SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2023 All Board

SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2023 All Board

The hardest examination for the SSC students is attending English 1st Paper Examination if they cannot have a full set of suggestion in 2023. Being the hardest subject, most students nowadays search for the very important SSC English 1st Paper Common Suggestion and Suggestion. Though the suggestion is very common for this year’s SSC English 1st Paper Examination that is going to be held on Tuesday, 20 September 2023. Only a day is left for the time to take preparation enough. So, have your eyes on the SSC English 1st Paper 100% final and very common Suggestion in 2023.

SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion

The examination of the SSC English 1st Paper is about to take place at 10:00 am on Tuesday morning with a fresh suggestion. So, the final time for taking what you call as the exam preparation is that period of hours. Before that time you have to make yourself ready for heading toward your SSC Exam center. As you need to keep a lot of time on the road, you have to finish your reading for the SSC English Examination 2023 in PDF sheet at a time. However, if you want to read while going to the SSC exam center where your English exam will occur, you can take books with you. 

As it is hard to finish all the lessons your SSC English 1st Paper Textbook has. However, you should have read all the lessons very carefully from the beginning of SSC life. If you read all the lessons in SSC English, only you can perform a good performance in the exam scripts. The SSC English Suggestion can only help you to choose what are the most common things to appear. As stated by the scholars, the goal of the SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion is that it can ease the pressure of the students many times. 

English 1st Paper Suggestion 2023

If you read all the texts in your SSC English 1st Paper, you will get ideas and information about the exam suggestion. You know that there are two sections in the SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion Paper as shown in the Suggestion below 2023. In the first section of the SSC English 1st part suggestion, you will find a seen passage. This seen passage is taken from your SSC main textbook. So, if you can learn all the topics the SSC English textbook has, you can write well in the exam. SSC students have to answer the first eight-suggestion from the seen passage.

This is the most important section for the students who wish to achieve the golden A+ in their SSC English 1st Part Examination. As Suggestion says, the students at first have to read the SSC English 1st Paper seen passage well repeatedly in 2023. He or she must read it again and again until the student is becoming clear of the text and its hidden and outer message. Following that part in the action, the SSC examination then goes through the questions. Without understanding questions, the SSC student cannot answer from the seen passage.

SSC English Suggestion 2023

SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2023 can only allow you, if you are a student who is going to sit for Tuesday’s examination, to find out the most important topics of the exam center. It will give you the opportunity to get a short note in front of you before your examination. If you can make good use of the SSC English 1st Paper Final Suggestion 2023, you are sure to be as one of those who will succeed with high marks. So, in the very first, find out this easy SSC English Suggestion from here.

In the second section of your SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion, you need to concentrate on your writing skills. The following part of the will meet with to prove your excellency over the grammar part. In the with a clue and without clue part, you have to be very sincere. Each of the words that the SSC student are to go to write down in their English exam scripts will carry one mark each. So, writing the correct answer is very much important for this part.

English 1st Paper Suggestion For SSC Exam 2023

What English 1st Paper Suggestion will be very common for the SSC Exam 2023? We have talked about this here so that our country SSC students can realize that we are helping them. Hoping to get the best Suggestion in their life, the students search for the SSC English suggestion paper of the previous year. This year SSC examination suggestion will not vary from that of other education boards. In 2023, the examination suggestion for the education board will be the same.

Therefore, the Suggestion for the SSC English first paper will not different from others. What you can do now is downloading the most VVP SSC English Suggestion from here and make them memorized. Without memorizing you cannot perform good writing in the exam script. In the below PDF file you can also examine yourself with what you are now. Because of the fact of being known to suggest, none wants to do hard work more. This is a burning suggestion for the SSC English examinee for taking Suggestions.

SSC English Suggestion 2023 PDF

Having well experienced with the common topics, SSC students can make a good answer in their English First Part examination. If they think that they are not going to fix their problem with English, they are sure to be dumped. To make them pass on the English exam, they must follow our Suggestion. The SSC student can also earn good marks if they also abide by this portal’s Suggestion for the English 1st Part examination 2023. So, getting everything about English is not testy.

The current scenario of today’s SSC students has turned out to be a stand. The students do not want to read more. Rather, they only hope to get some common Suggestions from their teaches. Though it is the duty of the SSC students to read the main text, they are not complying with that responsibility. They, at present, are for the SSC English 1st Part Suggestion Leak. SSC examinees may think it will bring success in their careers. But, on the contrary, it will bring destruction to their lives as far as I know.

