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The Dhaka University has published new notice for the DU All Unit Admission Result 2021 on 14 January 2020. Dhaka University Business Studies Authority has completed making the DU C Unit Admission Result. DU C unit Admission Result 2021 is available on this website now. You can check your DU C Unit Admission Result 2021 on our website. You can also download your DU C Unit Admission Result here by following some easy ways. Find your DU C Unit Admission Result on the official website of the university. PDF of DU C Unit Admission Result is also accessible here. Get the Dhaka University Admission Test 2020-21 C unit result. Watch DU C Unit Admission Result on this unique website as we always serve authentic information.

The University Dhaka Bangladesh today has published its DU Ga Unit Admission Test Admission Result 2020-21 today 26 September 2021. The authority of the University of Dhaka has published DU C Unit Admission Result 2021 today. You will find the Dhaka University Admission Test Admission Result here in detail. To see your most expected Dhaka University Admission Test C Unit Admission Result 2021, Dhaka University C Unit Admission Result 2021, DU Ga Unit result 2021, DU Ka unit result 2021, DU C unit result 2021, DU B unit result 2021 and DU A unit result 2021, read the whole article carefully to the end with attentive mind.

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DU Admission Test Admission Result

The exams of DU C unit was taken place by Dhaka University Authority on September 13, 2021, while the admission test for DU A unit was held September 20, and the entry test under DU B unit was arranged on 21 September this year successfully with the cooperation by the authority of University of Dhaka respectively. This year a total of 29,058 students took part in the DU C Unit Admission Test Examination 2021. Dhaka University Business Studied authority yesterday declared to published its result on Monday and an online news portal publish the declaration into a news item.

DU Gha Unit Admission Test Subject Choice Result and Merit List 2019-20

SUST Admission Circular 2021

However, they were not able to publish the result though they declared to do so. They have published the long-waited result for the c unit admission test today at 8:00 am with their feasible time. Download your most perfected result for the admission test you have given in the Dhaka University admission test this year with a view to getting an opportunity at the University of Dacca. Dacca University which is known at present as the University of Dhaka in the worldwide has now inquiring best of the best among the millions of students across the country.

DU Ka Unit Admission Test Result 2021

On the other hand, 88,976 took part in DU A Unit Admission Test held on Friday. Moreover, around 45,013 students were supposed to appear in the test under the DU B unit this year. The C unit has 1,250 seats under the business faculty of Dhaka University while the A unit has 1,795 seats. In addition, the number of seats at B unit The entry test of A under the 2020-2120 academic sessions were held at 56 centers under Dhaka University. The DU result for DU C unit result and for DU B unit result is scheduled to be published within four weeks since the day of admission tests.

DU Ka Unit Admission Test Result 2019


admission.eis.du.ac.bd 2020-21

What you know about the possible date of publication of Dhaka University is not true at all. You might have heard some gossips about the date of publication of C unit admission result of the University of Dhaka Bangladesh as there were rumors that DU authority will announce its debuted result for admission test of c unit 2021 on the running year within the first week of the admission test. It is astounding that their proclamation about the result is not true in a realistic way.  

DU Gha Unit Admission Test Result 2020-21

According to the declaration of the Dhaka University authority, the DU C unit result is supposed to be published in no time. While publishing Admission Test Circular 2021 under 2020-21 academic courses, the Dhaka University authority announced to publish its C unit or Ga unit result within three weeks of the C unit admission test. As you are aware that the Dhaka University C unit admission test took place on September 13, 2021, and today is September 22,  ten days already have passed since the Dhaka University C unit admission test held. So we are expecting the DU C unit admission test result in no time.

As Dhaka University Admission web page has been a malfunction and will take much time to be updated, you can also check DU C unit exam test result here by SMS service. To get the result you will require to follow some explicit instructions that will reach you to your destinated place. With a view to watching your Dhaka University Admission Test Admission Result, go your message option, type the following words ‘DU C unit roll number and send it to the 16321 number.

JU 2nd Merit List 2021

DU IBA Admission Admission Result 2021 ELIGIBILITY

ELIGIBILITY For SSC/HSC Students: Understudies that have met the preconditions for applying in various units of Dhaka University and passed their SSC or identical test in 2014-2017 and HSC or proportionate test in 2021 are just qualified to apply for the 2020-2120 scholastic session. They ought to have a base 7.5 as an SSC and HSC GPA total (checking the fourth theme). Candidates must affirm in the two tests at any level 3.5 GPA to fit the bill for application.

FOr IGCSE/O-Level and IAL/GCE A-Level or Equivalent Students:

Applicants of the IGCSE / O-Level and the IAL / GCE are eligible to take IGCSE / O-Level and IAL / GCE A-Level and IAL / GCE A-Level examinations with 2 topics or more (the final outcome of at least one topic must have been released in 2021) for IGCSE / O-Level and IAL / GCE A-Level A-Level. The students should be given a minimum of 4 B and a minimum of 3 C of the 7 topics at IGCSE / O-Level and IAL / GCE A-level. No’ D ‘ grade shall be adopted from the top five grades of O and the highest two grades of A-level.

