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Voter ID Card Check Online along with Voter Tottho Halnagad and New Registration is now underway in Bangladesh. From now, every citizen will be able to check their Voter ID Card online, complete the new registration or halnagad processes, and download Voter list or talika from this post very easily. Follow this post for downloading your Voter NID Card or making a check to know the latest update from here.


Voter ID Card Bangladesh

What is a Voter id? At first we need to have a clear idea with the term ‘Voter’ or who is Voter. According to the existing ordinances, a Voter is a person who has the right to exercise his or her vote for electing representative/s. In Bangladesh, any citizen with the age of 18 or more has been regarded as a Voter and he or she is given an ID Card from the government freely.


Here, an ID Card means identity card for a Voter. By a Voter ID Card Bangladesh, a person is known whether he is eligible for taking any national or local election. You can also say the Voter ID Card as the national identity card or NID Card in Bangladesh. So, one must have a Voter ID Card can Check it for every work he or she is to do in one’s lifetime.

Voter ID Card Check Online

The citizens of Bangladesh who have completed the registration or halnagad process earlier can now make a Voter ID Card check online from here. The government has made it very easy for its people to check their ID Card online. In order to check the latest statutes of the Voter application, one will have to first complete the registration. Then, they can log in to check the Voter ID Card online in bd.

The people can also check the status of their smart NID Card download from the website. At present, one has two ways to check the Voter ID Card status online. The first way is that a person will have to put in the serial number of the form provided by the local election office. The other method for making an ID Card online check is having the numbers of NID Card. Then, he or she will find the security code and will have to click on the submit button.

voter id card check online

Voter Tottho or Information

The Election Commission is responsible for generating and providing information such as ID Card, Voter information or tottho, and list or talika. From the EC office, anyone can have the Voter tottho and list of one’s respective area or region. However, you can check your Voter tottho online from the designated website of the NID Card. There are various ways for one for making one Voter ID Card Check BD along with getting the full list PDF.

Voter halnagad or new registration

The new registration process or halnagad of those who did not get a chance to apply for a Voter ID Card Check or did have the stipulated age has recently begun. The Bangladeshi citizen who is above the age of 18 but has not registered as a Voter yet, can now make a new registration or take part in the halnagad. For the Voter halnagad, one needs the following information:


  • 1. S.S.C. or equivalent certificate
  • 2. Birth certificate
  • 3. Passport / Driving license / TIN certificate
  • 4. Utility bill copy/House rent receipt/Holding tax receipt – (as a proof of address)
  • 5. Citizenship certificate (as applicable)
  • 6. Father, Mother, Husband/wife’s ID Card photocopy.88

voter id card registration or id card


Click Here for Voter Halnagad or New Registration


NID Card Download

The citizens in Bangladesh can also download their NID Card online very easily. For downloading the NID Card, at present they need to complete the registration process following the direction. Then, they will have to give necessary information, upload their own picture, and submit the application form. After making the successful login, one can download one’s NID Card online in BD and make the check for recent changes in it.


Click here to Download NID Card


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