SSC Routine 2022 [New Exam Date] PDF Download

SSC Routine 2022 PDF Download

Do you know that the SSC Routine 2022 along with the Exam Date has been changed with a new one? The education ministry has ensured that they have changed the exam date of the most debuted SSC examination this year. The secondary school certificate examination of 2022 will start later. The SSC examination date of this year has been changed following the flooding in Sylhet and other parts of the country. One must check the SSC New Exam Date and Changed Routine 2022  from here. 

SSC Routine 2022

The authority at the Education Ministry has said that they have brought a change in this year’s SSC Routine 2022 Exam Date. The officer at the ministry’s public relations department has disclosed that they have taken the decision of delaying the SSC examination for two days. According to the earlier decision, the SSC examination is about to start on 19 June, 2022. However, the taken decision to pursue SSC and equivalent examination has come up with new information today.

The declaration of the delay of the SSC exam has come a few hours before the election commission has declared to hold the two city corporations election on 19 June, 2022. Earlier, the authority at the election commission sits for a meeting to decide what they will do with the people’s demand. You will know that the Hindu community people are demonstrating for the delay in the election to the two city corporations. The people have held a demonstration at different places in the country to support their demands.

SSC New Routine 2022

The officer at the public relations office at the Bangladesh education ministry has told the reporters of making a change into the SSC New Routine 2022. All the newspapers and online news portals have changed this information today after the evening. A lot of television channel is also broadcasting the news in their television scrolls and headlines. You can get the news of the changed SSC New Exam Routine 2022. But, you cannot get the picture or PDF file of the exam routine from their sources. However, the students can get it from here in a very easy way.


Mohammad Abul Khair has made the confirmation of the information that the changes are about to reach. Mohammad Abul Khair is the designated officer at the information and public relations officer at the education ministry. According to the information spoken by him, there have been changes made to the pre-scheduled SSC Exam Routine and equivalent examinations of 2022. As per the newly announced routine, the SSC exam will start from 3 February (Monday) instead of February 01 (Saturday) 2022.

SSC 22 Routine

Why the exam date of the SSC 22 routine has been changed is an issue of debate. The respective authority has said that they have done so for the two city corporation elections in Dhaka and Saraswati Puja. It is the time of celebration of the Saraswati Puja for the Hindu community. They will celebrate their festival across the whole country in a festive mood. The election commission authority has made a mistake in selecting the voting date 2022.

They have earlier fixed the date for holding the voting of two city corporations on 30 January 2022. They have thought there was no government holiday on the day. So, they have arranged all preparation to hold the election on the day. The education ministry has also fixed the SSC Routine Exam Date for the secondary school certificate examination on January 01 in 2022. However, the EC has caused all the problems. They have failed to consider the holiday.

SSC Exam Date 2022 Changed

The officers at the Education Ministry has informed that they have changed the SSC exam of the first date 2022. They have told that they had no way but to change the SSC and equivalent examinations’ date to coordinate worship and election time. However, then what will be with the next course of action is a question for now. Is the date for the other examination will be the same? Or only the exam of the first part will take place later. Who can answer those questions now? Has the authority planned to make a new routine for the SSC exam date 2022?

To get the answer to the frequently asked questions for the SSC exam date routine 2022, you have to get the following words. What the respective authority at the education ministry is saying for the exam date. Is the director of the secondary and intermediate education board made any comment on the change of the SSC exam routine? Or any notice is available on the education ministry official website at present relating the SSC new routine 2022. To make all those questions clear one needs to go deeper into this post.

SSC Routine 2022 PDF Download

We have tried to approach the concerned authorities at the education ministry with your questions over the new SSC exam routine and date 2022. However, getting any official at this present moment is the task of climbing the mountain. However, we have been able to find a comment from the Dhaka Education Board Chairman in this regard. What he has said is available on our page now. He has told those words to Bangla Tribune, a renowned Bengali online portal in Bangladesh. He has said those words for the students and guardians who are worried about the SSC examination 2022.

The name of the chairman at the Dhaka education board for the secondary and intermediate is Professor Md Ziaul Haq. The chairman has said that they are about to make a new routine for the students. He has told the Bangla Tribune that they will prepare an SSC new exam routine and date as per the directive of the education ministry. So, you have to wait for getting the new secondary school certificate exam new routine and date for one or a few days.

PDF Routine Download Link

SSC Routine 2022 Dhaka Board

The election at the two Dhaka city corporations is going to be held in different schools and colleges. So, it is totally unimaginable to hold both the SSC exam and the election at the school and colleges at a time. There, the authority of the duo organizations has to find out a new solution to the open problem. In a meeting held on 18 January, the officials have comes to the decision that they are now going to hold the city corporation election on 01 February.

The election was supposed to be held on January 31 in two cities in Dhaka. Due to the Saraswati puja of Hindu religions, voting was postponed on February 01. That is why this change has been made in the SSC routine this year. Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) KM Nurul Huda said, “There has been talking with the Education Ministry about the election backward. In that light, the Ministry of Education has changed the SSC Examination Routine and Exam Date. As a result, the voting date has been fixed on 1 February.’

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SSC Routine 2022 Rajshahi Board 

We have also attempted to contact the authority at the Rajshahi Education board of the SSC routine 2022. But, they are not available on the night for any update. But, we are hoping that all the routine will be the same as the ministry will come to a combined exam routine and date for the SSC test 2022. So, there is nothing of wariness in regard to the exam date and routine for the secondary school certificate examination. The board authority has not given any direction in this connection yet. You will get the notice today here as we have given direction earlier.

As pre-planned, the officials of the education ministry will sit today and determine what they will in regard to the SSC examination 2022. In the meeting, they are going to arrange today they are about to fix the exam date and routine. As per the direction, they are going to define whether they are going to change the whole SSC routine. They can do so if they think that it is fair and good for all students this year.

SSC Routine 2022 Jessore Board 

What will be the next decision for the students under the Jessore Education Board for the SSC routine 2022? However, there will be a routine of all education boards in a short period of time. The authority will declare the new exam routine for the SSC date 2022 in no time. You need to focus on the Jessore board official website to look out the exam date and routine before everyone. You can also visit the official website of the education ministry and secondary education board for further information. You are free to collect the new exam routine from any sources you are able to do so.

A man of words is always trustworthy. You cannot get the new SSC exam routine before the authority discloses it on their official website. You as a student will be able to download it from there. However, you can also be able to download the PDF file of the SSC new Routine Exam Date 2022 from here with no hard work. Watch it here from here now and at an instance.

SSC Routine 2022 Dinajpur Board PDF Download

Check it from here on the Dinajpur Board SSC new routine and exam date for the current year pdf download. Find it from this place of education ministry as well stated in the following chapters. You may follow the below information as it is needed for the Bangladeshi students who are going to sit off the SSC examination this year with complete interest.

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