DU IBA Admission Requirments 2021

Where no up-and-coming person is eligible for confirmation tests, IBA incorporation in 2018 or previously, he or she will participate in any affirmation exam of Dhaka University. O-level, A-level candidates and any other sheets outside the country must receive a Certificate of Equivalence in advance of an IBA pass. See https:/iba.du.edu/index.php/media/forthcoming/625 for the request for additional information when there is not too much trouble.

www.du.ac.bd result 2021

As soon as the Dhaka University authority will publish DU C unit result, we will not take any time but publish the DU C Unit Admission Result 2021 without any delay. We will also publish Dhaka University Ga Unit Admission Test Admission Result 2021. To see how you can download and see your most desired DU C Unit results have a look into the whole article here. In this easiest article, we have discussed every single way about how you can get your C unit result.



 du c unit result 2019

DU ‘Ga’ (C) unit Admission Test – Business Studies Faculty

Applicants : 29,058

Seats : 1,250 seats

Exam Held : September 13 2021 Friday

du c unit result.JPG

The result of DU C-unit (business studies faculty and institute of business administration) admission test has been published on DU Official Website. DU publishes a list of applicants eligible for DU C unit viva voce. Candidates can check their eligibility by login into this website or by SMS.

DU C Unit Admission Result published 2021

Being an aspirant who sat for Dhaka University C Unit Admission Test held on September 13, 2021, it is true that you are desperately searching for DU C Unit Admission Test Admission Result 2021. We are here not only to help you but also to provide every single information you will need to get into admitting at the Dhaka University which is called the oxford university in the east.

How to see DU C Unit Admission Test Admission Result 2020-2120

As you are aware that the exam for C UNIT admission test was held last week, the result is supposed to be published soon by the university authority on its official website https://admission.eis.du.ac.bd/

For Admission Admission Result

Central Admission Office
Room No:214, Administration Office
Dhaka University
E-mail: [email protected]



To see DU Ga Unit Admission Result 2021 click on the link which is marked by red colour. Admission Result

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du c unit result 2021 published date

Seeing the Dhaka University C unit result is not hard. Rather it is one of the easiest processes used to see Dhaka University Admission Admission Result since the university started publishing Dhaka University Admission Test Admission Result online a long time ago. Before the Dhaka University publishes its admission test result online, it used to publish DU result on the wall of respective dean building.  If you reside near Dhaka University campus then it will be the easiest way for you to go to the commerce faculty dean building. If you have easy access to enter on the university at any period of time.

du c unit result date 2021

where the DU Ga Unit result will be hung by the Dhaka University business studies faculty authority. These posters of the DU admission test result are usually hung on both the faculty notice board and on the walls of the faculty building. Go to the business studies faculty building and get the DU C unit result easily. Moreover, you can also ask your familiar one to go to business studies faculty building and check whether these posters of result include your examination roll or not. 

admission.eis.du.ac.bd result 2021

It is true that reaching the Dhaka University Business Studies Faculty is not possible for all applicants at all because most of the applicants who sat for the C unit entry test are from outside of the city. Even those who live in some of the Dhaka areas reside too far to come on DU campus only to see whether the DU C unit result is published or yet to be published. Dhaka city is known most for its traffic jams and moving one place to another place is heavy tiresome work in the city due to traffic jams.

 du c unit result

DU C Unit result (2)


du admission c unit 2021

So searching Dhaka University Admission Test online is the best solution to the admission seekers who are desperately waiting to know their results. It is the question of their life and death. They have tried their best to correct as many questions as they can. It might be their lucky chance to get into the best public university in Bangladesh that provides a standard quality of education to its students. As being admitted into Dhaka University opens a new era to the life of a student, none wants to lose the opportunity of being a Dhaka University student.

How to see DU C Unit Admission Result 2021 online

As I have already stated in the above paragraph why searching the DU C unit result is the best option, tit leaves no doubt that you must see your DU Ga unit Admission Test Admission Result online. It is easy to process. You have a device such as a mobile, tablet, or computer and have an internet connection. Then it is the best option for you to see your Dhaka University C Unit Admission Test Admission Result 2021 online using any of the devices you have.

du c unit admission requirements

Even though you a device and an internet connection, but cannot find your result or are facing severe problems in getting your Dhaka University Admission Result for any unit, you can comment on your HSC Roll No, Board Name, and SSC Roll at the comment box. We will try to provide your result as soon as possible to us.

See Dhaka University C unit admission test result via online 

I will now draw your attention to me on the issue of how you can see your C unit result 2021 via online. I would suggest that you follow the instructions that I have stated in the following lines carefully. 

Step 1: Go to the DU official website admission.eis.du.ac.bd or click the RESULTbutton at the end of this page.

Step 2:you will find a page similar to the image given below.

du c unit result


Step 3: Then click on the green coloured লগইন button.

Here you will see a new page as pictured below:

du c unit result

Step 4: Write down your HSC roll

Step 5: Select your board

Step 6: Write down your SSC roll

Step 7: Now press on the green দাখিল করুন button.

