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HSC English Paragraph is one of the common topics that are common in every examination in the life of a student. In this post, we will talk about some important paragraphs that are very important for all kinds of examinations this year. If you are an HSC or SSC examinee, you can get a very important paragraph suggestion from here. It is known to all that English is a very hard subject for every student in the country. Many students in our country mostly fear two subjects. English is one of the two subjects the students are afraid of. So, check all the English paragraphs from here for the SSC HSC and JSC examinations.

HSC English Paragraph 2020

In our country, English is one of the foreign languages that are studied across the nation. As we are Bengali by birth, English is not our mother tongue. Rather, the language is regarded as a foreign language in our country. Especially, the birthplace of the English language is in England. Then you can throw a question of why then we are practicing and using a language which is not of ours. You may know or may not know that once Britain ruled our whole Indian sub-continent. Before Britain came to our land, there had been king and queen who ruled our country.

In this passage, we are trying to give you some clear ideas and the history of the English language here. The history of the English language is very long. One cannot complete telling the history of the origin of the English language in a day. However, we can give a short idea that can enrich your knowledge of the English language. The British came to our land first for business. For their business purpose, they set up various offices and other instructors. As the land of the Indian subcontinent was very much fertile, the East India Company takes the name and started commercial activities in that era.

Different Kinds of Paragraphs

In this post, we will discuss several topics such as how to write a paragraph. We will also discuss what will be the actual size of a standard paragraph. What is the basic thing that must be maintained while writing an HSC English paragraph will also be available here? Here there will be several talks on how much a student has to write to get a good in the examination. I have seen many students be tensed about their English writing parts. Actually, there will be writing in both parts in any examination. Especially, the English examination has two parts – one is writing another is grammar.

In the English first part, there will be a seen passage and eight-question. You have to make answer all the questions from the given passage. The English writing part includes Paragraph, Letter, Easy, Composition, Email, Graph and so other. All of the questions are very important for getting a good number in any English exam. Basically, three particular public examinations have English Paragraph and they are JSC, SSC, and HSC. In each of the three examinations, English is a compulsory subject.

How to Write A Paragraph

In order to write a paragraph, a student should know more word meaning. He or she has to make sure that he or she has a good command over English. The students must know more synonym and antonym. Having a good command of the grammar sections can make the student a good HSC English paragraph writer. To write a paragraph is not a very much hard job. Rather it is a very easy process. But, you have to keep in mind a paragraph is not an easy or composition. A paragraph will have a section. You cannot make more than one section in a paragraph.

To take your exam preparation in the very best way you have to follow some unique ways. You cannot deny the fact that there is nothing essential than reading more and more. The more you will take preparation the more you will be able to cut a good figure in the examination.

HSC All Paragraph PDF

In this section of our post, we will talk about how to write any paragraph. There are several types of paragraphs common in our academic arenas. You can also find these types of paragraphs in your grammar books in detail. While you will go for different kinds of paragraphs, you will find a paragraph of narrative style. You know that there are not more than four types of paragraphs. Except for the narrative style, descriptive is another style of paragraph writing. Expository and persuasive is the rest two types of paragraphs in the common day to day types writing.

These are the types of paragraph writing. However, there are a total of eight methods that help you to define a paragraph. The eight methods are the following Facts and statistics, examples, and illustration, process, comparison and contrast, cause and effect, classification and analysis, definition, and analogy. All these methods are being used in the writing in the HSC English paragraph writing. However, you need to concentrate on several issues in order to make the paragraph clear one.

Important Paragraph for HSC 2020

What are the paragraphs that are very important for HSC English examination is a question. You know the HSC examination will take place a few months later this year. There is much time to take preparation for the HSC of all subjects. The students have to be more serious for their HSC English subjects as it has two hundred marks.

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