Class 6 Assignment Islam 5th Week Answer

The question answer for the 5th week class 6 assignment Islam has reached to our team just now. From now, the students of the class six can have the option for downloading their fifth assignment answer for Islam and religion or moral studies. Each of the class 6 students have been available on our website for their 5th week assignment syllabus in accordance with the dhormo answer. So, the assignment for the class 6 5th soptah er Islam O Shikkah answer or somadhan have to way to instant download.

Class 6 Islam Assignment

Our dearest children have been in the room for the last eight months as their schools are in suspended situation. It is about that they have forgotten everything including their lesson. What they can move was uncertain. In the moment of that uncertainty, the education ministry officials have jointed with some unique ideas to keep the students on the track of study. Among the various types of initiatives, one is assignment task for the high school students.

As class 6 students are one of the five batches in the secondary school, they cannot bypass the government’s direction. They have to keep up with the guidelines of the education directorate. Though the best assignment is always evaluated by good number of teachers, the students at present at the core of their class 6 Islam assignment answer or solution.

Class 6 Assignment Islam 5th Week Syllabus

You can call this month as a period of assignment for the secondary students. After the directorate of secondary and higher education has come up with the planning of issuing assignment to all schools’ student, the teachers are on the very busy in evaluating the answer. The recent times show that you are at the prevailing moment for your class 6 assignment Islam 5th week syllabus. As it was possible for us to give a separate piece of syllabus, so you can download at this context.

Assignment of high school level always varies to one class to another class students. So, class six students should be very promotive while they are in the house due to the Covid-19. It is not unusual that you need to go school for collecting your class 6 assignment for Dhormo subject each day. It is their elastic matter that they would get the assignment for the 5th week at their home for the Islam lesson of class six. 

Islam 5th Assignment Syllabus PDF

Class 6 Islam Assignment Answer

Class 6 5th week Islam assignment includes the whole five chapter with the title আদর্শ জীবন চরিত. Only two questions are available for the class 6 Islam assigned task 2. The selective task will have gone so far in the description in the meantime. What we can learn from the HAZRAT Umar Khalifate for establishing justice and good governance. The students of class 6 will have to generate answer from your Islam and moral studies textbook.

class 6 islam assignment answer

The answer will follow the text of the Calipha Umar why he was the symbol of great governance. So, you have to be subjective and objective while creating for the assingment answer of the Islam task-2. One is more good to collect using own brain what is in the assignment answer.

class 6 islam 5th week assignment answer (2)

class 6 islam 5th week assignment answer


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