PSC Result 2020: Class 5 Result Bangladesh Exam

class 5 PSC result

It is the most appropriate time of being sure of one’s class 5 PSC Result 2020 this year. As published by the Bangladesh education ministry recently, the psc exam Result 2020 is 24 February. It is the date when you can see the debuted class 5 Result 2020 from here. As the class 5 PSC Result will be published on 25 February 2020, it will available after 2:00 pm. Being informed with the information that is very accurate in the sense of reality, you need to visit our website here to watch your class 5 PSC Result 2020.

We this year is going to demonstrate the things – class 5 PSC Result 2020 – in the following way that knows to all to be findable every sphere of life. As getting this year’s PSC Result 2020 is your first concerned of point, you may find yourself very fruitful in hoping to get your class 5 PSC Result from here.  Though there are several processes and places that you can use for the PSC Result 2020, I assume this website is the ultimate place where you can easily get your result here.

In the discourse of the word lines here, you can find those things here in a very short and healthy way of description. The following discourse and session include things: 

  • When the class 5 PSC Result will be published in 2019,
  • What is the date for publishing the PSC Result 2020,
  • What is the right way of checking the result,
  • How can I download the class 5 Result 2020 marksheet,
  • How to get all subject numbers for the PSC Result,
  • All Board class 5 PSC Result and Marksheet Links.

Except for the above topics that I have highlighted with the black point sign, as a student one will get every information that is required with the wish of knowing of the class 5 PSC Result 2020.

Class 5 BD Result PSC Bangladesh

Being a student in Bangladesh, you do not need, as everyone in the country agrees, to define for yourself what actually the class 5 PSC Result is. One does also not need an explanation of what is the actual meaning of the class 5 result this year. No definition of the PSC Result 2020 is actually required for those who have been born and grown up in Bangladesh. The definition of the result may face the probability of seeking answers from only the person who is not officially a resident of Bangladesh.

Who are not the residents of Bangladesh, they are surely about to raise the opinion as asking a question is a very free phenomenon in Bangladesh. What we have talked about here is that none will raise any question seeking the answer for the phrase of class 5 PSC Result 2020Due to the fact that the people are the citizen of Bangladesh, they also know all about the class 5 PSC Result. They have a very clear idea of what is the detail semantic meaning of the class 5 PSC Result. Only the semantic meaning can give you a detailed definition of the seeking you are making from the starting of this paragraph.

Primary Education Board Result 2020

This sub-heading as you are watching here gives you the idea of what the above question is about. Primary Education Board is the main authority that takes the PSC exam ever year. The following question as searched by why the PSC exam must a thing that must happen each year and why the authority publishes the result with the same day. As scheduled by the education board, PSC Exam is the one event that must take place in the country each year.


There is no scope of avoiding the PSC exam result in any year. If anyone wants to avoid or skip it then it should be the prime minister or the president. Only then can hold the PSC exam post anytime+ as a postponed event. However, in this sense, they must make the people realize what they are doing is logical. If they fail to understand the people that they have the exact reason for the postponement of the result, then there will be no hue and cry in the country.

PSC Somaponi Britti Result 2020

Anyone having read the above words surely will understand what the PSC Somaponi Britti Result is actually. In spite of those words in the above paragraphs, we here are saying that the phrase – PSC Somaponi Exam Result– is the alternative option of that examination. Another meaning of the PSC somaponi examination result refers to the Somaponi Porikkhar Folafol. What might be the next point is that who is next to be selected for Class 5 PSC Results. When a student finishes his or her fourth grade, he and she are subject to admit in class five. If any student fails in class four, then he is not allowed to enter into an upgraded division. 

When a class five student becomes eligible for PSC examination is comes before what you want to eclipse. For making the student prepared for the PSC exam result, he or she has to create a huge circle for availability. He has to go through a series of demonstrations and hard works over the whole years. To be specific, the PSC discourse is an assigned texts for the PSC examinee for making an outstanding result in the examination. A student has to study both Bangla, English, Mathematics, and other subjects during his discourse for the PSC examination. A PSC student has to ensure that he can get the highest marks in every subject.

