The Truthful Dove – Why do you think that the title is appropriate for the story

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Lesson-7 The Truthful Dove : Why do you think that the title is appropriate for the story “The Truthful dove”? In the 3rd week assignment for the class 8 students, you have write down why the title The Truthful Dove is appropriate for the story. In the lesson 7, you have to write down an assignment on why do you think that the title is appropriate for the story. Download Lesson 7 the truthful dove assignment for class 8 students here.

Lesson 7 : The Truthful Dove

This assigned task of the second assignment under 3rd phase has been taken from unit 5 of the English textbook. You have to answer for the assignment from the chapter the truthful dove in 2020. The in the chapter you will get the following questions. These are the question that will help you to understand about the whole text. Read more about the three birds and find out about their fate. Work in pairs and write the answers to the questions that follow.

At present, our students are very worried about writing up this week’s assignment on the truthful dove. I think the assignment why do you think that the title is appropriate for the story is very bit difficult for them. In a age of sixteen or fifteen, how can they will be able to write an assignment on evaluating a title of a text. Therefore, we have come up with the answer for the class 8 English assignment solution here.   

The Truthful Dove Story

Here is the exact story of the Truthful Dove as stated in your NCTB English Textbook of Class 8. “What?” cried the bat. “Is that all you have to say to our gracious host? Is he not the wisest, bravest and most generous of all animals and birds? Have you no praise for his noble character as well as for his goodness to us? I am ashamed of you! You do not deserve such hospitality. You do not deserve this shelter.”

the truthful dove

Then, “You are an ungrateful bird, and the bat is right. You do not deserve this generous hospitality which I have offered. Get out! Be off, I say said the owl. “Yes, get lost!” echoed the bat, flapping his leathery wings. The two heartless creatures fell upon the poor little dove and drove her out into the dark and stormy night.

But the owl and the bat did not go unpunished for their act of heartlessness. The bat can never fly in broad daylight. He has to wait for the sun to go down. And do you know what happened to the vain owl? Well, he is blind as long as the sun is up. He cannot hunt or feed himself unless it is dark. So the two vicious creatures with their dark heart live in the dark. On the other hand, the dove is rewarded for her truthfulness. Her name shall be used by poets as long as the world lasts to rhyme with “LOVE”.

Why do you think that the title is appropriate for the story?


A title is the thing that gives a primary idea to its reader about what the text is about. I think the title is appropriate for the story The Truthful Love. Because it gives us a strong and real message about the triumph of truthfulness. In the poem we came to know two friends – dove and bat- went on a long journey and had to take shelter at a owl’s house due to circumstances.   

that it is really a truthful bird…….

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For being truthful the dove has gain a place at the hean of the Poets. It has eam. the status of being a source of passion for love by the Poets.. long …rm. lasts to rhyme with ‘Love’ The two bird bat a. owl got punishment for their ill-doing and the dove gain. reward for its being realistic and truthful.. we can say the title of the story “The Truthful Dove’ is appropriate and admirable.

the truthful dove
Picture source: Faecbook
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