River Gypsy Paragraph – Imagine There is a Boat School in Your Area to Teach River Gypsy Children

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You have to write down River Gypsy Paragraph on the question imagine there is a boat school in your area to teach river gypsy Children. The authority has asked the class 8 students to write down a paragraph how you can help the gypsy children swith learning. Here our team has given the answer for the question as stated in the 3rd week English assignment of class eight students. You can download the River Gypsy paragraph from below link.

River gypsies in Bangladesh

River gypsies in Bangladesh has been taken from the class 8 English text book. The story River Gypsies in Bangladesh is located at lesson-4 of unit 7 on the textbook. The directorate of secondary education has recently given a homework from the chapter asking writing a paragraph on the river gypsy. Here the students has been asked to write down on how they can help the gypsy children swith learning. Here, we have given a possible paragraph on the river gypsy children.

Now, we would talk about the river gypsy in Bangladesh in the following river. Before writing the paragraph, you must know who are river gypsy are and where and how they live. Therefore, knowing about the river gypsies is very important for the students at present. We have given the information relating to river gypsy here. So, check it first before you start writing your gypsy children paragraph.

Topic: Imagine There is a Boat School in Your Area to Teach River Gypsy Children. Write a paragraph about how you can help the gypsy children swith learning.


river gypsy paragraph

Here is your River Gypsy paragraph in your word. Download it from below section.

River Gypsy Paragraph 

River Gypsies is an ethnic group in Bangladesh. They have no permanent land to live. Rather they lead a nomadic life by travelling from one place to another by boat. They have their own culture and lifestyle. They are used to living on water and have inherited from their forefathers necessary life skills to survive in waters……………………

……………..Usually, gypsies people have no education and training to adapt to mainstream modem society. Their existence has been on the edge of extinction. As the country is developing rapidly, gypsy people are losing their customers in the urban population resulting in low income. Moreover, the number of rivers and waterbodies in the country is becoming more shrunk gradually day by day. As they have no land to live, gypsy children are born and brought up on roaming boats.

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In our village, several river gypsies live on nearby water bodies. They cannot go to conventional schools. Therefore, there is a boat school for the gypsy children. At first, we went door to door with the gypsy families and tried to make them understand that they must educate their children. We have made them realize what education is and how it can remove their ignorance and can enhance their lifestyle.

Though some of the river gypsy people did not pay heed to our talks. However, they sent their children later to our school. As all of us the students at different educational institutions, we cannot run the boat-school during our school period. Therefore, we had to run the school in the afternoon after our school went off. We gave them books, homework, and other educational materials for free so that they can be more interested in reading and writing. We also gave them prizes each day for their performance in homework so that they could learn swithly.

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  3. You gave an irrelevant answer. The question says, “There is a boat school in your area”.
    Yet you wrote, “They cannot go to conventional schools. Therefore, we, some of the vibrant youth in our village, have bought a boat with money donated, and launched a boat school for the gypsy children.”

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