SSC English 1st Paper Board Suggestion 2023

However, searching for the SSC English 1st Paper previous Suggestion of 2018 or 2019 is a good habit. By dint of analyzing the SSC English previous board suggestion, the students can know the structure of the answer. Not only do the same but also they may find how to write an answer well. Finding out the old suggestion is a very fortunate thing for our students. I like this idea of them very much. I believe the students who are meritorious do it.

The make they are online useful by finding those, not wasting time for SSC suggestion leak. It should be clear that the SSC English suggestion leak has no chance to happen. The government is very strict to prevent the suggestion leaking of any public examination. So, people who assure you of giving a set of SSC suggestion papers are fake. You can call the police and hand over them. They are the real culprit of the country who is taking our children astray.

SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2023 All Board

SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion Mymensingh Board PDF

A set of mode suggestion papers can check your command over English 1st Paper in the SSC Examination 2023. By practicing more model suggestion, the students can make as the best Suggestion for the SSC English 1st paper Suggestion 2023. For that purpose, the SSC English 1st paper model suggestion is very worthy of reading. Download these SSC English 1st paper model suggestion of Dhaka Board of 2019 and 2018 from here. You may also collect SSC English 1st Part Board and Model Suggestion and Suggestion of 2019 or 2023 as a PDF file from here.

SSC English 2nd Paper Question PDF

The following issue can direct you to the Technical, Rajshahi, SylhetDinajpur, Dhaka, Rajshahi, Jessore, Chittagong, Barishal Education Board Suggestion.

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SSC Routine 2023 Date: Exam New Routine 2023

SSC English 1st Part Board Suggestion 2023

This year’s board Suggestion for the SSC English 1st paper exam is over. Now you can watch your SSC English Suggestion from here. As known for all engreji suggestion is not so hard for this year. We are trying to make the Suggestion in no time. What in the gold is your own knowledge? We have a good thing to do as you are one of us. In the examination, if you face any problem then ask us after the examination. We will try to give every Suggestion you have faced.

If everybody rejects you not to give the Suggestion, but we will not make you disappointed. Rather we are for only help you so that you can make our Suggestion of the SSC English suggestion for the second part in a very much good way.

ssc english 2nd question paper solution jpg

ssc english 2nd question paper solution jpg

English 1st Paper Tag Suggestion Answer Suggestion 2021

SSC English Taq Suggestion is very easy to answer in the SSC exam center today. You will get five marks out five if you make all the answer correct. Check the answer from here. Theses are the Suggestion and answer for the SSC Exam 2021English 1st paper Taq suggestion. So, find the exam Suggestion from here now.

9. a) is it?

b) do we?

C) do they?

D) aren’t they?

E) may not he?

SSC Exam 2021 English 1st Paper Connectors Answer Suggestion

Get your SSC Exam 2023 English 1st Paper Sentence Connector Suggestion Answer Suggestion on this page. You can get a hundred percent right answer of all SSC English Board Suggestion 2021 from here. We will give an answer to the each of the board questions here.

Suggestion No. 10.

Ans: a) So / Therefore

b) that

C) as

D) If

E) and.

English 1st Paper Exam Suffixes Prefixes Suggestion

Suggestion No. 08

Ans: a) development

b) largley

C) access

D) illiterate

E) population

F) enable

G) properly

H) rational

I) enlightened

J) prerequisite

SSC English 1st Paper Exam Right Form Of Verb Suggestion

Suggestion No. 04

Ans: a) heard

b) is

C) is known

D) bore

E) hindered

F) joined

G) began 

H) inspired

I) is

J) remember.

SSC English 1st Paper Exam 2023 1 No. Suggestion

Suggestion No. 01

Ans: a) number

b) throughout

C) national

D) history

E) some

F) culture

G) tradition 

H) the 

I) walks

J) rests.

SSC English 1st Paper 2 No. Suggestion/Answer

Suggestion No. 02

Ans: a) from

b) an

C) of

D) the

E) production

F) only

G) land

H) since

I) the

J) use.

SSC English 1st Paper Transformation/Changing Suggestion/Answer

Suggestion No. 06

Ans: a) How exciting game cricket is!

b) This game is enjoyed by people of all ages.

C) People all over the world play it

D) At present, it is more popular than any other game in the country.

E) Cricket being a costly game, people of all classes enjoy playing it.

g) Two umpires conduct the game.

h) Is not it full of thrill and excitement for the spectators?

i) Bangladesh is a test playing country and it is developing its standard day by day.

j) We cannot but try our best to improve its present position.

