing gradually as the election day is moving to the dead end. People are passing the days and sleepless nights. The candidates, political leaders and activists, election officials, above all people of all walks of life are in great tension and anxiety over the presidential election 2020. In several states, Republican candidate Donald Trump seems to be ahead while Democrat Candidate Joe Biden is hoping to win.

According to the received information, around ninety percent citizen of New Jersey has casted their votes by mail. It is expected that Democrat candidate Joe Biden will make landslide victory in New York and New Jersey states. However, the situation may be totally different in the neighboring state of Pennsylvania. The battle between the duo party is going to be fierce as US election suggests. The Real Clear Politics poll found that the gap between Democrat and Republican candidates has narrowed, especially in key battleground states. 

United States Presidential Election 2020 Results

This year’s vote in the United States is expected to surpass all previous records. In general, non-political Americans are suddenly looking for reasons to become so interested in voting. Just as opponents are desperate to oust Donald Trump from power, so are Trump’s blind supporters taking the election as a battle for their lives. The results of the United States Presidential Election 2020 may not be known on Tuesday night. Joe Biden may win the landslide. Some people think that Trump will be the president again by fooling all the polls.

As per the news reported in New York Times, the result of the 2020 election can take the whole week to declare. That is why we have below given the possible deadlines for the state-wise result declaration of the 2020 United States Election.

2020 united states presidential election

2020 united states presidential election 2020 united states presidential election

 2020 united states presidential election

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