DPE Result 2020

What is the date the PSC authority will come with the outcome of the examination has already been declared by this year? It is common for everyone that the PSC exam date for this year was the 17th of November 2019. The exam for the junior school students commences on the same day as it is the date for the start for every student. A sudden break has emerged during the PSC examination that is also very common for everyone. The sudden break was the cause of fatal disaster namely Cyclone Bulbul that has makes the Primary Education Board have a fall on the running examination. However, the break was not more days.

psc result 2019

Rather, it was all about two days actually, considering that they are now ready for this. However, this fall on the running examination of the PSC did affect the students in a bitter way. There is another position of the sudden break as it has provided the students with more days that they can make with good preparation. The fall on the class 5 PSC Result is not acceptable at all for the first glimpse. But, the students all over the country have accepted the result without any further interrogating. Though they feel at the beginning of the break that it could harm their result this year but they are very optimistic about their outcome by any means.

PSC Result Publish Date 2020

Do you fee today that the date for the publication of class 5 PSC Result 2020 has been knocking at the door since the end of your examination? All the processes of PSC outcomes have brought to an end with the deadline of today. Now, the final processing of making the class 5 PSC Result is going on in full swing. The class 5 PSC Result publishes the date of 2020 has already been revealed by the respective education board. This year the respective education board will publish the result of 26,70,333 students just in time. The number of participating students in this year’s PSC examination is amusing in number. The outstanding examination has come up with the ending on 25 February 2020.

The nine education boards result publish date is nothing but the time on 31 December 2019. Around 2:00 pm you will find your class 5 PSC Result from here this website with complete information. How the numbers are good is a big thing to know. PSC marks is a very important thing if you wish to get it from here. On the date of 31 December 2019, the psc board result in 2019 will make it possible for bringing it online in any way. How the respective authority does this while publishing the result is the hidden wanting every student think themselves. All of them want to know the hidden question of themselves that they nurtured among them. They have the desire for fulfillment of getting the number in their examination results.

BD PSC Exam Result 2020

Making the class 5 PSC Result Date published it has been declared visible that everyone will be available for the examination outcome. Nowhere one may go but she or he has to make it after 2.00 pm on 31 December 2019. The class 5 PSC Result in 2019 is the core thing that has a great influence on all kinds of people across the country. The result of early age can make an influence in a very much way than the usual way of finding out anything. Not making result is out of examination does matter but the shape of huge pressure also have a great influence over others. It the first public examination that the students who are in junior as per their age are going for.

So, their expectation is also is a tremendous one that you can compare with the desire of reaching the highest pick of a mountain. So, there is nothing wrong if you match the desire of a student who is just waiting for calculating how much time they have to spend to get their result. An endeavor that will determine one’s desire for getting the result in any sense will make that influence as a heavy one. Heaving the result for the primary education board in hand only will make you confirm that you have become successful in achieving your first step of success.

How to Check PSC Pariksha Britti Result 2020

This is the paragraph of how one can check the class 5 PSC Result 2020 this year. Checking the result is a very easy process to tell you now. However, you must have to need the process at first. Basically, the process of the aspiration of the result is not a big issue than your performance in the examination. According to the primary education board, there are two specific ways that the students need to check their results. One of the two methods is making one’s result visible online while another is the SMS process.

psc somaponi exam result 2019 3

The education board authority has said that anyone with the exam roll will be able to check one’s result by the duo methods. However, they will need to follow a distinction process for getting it. So, we have stated here both distinction methods from where you can read and know the complete study about it. You may take an example from this year’s postponement of the PSC exam. This year the primary education board makes a change in the PSC examination due to the unexpected cyclone Bulbul. So, the logical postponement of any kind of result including the class 5 PSC Result is acceptable to all. Furthermore, there may come the following event as we are going to find out here. 

Class 5 PSC Result 2020 Online 

The online is an unimaginable world where you can get everything that you want. So, the class 5 PSC Result online is the core event for what are you here. There are two ways to check one’s results online. The online processes of finding out the result are not different from each other. They are actually relative to one another. Anyone can use any of the duo methods for having a successful attempt in finding out their outstanding result in this year’s final examination. However, we are going here step by step process to find out one’s class 5 PSC Result online.