Dhaka Board SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2023

Rajshahi Board SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2023

Comilla Board SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2023

Chittagong Board SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2023

Barisal Board SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2023

Sylhet Board SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2023

Dinajpur Board SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2023

Rajshahi Board English 1st Paper Suggestion 2023

SSC Question Solution English 2nd Paper Grammar Answer 2020 PDF (Today Exam)

SSC Question Solution English 2nd Paper Grammar Answer 2020 PDF (Today Exam)

SSC English 1st Paper Rajshahi Board Suggestion 1 No Answer

Suggestion No. 1 (Grammar Part):

Ans: a) conscious

b) punishment

C) both

D) for

E) development

F) fear

G) has punished/punishes

H) is

I) to

J) develops.

SSC English 1st Paper Rajshahi Board Suggestion No 2 Suggestion

Suggestion No. 2 (Grammar Part): Suitable Words

Ans: a) ability

b) work

C) beginning

D) struggling

E) gone away

F) fear

G) has punished/punishes

H) is

I) to

J) develops.

4. Complete the following text with right form of verbs given to the Ox0 box below:

a) owe

b) bestowing

c) have

d) belongs

e) are

f) are

g) show

h) causing

i) loosing

j) enabled

5. Change the narrative style of the following text:

The ticket officer asked the lady where she liked to go. The lady replied that she was to Rajshahi. The ticket officer again asked her how many tickets she needed to buy and of which class. The lady replied that she needed three first class tickets. The ticket officer told her that there was three first class tickets and they would cost here three thousand taka.

6. Change the following sentences according to the directions:

a) What a devastating phenomenon of the modern world terrorism is!

b) At present we call it a challenge to fight against it.

c) Now, everybody is in the threat of violence.

d) No other thing is as disastrous as terrorism.

e) It is more corrosive than most problems of the modern world

f) Who wants his children to be terrorists in future?

g) Despite/In spite of being law to punish the terrorists, it is not properly applied.

h) If we apply the law properly, we can get rid of it.

i) We have to create social awareness and fight against corruption. / We want to fight against corruption and so we have to create social awareness.

j) We all should not accept the killers of mankind.

Suggestion No. 7.

Completing Sentence Answer:


b) Many days passed since we had met last.

c) A child who is burnt is afraid of fire.

d) Work hard provided that you want to pass in the exam.

e) Blessing is not valued till it is gone.

Suggestion No 8. suffixes or prefixes Suggestion and answer:

a) western

b) suggestion

c) workers

d) internet

e) affirmative

f) smartness

g) accompany

h) virtual

i) hardly

j) actioning

Answer to Suggestion no 8.

Tag questions: 

a) don’t you?

b) does it?

c) could they?

d) daren’t it?

e) will you?

9. Connectors 



c) When

d) However


10. No Suggestion Answer: 

“Aren’t you going to have any’, said I. “No. I never eat asparagus. There are people who don’t like them.” “The fact is that you ruin your palate by all the meat”.  “You eat”,  she said.

Dhaka Board SSC English 1st Paper Exam Suggestion Answer 2023

1. a) often b)an c) the e) learning f) that g) in h) our i) darkness j)from

2. a) out b)like c) single d)of e)the f)an g)change h)blind i)some j)cured

7. a) Then he started for the hospital b) you will fail in the examination c) when the rain started d) I would have solved the problem e) we develop our country.

8. a) independent b) overpopulation c)unemployment d)deficiency e) government f)overcome g)digital h)development i)already j)achieving

9. a)shall we? b)aren’t I? c)Doesn’t it? d) shall they? e) will you?

10. a) Otherwise b)moreover c)for instance, d)so e)However.

Dinajpur Board SSC English 1st Paper Question 2023

#1. a)influence b)for c)a d) with e)contact f)with g)of h)wich i)complete j)a…….

#2.a)memorable b)inspiration c)the d)for e)inspires f)warning g)suppressed h)deafened i)powerful j) died……
#3.a)attached i’s a nation builder. b)He opens the young mind carefully. c)He holds new vistas of knowledge for them .d) Held is a window opener of his students. e)He nurses the noblest profession ……. #4.a)enlightens b)is compared c) removes d) limit e)has started f)can get g)encouraging h)have i)educate j)ensure

#8.a)recently.b)untimely c)violation d)unskilled e)unconscious f)unlicenced g)faulty h)endanger i)safety. j)unaware….
#9.a)aren’t they? b)Is it? c) Won’t it’s? d)should we? e) mustn’t they? 10. a)Which b) which c) because d)than e)so

#7.a=we love it. b=who does not love flowers. C=by offering flowers. D=can commit any crime. E=flower cultivation is source of income.

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