SSC Assignment 2021 English Version PDF Download

The students who are studying in English version or medium schools have been demanding for ssc assignment 2021 english version for long. The authority of the education directorate has just now published the english version assignment for the ssc batch 2021. From now, the students of the english version school will have to write assignment each week as per the government declaration. Therefore, download your ssc english version assignment 2021 of 1st week pdf file from here very easily.

SSC Assignment 2021

The education ministry has recently asked all levels of students to perform their assignment tasks as per the homework. It has recently published a series of assignment for its scc batch 2021 since there is hardly any hope of holding the delayed secondary school certificate examination this year. So, if you are one of them who was about to sit for the SSC exam last year you must need to download your assignment.

The 1st week assignment has already been completed by those who are now studying in the Bengali version schools and colleges. However, no assignment was declared for the english versions students except today’s one. So, collect your assignment if you are now expecting your SSC examination by this year with every inch of hope.

SSC Assignment 2021 English Version

SSC Assignment 2021 English Version

Alike that of the Bangla medium, ssc assignment 2021 english version has been published for our high school learners. Our country has a number of english version schools scattered around the whole country having a huge number of learners. Therefore, publishing SSC English version assignment is a must for them to continue their academic activities.

The authority in that response has already published the 1st week assignment for the SSC English Medium School students. In the first week, several subjects have been included in the assignment syllabus. Therefore, you first will have to download your SSC english version assignment pdf file first from the section below.

ssc assignment greed english version

SSC Assignment 2021 English Version PDF Download

The education directorate has published a pdf file of the SSC assignment 2021 for download by the english version schools’ students. We have given a direct link by clicking it anyone will be able to download the pdf file of the assignment very easily. If you are a student of the regular batch, then you must have to write eight assignment per subject in English. 

So, from here collect your ssc assignment english version pdf file very flexibly. You can also collect the official document of the assignment from the website of the education ministry. Moreover, downloading your english version ssc assignment seems to us more preferable at this hour of day. Therefore, click the below link to download your most 1st expected english medium assignment for ssc exam 2021.

PDF Download Link

SSS Assignment Physics 2021

In the first week, the english medium school children of class ten will have to do assignment from their SSC physics textbook given for the test of 2021. The Assignment number 01 is from the chapter no. 01 titled Physical Quantities and Their Measurement. Simple instrument and its usage You need a thick art paper to prepare a model project. On the other hand, the stationary store you know is not even opening due to Covid- 19 pandemic.

The only stationary store that is open now has a bad reputation in the locality for being dishonest. But you are somewhat compelled now to buy paper from him. The shopkeeper is claiming that the value of the paper which he supplied you is 160 gm/m2 . The size of per sheet of modeling paper is 65cm X 75cm. You decided that you will verify the shopkeeper. The measuring tape you have at home cannot measure anything that is less than 2 cm. 

SSC Assignment 2021 English Version physics

SSC Assignment 2021 English Version physics part two

SSS English Version Physics Assignment Answer 2021

And also, the digital balance which you have in your house for measuring the mass of the cooking ingredients does not record any mass bellow 20gm. This means that if you want to measure the mass of an 8 grams object accurately, you have to take 5 objects. So that their combined mass is 40 grams which is a multiple of 20 grams. The learners need to answer of the following question in their ssc english version physic course assignemnt 2021.

You have no scope to use any other instrument. a) What is the dimension of the unit by which the value of the paper is being measured? (1) b) What will be its unit if it is measured in Kilogram? (2) c) What is the least number of papers you need to buy to be sure about this matter? Give logic in favour of your calculation. (3) d) If the value of each paper written on the packet as (120±0.5) gm/m2 , it means that the value is actually in between 119.5 to120.5 units. Here the final error is 0.5 units. Determine the accuracy of your measured value? (4)

And students will be able to determine the area and volume of the uniform body by using simple instruments.

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