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international democracy day 2020

Today is September 15, International Democracy Day 2020. This special day has been observed since 2008 to encourage the practice of democracy and to arouse interest in democracy in the member countries of the United Nations. Since then, International Democracy Day has been celebrated on September 15 every year at the initiative of the UN General Assembly. Earlier, the day was celebrated on different days in the United States and Nigeria. Here find out the latest image, hastag, theme, slogan, history, background, present statues of Democracy Day 2020. 

International Day of Democracy 2020

After the declaration of the United Nations, September 15 is being celebrated all over the world as the International Day of Democracy. On the day, the United Nations called on all its member states to spread awareness among their peoples about the importance, significance, principles and practices of democracy.

The UN Secretary General has given a message on the occasion of the day. Democracy is a system of government in which every citizen has an equal vote or right to formulate policies or elect government representatives. In a democracy, all citizens have an equal opportunity to participate in proposing, formulating and drafting laws, either directly or through elected representatives.

Democracy Day history and background

In 1997, the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), known as the medium of dialogue among French politicians, introduced a proposal called the Universal Declaration on Democracy. It proclaimed the principles, ideals, elements, practices of democratic government and the creation of international opportunities and possibilities for the expansion of democracy. Even before France’s proposal, there was an international conference on restoring democracy. The conference follows the return of democracy to the Philippines after the fall of Ferdinand Marcos’ 20-year dictatorship.

The conference was called The International Conference on New and Restored Democracies, or ICNRD. The sixth ICNRD conference was held in 2006 in Doha, Qatar. At this conference in Qatar, an action plan for the implementation and expansion of the principles, values ​​of democracy was announced. An advisory board was also formed as part of this. Qatar brings an International Democracy Day proposal to the board. The proposal was later presented to the UN General Assembly, led by Qatar. At the same time, the member states of the United Nations were called for advice and proposals in this regard. France’s IPU later proposed that September 15 be designated as International Democracy Day, and it was unanimously passed on November 8, 2006.

Democracy Day 2020 Theme & Slogan

This year, the main theme of the International Democracy Day 2020 is to protecting human rights and the rule of law. UN Secretary General has issued a special message on the occasion of this day. In the message, he highlighted the importance of youth power in the history of democracy.

Democracy Day 2020 Bangladesh

Even though Democracy Day is celebrated internationally today, the question of what percentage of the world’s people are getting the benefits of democracy is a matter of consideration. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EU), a subsidiary of the British media The Economist Group, global democracy has declined in the past year (2019). Democracies around the world have been in bad shape since 2008. However, Bangladesh has advanced eight steps in the democracy index.

According to the report, the previous year, Bangladesh was in the 7th position with a score of 5.57; But this year Bangladesh is in the 70th place with a score of 5.6. The EU has described the progress of several countries, including Bangladesh, as “significant progress”. The world is waiting for the day when full democracy will be established in the countries of the world which are ignoring democracy and are based on dictatorship. Everyone’s expectation on International Democracy Day 2020 is that democracy should be fully practiced in every country of the world.

Democracy Day Images and Photos

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