পরীক্ষার ফলাফল

  নির্বাচন করুন:     

 আপনাকে সুস্বাগতম

Online Method 1:

This is the online method one while that of next will be in the below lines. To use this method for a successful one, you have to go through the website is one of the two official websites where any student can see his or her examination result. You need to click the below-marked link to enter at the PSC official website. Entering into the PSC official website you have to give your Exam Roll and then have to make pressure on the submit button. 

Class 5 PSC Result 2020 Online

Online Method 2:

Earlier, we have informed you that there are two specific online methods of checking the class 5 PSC Result online. With the leaking the result, we have also given you the first result link and the process. So, after the first process whereby we have taken the second online method of PSC examination. The PSC’s second official link is It is a more used official website than the duo result checking website. You have to follow the earlier given process. Like the previous system, you need to type your roll in the blank box, and then you have to make a click on the submit option.

Passing Year :
Student ID :


Class 5 Result 2020 by SMS

Seeing the class 5 PSC Result by SMS is the easiest method as a survey conducted among the students in this present session. It is winter session and internet connection may be very rare in some places, especially in the rural area of the country. So, for the SMS is the most preferred method as the servery says. The conducted servery among the students at the primary level reads that sending an SMS is easier than searching for anything internet. Most importantly, the official PSC website goes down on the day when the result comes on the light. This happens as a huge number of students attempt to enter at the official website. 

So, sending SMS to the primary education authority is easy as well as a flexible process for seeing the result. Moreover, due to this happening one should send the message first in getting the result. So, you have learned in this passage why sending an SMS is a must while collecting one’s class 5 PSC Result. You will get it in a very common and general way as it requires nothing from you. Furthermore, start acting as I describe here. But, before sending a message, you need to know which number you have to send the message. It is a very relative issue and I will prefer to tell you so. The exact number that you will require for sending the text is 16222. Your PSC Roll No and Send it to that Number.

You may take this format as an example: SMS Format: DPE <space> Student ID

DPE 1120197311262403

PSC Result 2020 

Getting marksheet along with the result is an informative way of knowing things. On the day when the respective authority will come up with the result, they will also bring the number of PSC all subjects in the mark sheet. What a mark sheet actually is can be known very easily. Bangladeshi students know it very well what the PSC mark sheet is. Basically the class 5 PSC Result marksheet is a very helpful document for the students by mean of which they can know the information on their marks they have got in their exam. So, being able to one’s subject-based marks only means the way of collecting Class 5 PSC Results.

It is through the mark sheet where you can be sure whether you might be selected as the talent pool scholarship or in general category. What lies on a class 5 PSC Result marksheet can be described in several ways. In the above of the mark sheet, there will be the sign of the PSC authority where you will see the name of the respective authority. You also will find that there has been written the name of the Primary Education Board. In the right corner of the PSC official document there will the grading system on the display. From that document, you can get the full idea of how the marks are defined as the grading point.

How to Download PSC Result

In this section of this text or the idea as I will define, you will know how one will be able to download one’s PSC market of all education boards. Along with the result, downloading the result anyone can get the official mark sheet with a complete sense of knowledge. In the mark sheet, one can check the total number he or she was able to secure marks in Bangla, English, Mathematics, Somaj, Biggan, Dhormo and other subject marks. You need to check the PSC mark sheet to see whether one has maintained the average number in his or her examination. In the mainsheet, a primary student will make it check whether he or she gets above eighty marks or not.

In that piece of the official document, you will can see that how much grade one has got the number of each subject. You may get below 80 marks in your PSC examination or more. You can get 100 out of 100 marks in English subject. However, more than 70 marks are for the grade of A. If a student becomes able to manage 80 or more than eighty marks, he or she will get A+ in his result.

However, we should be back on our course for the class 5 PSC Result marksheet. Here we will now focus on the issue of treating a student according to his or her grade point. In our society, people usually treat a student according to their class 5 PSC Result. If any student manages to get higher marks in the PSC examination, he or she is regarded as the week and bad example of a student.

