International Teachers’ Day 2020 – World Happy Teacher Day Theme, Wishes, Pictures, Message, Quotes

world teachers' day 2020

Today marks the International Teachers’ Day 2020. The whole world is celebrating 05 October 2020 as the international teachers’ day paying homage to their respective teachers. It leaves no bound that teachers are the backbone of the nation in all ages. So, this year’s world teachers’ day 2020 has emerged with various opportunity. Watch the International Teachers’ Day 2020 theme, message, wishes, facebook statues, whatsapp posts, and so on from our website.


International Teachers’ Day 2020

Today October 05 marks the International Teachers’ Day 2020 as it goes by the date every year. On 05 October each year, the whole world makes a huge celebration of the teachers’ day internationally. The international teachers’ day is being celebrated since 1994. The happy world teachers’ day marks the adoption of the UNESCO recommendation regarding the responsibilities and rights of the teachers along with their standards. This international day for the teachers also target to address the contribution of the teachers globally.

The international day for the teachers in 2020 aims to eliminate the problems and obstacles of the teacher. It also addresses the ongoing progresses of the education made by teachers as well as the existing problems teacher are facing to make the teaching profession promoted. The UNICEF and International Labour Organization and Education International jointly host the world teachers’ day each year.

International Teachers’ Day 2020 Theme

The UNESCO has come up with a new Theme marking this year’s International Teachers’ Day 2020. Theme is a vital one articulating a day in 2020. A theme marks the day more prominent in celebrating as it helps people to flourish with the idea. UNESCO has also declared this year’s International Teachers’ Day theme. You can ask what is the theme of the World Teachers’ Day 2020? We will answer read our post here to get the Teachers’ Day 2020 theme.

 This year’s theme of the International teachers’ Day has been selected considering the current situation under which the teachers are going. Teachers are our leaders and they can make a good leadership. However, the pandemic Covid-19 has brought a massive change in the education sector producing thousand of troubles for the teachers. International Teachers’ Day 2020 Theme marks this crisis very well as it goes by this way .

This year’s World Teachers’ Day Theme is:

Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future”.

Importance of Teachers’ Day

The importance of teachers’ day in 2020 very large. Teachers are the best person of the nation in every era. They are person who make the people human. They makes a whole nation very bright and gentlemen. The teachers are the hidden power that drive a country its highest development. It is also the teachers who generate knew knowledge and make a huge contribution by their new invention via research. The importance of the International Teachers’ Day is beyond description.

The day attempt to address the rights and challenges of the teachers as well as in the teaching profession. There is no another day that can trace the challenges and problems of the teachers all over the world. This day reminds us of our gratitude to the teachers who are our mentor and educator. We can draw and example on this occasion.

International Teachers’ Day 2020 Celebration

The International Teachers’ Day is celebrated all over the World. Happy World Teachers’ Day marks the celebration in India, Pakistan, Vanuatu, Fiji St. Kitts & Nevis, Sri Lanka Myanmar (Burma), Maldives, Philippines, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Sierra Leone, United Arab Emirates, Cambodia Trinidad & Tobago Bangladesh Nigeria Indonesia Australia Qatar Malaysia Hong Kong Kuwait Singapore South Africa New Zealand Canada Lithuania Kenya Ghana Bahrain Uganda Cameroon Ireland Croatia Thailand Bahamas Oman Saudi Arabia Iran South Korea Romania Norway United Kingdom United States Jamaica Sweden Vietnam Israel Netherlands Belgium Japan Germany Italy Turkey Russia Spain Mexico Solomon Islands St. Vincent & Grenadines Timor-Leste Cayman Islands Tunisia Hungary Morocco Venezuela Egypt Taiwan France Aruba Afghanistan Angola Anguilla Ã…land Islands Albania Andorra Argentina Armenia American Samoa Antarctica French Southern Territories Antigua & Barbuda Austria Azerbaijan Burundi Benin Caribbean Netherlands Burkina Faso Bulgaria Bosnia & Herzegovina St. Barthélemy Belarus Belize Bermuda Bolivia Brazil Barbados Brunei Bhutan Bouvet Island Botswana Central African Republic Cocos (Keeling) Islands Switzerland Chile China Côte d’Ivoire Congo – Micronesia Gabon Georgia Guernsey Gibraltar Guinea Guadeloupe Gambia Guinea-Bissau Equatorial Guinea Greece Greenland Guatemala French Guiana Heard & McDonald Islands Honduras Haiti Isle of Man British Indian Ocean Territory Iraq Iceland Jersey Jordan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Kiribati Laos Lebanon Liberia Libya St. Lucia Liechtenstein Lesotho Luxembourg Latvia Macao St. Martin Monaco Moldova Madagascar Marshall Islands North Macedonia Mali Malta Montenegro Northern Mariana Islands Mozambique Mauritania Montserrat Martinique Mauritius Malawi Mayotte Namibia New Caledonia Niger Norfolk Island Nicaragua Niue Nauru Panama Pitcairn Islands Peru Palau Poland Puerto Rico North Korea Portugal Paraguay Palestine French Polynesia Réunion Rwanda Sudan Senegal South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands St. Helena Svalbard & Jan Mayen El Salvador San Marino Somalia St. Pierre & Miquelon Serbia South Sudan São Tomé & Príncipe Suriname Slovakia Slovenia Eswatini Sint Maarten Seychelles Syria Turks & Caicos Islands Chad Togo Tajikistan Tokelau Turkmenistan Tonga Tuvalu Tanzania Ukraine U.S. Outlying Islands Uruguay Uzbekistan Vatican City British Virgin Islands U.S. Virgin Islands Wallis & Futuna Samoa Kosovo Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe.

International Teachers’ Day 2020 Quotes

UNESCO director general Audrey Azoulay, International Labour Organization Director General Guy Ryder, UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta H. Fore, and , Education International General Secretary David Edwards has made a joint statement in favor of the International Teachers’ Day. International Teachers’ Day 2020 – World Happy Teacher Day Theme, Wishes, Pictures, Message, Quotes. The quoes are meant for wishing someone you care most.

international teachers' day quotes

International Teachers’ Day 2020 Picture / Photo

Here is the latest collection of International Teachers’ Day 2020 pictures and photos. You can download them and can make them posted on your Facebook and Whatsapp wall. You can also send these pictures of the World Teachers’ Day to your teachers via SMS or message. So take those pictures here now.

International teachers' day 2020


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