Class 8 Assignment Islam 2021 1st Week Answer – অষ্টম শ্রেণীর ইসলাম ও নৈতিক শিক্ষা

class 8 assignment islam

Class 8 Islam Assignment 1st Week Answer 2021 for the students of the secondary level in Bangladesh. 1st week assignment of Islam and Moral Studies or Noitik Sikkha for the assigned task with subtle question and analysis. Dearest students will also make it possible for viewing the class eight dhormo assignment answer or somadhan from the last week. অষ্টম শ্রেণীর ইসলাম ও নৈতিক শিক্ষা assignment is for now an issue of doing at present. So, download your class 8 assignment islam answer for the latest week here.

Class 8 Assignment Islam

Class 8 Islam Assignment for the high school students is now at the hand of the students. It is the assigned task no 2 for the class 8 students who are believer of Islam. If you are a Muslim student, then you have to answer for the Islam subject in your 1st assignment. Do you know what is the name of the full subject your Islam assignment. You Islam assignment subject complete title is Islam and moral studies in English. While it stands for Islam O Noitk Sikkha in Bengali version.

Announcement for the students of class eight includes the lesson Islam in their 1st week assignment. Thereby, the hot topic for the class 8 students is generating the answer for their fifty week assignment. Though there are a number of websites providing you the answer, it is the our portal that defines the most accurate answer for all assignments. So, get your class eight assignment islam answer 1st week download here in no time.

Class 8 Islam 1st Assignment Syllabus

1st week assignment syllabus for Islam and moral studies under class 8 has been available for download anytime. There is no requirement in our website for downloading the syllabus of the any class and subject assignment. That is why students feel so free that they always come to our website for downloading their assignment for the class eight. 1st soptaher assignment is not only an issue for the class 8 students in Bangladesh. The whole country is now waiting for it.

Here you have got your link for junking the file to the pdf option for the next syllabus assignment for 1st week. By the dint of click, our Bangladeshi students has to accept further in downloading the islam assignment solution for each of them. You might have run for long in the last but get in a nutshell that thing is named assignment.

class 8 assignment islam answer

1st Assignment Class 8 Syllabus PDF

Islam Assignment For Class 8 Answer

In the 1st assignment syllabus of class 8, the authority has given only two questions for the students from their Islam and moral studies NCTB textbook. Here is you got the story of the questions that you have to follow from chapter 4 Akhlakh. Mr Nakib usually mends the road of his area each Friday with his friends for making the area’s communication system more promptly.

On the other hand one of his friend named Nabil does not take part in the work. Rather, he says that Nakib is doing that work to become leader. This is your uddipok for the class 8 Islam assignments while you the the following duo questions with solution. The class 8 students have to explain what service has been highlighted in the activities of Nakib Saheb. The second question is that what is the identifier of Kayes in the eye of Islam.

1st Week Islam Assignment Answer 2021

Get your 1st week islam assignment answer following the question as per your uddipok from the syllabus. The questions have been updated on the above section with exact name and letters. So, you must look into the deep meaning of the assignment while are going to write it down like you.

class 8 islam assignment answer 2021

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