PEC Result 2020

This new phrase as shown in the sub-title in this discourse may appear to you as a unique piece of the content. Even, many students, as well as their guardians, do not know what the PEC result is. While defining for the PEC result we have come up with the idea that PEC stands for the Primary Education Completion Certificate. Many also know it as the Primary Ebtadayee Certificate examination. PEC result is equal to that of Bangladesh Primary Education Board. The education result of PEC is similar to the class 5 PSC Result in 2019.

Since the class 5 PSC Result is under the Bangladesh Primary Education Board, the PEC result is under the Madrasha Education Board. Both the duo courses have a different syllabus. While the PSC student gives emphasis on the general education, the PEC students have pressure on studying the Arabic language. This the main difference between the PSC and PEC results you will find if you look from a close point of view.

All Education Board PSC Result 2020

Till now what I have described in the earlier texts and in the series of paragraphs is about how one can get his or her individual exam result of 2019. However, the PSC all board results are also important as the result of one education board varies to another education board. So, if you want to check your education board wise result then you are about to read the upcoming lines those I am going to assign you in the beginning step.

At first, I would not miss the opportunity to make the importance of seeing the education board wise class 5 PSC Result unearthed. The prominent role an education board plays is the pioneering one for nowadays’ students. Each of the nine general education board has its own official website. And, with the use of those official websites, the students of a locality can be able to watch their own result from anywhere of the world. So, in the below process, you need to concentrate very cautiously.

Dhaka Board PSC Result 2020

According to the information provided by the Bangladesh Education ministry, this year a lot of students sit for the primary education certificate examination this year under the Dhaka Education Board. So, it is a very heavy issue for the Dhaka Education Board that so many students have taken part in the PSC Examination this year, and all the students will enter the education board official website to watch their PSC board Result 2020. Due to the single reason, the Dhaka Education Board authority always update their website each day.

However, if you are a student under Dhaka Education Board and want to check your class 5 PSC Result from the official website then click here to go for the board result official website. The link to the Dhaka Education Board is Simply enter the website and click on the result button, submit your roll and get the result. With the semantic meaning of the PSC Result, you can get a very highlighted idea of what the PSC is in formalism. Only one this place of authenticity, you are very reliable and soft harder in molding the result of this year. If you have started growing your destination on the following making, you can create a circle of your while finding the PSC Result.

Jessore Board PSC Result 2020

This section is only for the Jessore Board students who are desperately looking for the PSC examination result of their education board. So, if you are a student under the Jessore Board Education Board then you may notice this page. It is known to all that the jessore education board has improved a lot from the previous years. In last year, the pass rate of the education board was a tremendous issue for the official authority. This year the authority has announced that they will come with the result on 31 December 2019.

To check the result under the jessore education board you have to visit on the Jessore board official website that is known for all: You will find a section where you will find the option titled result. You are subject to have a click on the option that will redirect you to the result website. Being a student under the Jessore education board, the class 5 PSC Result is a very easy thing to check.

Rajshahi Education Board PSC Result 2020

Though Rajshahi, the clean and green city, has not so many number students as the Dhaka education board has in particular, the board does an outstanding performance every year. They always stand either first or second from the result than any other education board. Unlike Dhaka, Rajshahi does not have so many schools and colleges but it has some colleges that become first in the country each year like Rajshahi College.

The students under Rajshahi Government College, City College, Cant Public Collage, Education Board College, and PN School, Govy Laboratory School has a higher pass rate in the PSC examination result. If you a direct student from any of the schools that are under the Rajshahi Education Board, then check your class 5 PSC Result from here very first. is the official website of the Rajshahi education board. However, you need to go to for your class 5 PSC Result.

Dinajpur Board Class 5 PSC Result 2020

This part is all about the Dinajpur Education Board students who are going to embrace their class 5 PSC Result 2020 on 31 December, just two days later. No more days to wait for getting the Dinajpur class 5 PSC Result 2020. Time has come to grasp the result in only two days after. So, never waste any second but make a significant move here on this page. However, Dinajpur Board class 5 PSC Result 2020 has many diversions with the various districts and Upazilas.