After you have pressed on the দাখিল করুন button, you will find a new page:

du c unit admission requirements 2021

At first, you have to enter in the university website that is www.admission.eis.du.ac.bd. It is the place where you will get your desired result. You can also get your result here on our website https://allnewjobcircular.com/du-result/ as we will also publish the result here in the picture and PDF file. You can also post on the comment box your roll and registration numbers on this post to get your result in the least easy way.

When Dhaka University C Unit Admission Result will be published

The respective authority will publish DU Admission Test Admission Result under the C unit that was held just a few days back. Definitely, students across all over the country are waiting for the result desperately. The C unit is basically the unit for business group students which is known as the Ga unit in Bengali. Numerous students have taken part in the DU C unit admission test.

dhaka university admission c unit result

We are glad to declare that following the instructions described above step by step you can download your c unit result for the Dhaka University Admission Test under 2020-21 academic sessions from out website which provide only credible information. It is safe to say that you are particularly inquisitive about your outcome? At that point please read this article through and through cautiously.

Where Dhaka University C Unit Admission Result will be published

Here is the official website of Dhaka University where you will get the result in no time. The Office of Dhaka University Admission has published the result on their website. To see your expected result you have to log in to the university official website by entering your HSC roll, SSC roll, and Board’s name.

ভর্তির প্রাথমিক আবেদন সংক্রান্ত যে কোন কাজের জন্য নিচের ‘লগইন’ বাটনে ক্লিক করুন।

To Access the Primary Admission Application System, Click the ‘Login’, Button Bellow.

dhaka university admission c unit result 2021

The DU specialist will distribute its C unit Admission test results inside a brief time-frame. The outcome will be accessible at our site. You can get the C Unit result here after the means as depicted underneath. The DU C unit affirmation test assessment was hung on last Friday. This year countless understudies partook in the confirmation test under c unit.

Dhaka University Admission Admission Result for C unit Ga unit

On the off chance that you sat for the DU C unit affirmation test, at that point you are unquestionably scanning for C unit result. Peruse the entire article accessible here to get your assessed outcome. DU C Unit confirmation test outcome will be distributed soon at DU AC BD, the official site the Dhaka University. C unit is for the understudies who are after business gatherings. Dhaka University has respected as the best college in Bangladesh with standard training offices.

DU C Unit result2019

Ga Unit Admission Result of Dhaka University

The inquiry for the DU C unit was not very difficult to reply to. You surely have given a decent assessment and are hanging tight for your normal great outcomes. We have here transferred the DU C unit result with full subtleties. You can watch, and download the official aftereffects of the DU C unit at our site. If you don’t mind pursuing the connection identified with DU c unit result. In any case, each BBA of DU attestation candidates needs to get the DU C unit test outcome.

dhaka university c unit admission result 2020-21

For this circumstance, we are getting Dhaka University C Unit Exam Admission Result 2021. Here we are looking at all information about DU C Unit Admission Result. To peruse the full article carefully. Have you stepped through the exam in the DU C unit? By then, you are looking for the outcome of the C unit test. You don’t have the foggiest thought of how to see the result. Try not to sweat it, we will uncover to you the all-out procedure for audit the DU C Unit results.

Dhaka University C Unit result 2021

Normally the outcomes are distributed on the site of Dhaka University. You should sign in utilizing your confirmation test data. For example, SSC and HSC move number, enrollment number and passing year will be required.

After effective login, you will see an alternative to get your outcome that unit you took part. At that point click on the outcome connection and you can know your independent stamps. Here you can realize all parts like Bangla, English, Marketing, Business Principles, Finance and Banking, Accounting MCQ subtleties marks.

Dhaka University C Unit Admission Result Kobe Dibe

What number of answers were right, mistaken, complete imprints and so forth. As this time have composed test, so you can have the option to get the C unit composed test checks moreover. Be that as it may, for this situation, in the event that you bombed the MCQ test, at that point your composed paper won’t confirm. So you won’t see your composed imprints.

Dhaka University C unit consists of those departments: Management, Marketing, Accounting & Information Systems, Finance, Banking and Insurance, International Business, Management Information Systems (MIS), Organization Strategy and Leadership, and Tourism and Hospitality Management. DU Professor Shibli Rubayat Ul Islam is the honorable dean of the Dhaka University Business Faculty.

DU Ga Unit result 2021

For your greater convenience, we have added here the DU C unit question solution with clear image. You can see these pictures, mainly the answers of DU C unit solution, and can estimate how much marks you will get in the DU C unit admission test. Basically before DU C unit result has been published by the respective authority, you will get your DU C unit result by yourself easily through the comparison of the answers available here.

du c unit admission test result 2021 20

Definitely you might not have forgotten the answers you have given in your OMR sheet. If you can remember the option you have filled in the OMR sheet, then you will easily able to determine the possibility of your chance to get admitting into the Dhaka University C unit or commerce group. It is, I believe, is the easiest way to know about the possibility of one’s opportunity to get into Dhaka University with prestige and pride.

 du c unit result

    DU C Unit Written Question Solution 2021 du c unit result  du c unit result

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