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Have you heard of Monkey Pox? Most surely you are not aware of this type of word. Monkey Pox is, according to the World Health Organisation, is a viral zoonosis (a virus transmitted to humans from animals) with symptoms very similar to those seen in the past in smallpox patients, although it is clinically less severe. It is an orthopoxvirus that causes a disease with symptoms similar, but less severe, to smallpox. In this post, we have talked about Monkey pox, its symtops, images of the affected persons, vaccination, transmission and outbreak updates.

What is Monkey Pox?

Most of our readers the term ‘Monkey Pox‘ is not known. To them, it is a new word as they were not aware of it. In general, Monkey pox is an orthopoxvirus which is transmitted to human bodies from animals. It has the same symptoms as smallpox but large in size. Primarily a person contracts the monkey pox virus if he or she is contacted by the sick animals or affected persons. 

Monkey Pox Virus

Moneky Pox virus is a member of the orthopoxvirus family, which has been causing the death of several thousand people for a long time. It is generally transmitted into human’s body through contact with bodily fluids, lesions on the skin or on internal mucosal surfaces, such as in the mouth or throat, respiratory droplets and contaminated objects. 

Monkey Pox Symptoms

What are the symptoms of this new Monkey Pox of monkeypox? There are several symptoms of Monkey pox as the physicians say. Basically, it takes six to 13 days for the symptoms of the virus on one’s body since the interval from infection. In some cases, it can hide inside one’s body from 5 to 21 days. The symptoms of the monkey pox are the following as described the WHO:

  • The person who is contracted by Monkey Pox virus can feel fever, intense headache, myalgia (muscle aches), lymphadenopathy, distinctive feature of monkeypox compared to other diseases that may initially appear similar (chickenpox, measles, smallpox), back pain and intense asthenia (lack of energy).
  • The contracted person can also find the appearance of fever within 1-3 days of the infection. Monkeypox is specially seen on the face and extremities rather than on the trunk more. In 95% cases, the deadly virus affects the face while it is seen in the palms of the hands and soles of the feet in seventy five per cent people. Moneky pox can also affect mucous membranes, genitalia, and conjunctivae as well as the cornea.
  • The rash evolves sequentially from macules (lesions with a flat base) to papules (slightly raised firm lesions), vesicles (lesions filled with clear fluid), pustules (lesions filled with yellowish fluid), and crusts which dry up and fall off. The number of lesions varies from a few to several thousand. In severe cases, lesions can coalesce until large sections of skin slough off.

Monkey Pox Images

We have collected some pictures or images of the person/s who have/has been contracted the Monkey Pox. So, watch the monkeypox image from here.

monkey pox image from who website

monkey pox image

Monkey Pox Vaccination

Monkey pox vaccination is yet to be invented by physicians and researchers. However, the doctors believe that the vaccination against smallpox can be a way to ease the damages of this virus. The best way to prevent monkeypox is by taking a prior vaccine.

Monkey Pox Outbreak News

According to the WHO’s , the first patient contracting monkey pox in USA was identified in a traveler from Nigeria on 15 July 2021. The second patient was detected with the virus in the United States of America in Maryland, USA on 16 November 2021 with a travel history of Nigeria. 

In a newsletter on 18 May, WHO has confirmed two more cases of newly infected patients with Monkey pox in the United Kingdom or UK. ‘On 13 May 2022, the United Kingdom notified WHO of two laboratory confirmed cases and one probable case of monkeypox to WHO. All three cases belong to the same family’, the news letter reads.

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