As per the direction from the reputed authority in the Dinajpur Education board, everyone in the office has no time to see what is actually happening. They all are passing their hours, minutes, and second on the work that is nothing but making the class 5 PSC Result 2020 steady for the good moment and time. So, the class 5 PSC Result is also waiting to come in a nice moment with pleasant happiness.

Chittagong Board PSC Result 2020

The enriched city of Chittagong will carry the sweetest result of the PSC examination this year on the day when everyone including the students will start running to and fro. The students of the port city will make everyone sweeter by their result in the affirmation. Consequently, the guardians will also give their children what they will demand on the occasion of the class 5 PSC Result 2020. Even, some guardians will offer very precious objects for their exceptional presentation in the class 5 PSC Result.

Conversely, before joining the celebration one must prerequisite to crisscross his or her class 5 PSC Result either from online or from the school or college. Reaching one’s college makes one safer about the affirmation of the outcome of the class 5 PSC Result by a number of percents. Despite running to school or teachers may take a portion of the day, teachers like that their students’ cum children drive to them for the result.

Comilla Board PSC Result 2020

Like other boards, the Comilla Education Board has also made a hive in recent years in their contribution to the nation for the class 5 PSC Result. The result will convey the best consequence of the PSC assessment this year. Students of the back region will affect the people’s joy in a manner that will better by their outcome in the attestation. Subsequently, the gatekeepers will likewise give their youngsters what they will request on the event of the class 5 PSC Result 2020. Indeed, a few watchmen will offer extremely valuable items for their uncommon introduction in the class 5 PSC Result.

No education board has so many students as the Dhaka Education Board has. Anyone keeping his eyes open easily can say the most of the good schools and colleges are in the capital city. Astoundingly you will notice if you have enough eyes to look onto, that the school in the capital city usually admits the best students only. So, why the students under Dhaka Education Board will not do good in their PSC exam result in any year including 2019.

District Wise PSC Result 2020 

District wise exam result of the PSC examination has been come light today hereby with hoping to perform well. As there are several ways of checking the exam rejalt of the 5 class result. Moreover, the samaponi exam Result 2020 is to be found on the site that has gown dead now. Besides, the somaponi Result 2020 one must open his eyes for district wise class 5 Result 2020. In the next outcoming of this text, we are hereby planning to give one the district wise PSC Result.

Debuted PSC Result 2020 with the happening of the bd psc rejalt has appeared online today noon with complete marksheet. Charming Education board of bangladesh comes following the unearthing psc pariksha exam Result 2020. The prathomik sikka somaponi folafol 2019 with exam roll no and registration no of dhaka are about to come today online site. Here most of the PSC Result 2020 Bangladesh will cross the PSC Result 2020 publish date with the standard 5 results 2019.

PSC Result 2020 Rajshahi Division All Districts

Along with other districts’ results, the outcome of the Pabna PSC Result of class 5 has come onto the place with a full mark sheet. The pabni district psc somaponi exam result has been declared with the class five er result. But, the misspelling also refers the somaponi result and bd pcs resalt2019 . The somaponi exam Result 2020 of comilla board p s c Result 2020 and class five results at class 5 Result 2020 check five exam regalt 2019.

Districts PDF PDF
Sirajganj Districts PSC Result                        Primary Result                                    Ebtedayee Result            
Pabna Districts PSC Result                     Primary Result                Ebtedayee Result
Bogra Districts PSC Result                       Primary Result                 Ebtedayee Result
Rajshahi Districts PSC Result                       Primary Result                Ebtedayee Result
Natore Districts PSC Result                       Primary Result                Ebtedayee Result
Joyapurhat District                      Primary Result                Ebtedayee Result
Chapainawabganj Districts                        Primary Result                Ebtedayee Result
Noagaon Districts PSC Result                     Primary Result                Ebtedayee Result

Nonetheless, the dpe psc PSC Result of any board of class 5 exam Result 2020 come live with the class eight result alternative way. Find way you are to check it from here now. The most known primary education PSC Result 2020 will be in short as the p.s.c Result 2020 class 5.

