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See DU B Unit Question Solution here on https://allnewjobcircular.com. DU B unit exam was taken place a day earlier. Dhaka University arranged DU B Unit Admission Test at many centers surrounding the Dhaka University Campus. We have here published DU B Unit Question Solution, DU Question Solution, DU Kha Unit Question Solution, DU B Unit Solution, DU B Unit Question Solve, DU Kha Unit Question Solve, DU Question Answer, DU B unit question answer here. We have given the solution of DU B unit admission here to help you know the right answer. Read this article to the end to find out du bu unit question solution. Here we have given solutions of DU B unit Bangla, English and General Knowledge Questions.

DU B Unit Solution 2019

The admission test for the Dhaka University B unit was held today, 21 September 2019. This year a total number of 276,522 students, who want to sit for Dhaka University Admission Test 2019-2020, have applied for DU Admission Test. A total of 45,013 students have applied for DU B unit this year.

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The number of seats at DU B unit is 2,378. DU Kha unit admission test has been taken place by the Dhaka University authority successfully. To help you know the right answer of DU B unit question or DU Kha unit question, we have here given DU B unit question solution and DU kha unit question solution. Read this article consciously to know whether you have made the correct answer or not in the DU B unit or DU Kha Unit Admission Test.

Dhaka University Kha Unit Question Answer 2019

Dhaka University held its admission test for DU Kha Unit Admission Test or DU B unit Admission Test on Saturday morning. The one and half hour long exam was held from 10:00 am to 11:30 am inside and outside the Dhaka University Campus. Students sat for examination against 1,378 seats under DU Kha Unit or DU B unit.

du b unit question solution

The B unit admission test was held for 120 marks. This year the DU authority has added written examination in the DU admission test. The marks are divided are into two categories. There will be 60 MCQ questions. The marks of 60 MCQ questions are 75 while those of written examination are 45. The time for 60 MCQ questions is 50 minutes. On the other hand, the time for DU B unit written examination was 40 minutes.

du b unit question solution

DU Kha unit Question Answer 2019

DU B unit admission question has a total of 60 MCQ questions worth of 75 marks. There were 16 questions from Bangla subject, 16 questions from General English subject and 28 questions from general knowledge this year. The marks of each question is 1.25.

The marks for 16 Bangla question is 20, 16 English questions are 20, and the marks for general knowledge for 28 marks. However, students who have passed AO of GCE level have to answer elective English instead of answering Bangla questions. DU will cut mark 0.25 from total marks for a wrong answer.

du b unit question solution

DU Marks Distribution for DU B unit Question

  1. Marks of DU kha unit MCQ questions

75 is the total marks (answer any of the three subjects). Time: 50 minutes. 

Bangla/Elective English     :       (16×1.25) = 20

General English                  :      (16×1.25) = 20

General Knowledge             :      (28×1.25) = 35

2. DU B unit written question

Total Marks are 45. Time 40 minutes

Bangla/Elective English: 25 marks

General English: 20 marks

DU Kha Unit Admission Condition to pass

To pass DU B unit admission test, a student has to secure 30 marks in MCQ option and 12 marks in the written examination. If a student gets lower than 30 marks in MCQ option, he will be regarded as a failed student. He would not be allowed for admission at Dhaka University. Again, if a student gets lower than 12 marks in written examination, he will also not be allowed for admission.

Moreover, if a student gets 30 marks or more than 30 marks in MCQ section, but fails to secure 12 marks in the written section, he will be kicked out from the admission test. Once again, if a student gets 12 marks or more than 12 marks in DU Kha Unit written examination but could able to manage 30 marks in MCQ, he/she will also not be able to admit to Dhaka University.

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Question Solution of DU Kha Unit Admission Test 2019

Here are the solution to Dhaka University B (Kha) Unit Admission Test Questions. You will find the solution of Bangla, English and general knowledge here within a short period of time. We will always provide credible information and never disappoint our beloved students who are searching for questions solution.

English Solution

  1. We have not been given –update on the patient’s condition.  C. any

  2. There is a liberation sculpture —– Arts building of the University of Dhaka. B. in front of 

  3. Coleridge’s poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” is a – ballad

  4. Change into reported form: She said to me,” Why don’t you come on Monday?’    C. She said me why I did not go on Monday.