Class 5 Result 2020 Dhaka Division

Kivabe PSC Result dekhum 2019 is also search topic for google and the class five exam Result 2020 is not different. While searching for psc all board result class5 ar resalt 2019 can draw huge notice for the netrokona psc rejalt 2019.

Districts PDF PDF
Narsingdi District         Primary Result                            Ebtedayee Result                           
Gazipur District Primary Result Ebtedayee Result
Shariatpur District Primary Result Ebtedayee Result
Narayonganj District Primary Result Ebtedayee Result
Tangail District Primary Result Ebtedayee Result
Kishorgonj District Primary Result Ebtedayee Result
Manikgonj District Primary Result Ebtedayee Result
Dhaka District Primary Result Ebtedayee Result
Munsigonj District Primary Result Ebtedayee Result
Rajbari District Primary Result Ebtedayee Result
Madaripur District Primary Result Ebtedayee Result
Gopalgonj District Primary Result Ebtedayee Result
Faridpur District Primary Result Ebtedayee Result

Nowhere but here the psc class 5 resulte 2019 bd primary class sms dekhbo kivabe. Some type gsc 2019 roll jsc all subject bangla name psc 2019 watching exam rejalt bd result.

PSC Exam Result Chittagong Divison

The PSC Result bogura district 2019 online watch is here. The issue of how can find psc rejalt in the psc pesult in2019 may be talkative. Searching for the www.somaponi exam reselt in class5 ruselt for the sikka somaponi Result 2020 under bogura district can do a more. Pec exawm result for the www.educationboPSC Result 2020. The for the prathomik samaponi porikha PSC Result link 2019 could say this.

Districts PDF PDF
Comilla District PSC Result                       Ebtedayee                          
Feni District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Brahmanbaria District  PSC Result Ebtedayee
Rangamati District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Noakhali District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Chandpur District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Lakhsimpur District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Chattogram District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Coxs-bazar District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Khagracari District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Bandarban District PSC Result Ebtedayee

Most talked pec exam Result 2020 for the reasult 5 class 5 somaponi resault 2019 in class fiv porikka of all board somaponi2019 under the education board results can make a huge hive. What is more than this is psc pariksha mohammed fahimuddin ashok roll ashok pec regult 2019 with the PSC Result jessore board 2019.

PSC Exam Result Barishal Division

The Barishal division result for the PSC exam result for the districts under the division has been published. Check here from the borishal division PSC Result under the 2019 session with all subject numbers. You have to click any of the two PDF files as displayed in the below text. 

Districts PDF PDF
Jhalkathi District      PSC Result                    Ebtedayee                     
Patuakhali District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Pirojpur District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Barishal District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Bhola District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Barguna District PSC Result Ebtedayee

The Barishal division result for the PSC test result for the regions under the division has been distributed. Check here from the borishal division PSC Result under the 2019 session with every subject number. You need to click any of the two PDF records as shown in the underneath content.

Khulna Division District Wise Class 5 Exam Result

Districts PDF PDF
Jessore District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Satkhira District      PSC Result Ebtedayee
Meherpur District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Norail District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Chuadanga District    PSC Result Ebtedayee
Kushtia District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Magura District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Khulna District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Bagerhat District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Jhinaidhah District PSC Result Ebtedayee

Mymensingh Division District Wise Class 5 Exam Result

Districts PDF PDF
Sherpur District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Mymensingh District     PSC Result Ebtedayee
Jamalpur District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Netrokona District PSC Result Ebtedayee

PSC Rangpur Division District Wise Result

Districts PDF PDF
Panchagar District       PSC Result Ebtedayee
Dinajpur District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Lalmonirhat District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Nilfamari District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Gaibandha District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Thakurgoan District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Rangpur District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Kurigram District PSC Result Ebtedayee

Sylhet Division PSC District Wise Result 2020

Sylhet District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Moulovibazar District   PSC Result Ebtedayee
Hobigonj District PSC Result Ebtedayee
Sunamgonj District PSC Result Ebtedayee

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