  5. The word ‘Emancipation’ means – – liberation

  6. Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation.  B. My aunt, who lives in Sylhet, is a doctor

  7. In the sentence, ‘The rescuers snatched the children from a perfect storm‘; the bold-faced phrase means –  B the worst situation
  8. The poet William Blake has compared the schoolboy to – a caged bird

  9. 9. Orpheus’ parents were – — Apollo and Muse Calliope

  10. An elected member can take the decision. The bold-faced word is used as a/an – adjective

  11. Shubho ate four pieces of Hils a fish at dinner.’ The passive form of the sentence is — At dinner four pieces of Hilsha fish were eaten by Shubho

  12. Choose the best interrogative form of: ‘Everyone hates acid-throwing.’ — Who does accept acid throwing?

  13. The synonym of the word ‘Original’ is – true

  14. The word ‘Diaspora’ is related to — migration

  15. Choose the correct spelling from the following: assurance 
  16. ‘People lauded Mandela’s humanity, kindness and dignity’.In this sentence, the present form of the bold-faced word is –  laud

General Knowledge Anwser Set code 1

সাধারণ জ্ঞান প্রশ্নের সমাধান

DU Kha Unit Bangla Question Solution

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English Written Examination Answer for B unit

6. Fill in the blank

  1. paid back
  2. because of

  3. toxic

  4. are dumped
  5. discharges 

The city paid back the bounty of the river by sucking life out of it! According to newspaper report, Buriganga is dying because of pollution. Huge quantities of toxic chemicals and wastes from mills and factories, hospitals and clinics and household and other establishments are dumped into the river everyday. The city of Dhaka discharges about 4500 tons of solid waste every day and most of it is directly released into the Buriganga.

Bangla Written Examination Answer for B unit

3. Translation into Bengali (বঙ্গানুবাদ)

Kuakata is one of the most unique tourist spots in Bangladesh. It allows a visitor to watch both the sunrise and the sunset from the beach and that perhaps makes Kuakata one of the world’s most attractive beaches. The long and wide beach at Kuakata has a typical natural setting. It is also a holy land for several religious communities. Each year thousands of devotees come here to attend various festivals.

       কুয়াকাটা বাংলাদেশের অনত্যম একটি অনন্য পর্যটন স্পট/স্থান। এখানে একজন দর্শনার্থী সৈকত থেকে সূর্যোদয় এবং সূর্যাস্তের দুটোই দেখতে পারে যা সম্ভবত কুয়াকাটাকে বিশ্বের সবচেয়ে আকর্ষণীয় সৈকতে পরিণত করেছে। কুয়াকাটার দীর্ঘ এবং প্রশস্ত সৈকতটির একটি প্রাকৃতিক পরিবেশ রয়েছে। এছাড়াও বেশ কয়েকটি ধর্মীয় সম্প্রদায়ের একটি পবিত্র ভূমি এটি। প্রতি বছর হাজার হাজার ভক্ত বিভিন্ন উত্সবে যোগ দিতে এখানে আসেন।

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  1. du b unit question solution

du b unit question solution)

du b unit question solution)du b unit question solution)

DU B Unit Written Question for

DU B Unit Written Question for


DU B unit question solution 2019

To pass in the DU B unit admission test one needs to secure 30 marks out of 75 in DU B unit MCQ Question option and 12 marks separately. A student will have to pass separately in MCQ and Written examination.

DU B Unit Elective English Question Solution 2019

If a student gets 30 marks in DU B unity MCQ question but gets a number lower than 12 in written examination, he/she will be regarded as fail students. Again, if a student gets 12 or more than 12 but fails to secure 30 marks in MCQ question section.

To get into admitting at Dhaka University one must have to secure 30 or more than 30 in DU Unit B Question of MCQ option as well as 12 or more than 12 marks in written option.

To our dearest students who are looking for DU B Unit Elective English Question Solution 2019. Visit this website at night to see elective english solution Please be connected with us. We will provide answers as soon as possible here.

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