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Sangsad TV Class live

Watch Sangsad Bangladesh Television TV Live Class Online here. Online Live Class for the 6-10 grade students will be broadcasted in the Sangsad Bangladesh Television (TV) per day from now. The online live class begins at 09:00 am (morning) each day and continue till 12:00 pm (noon). Each of the Sangsad TV Live Class is 20 (twenty-minute) long. The students can watch their Sangsad Television (TV) Live Class here.

sangsad tv live class

Bangladesh Sangsad Television Live Class  

The authority of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) has come up with the idea of taking the live online class due to the coronavirus attack. Earlier, in a meeting with the prime minister Sheikh Hasina, the authority declared all the educational institutes in Bangladesh shut down from 19 to 31 April with a view to refraining the coronavirus to be spread in the country as a mass diseases for the people.

However, as the coronavirus spread out its wings all across the country with a devastating image, the education ministry could not but made the vacation longer to April 09 in 2020. The information, as we have gotten from the sources of the education board, gives the idea that the vacation can become more longer. Taking into the present situation consideration, secondary and higher education board has accepted the live class idea online.

Sangsad TV Class Routine 2020 (1-5)

After the closure of all educational institutes in Bangladesh, the study of the students has come to a standstill. Along with the educational organizations, all coaching centers and private tuition have been declared shut down due to the effect of coronavirus. Being stuck in the home, students may lose their opportunities for making good preparation for their examinations. Because students cannot take proper preparation without the help of teachers. 

Sangsad TV Routine Online Live Class 1-5


Class 6-10 Routine 


sangsad tv class routine amara ghore amar school



Not to harm the students’ study, the concerned authority has decided to take the online live class for the class 6 7 8 9 and 10 at Sangsad Television (TV) Bangladesh. The authority will continue the online live class program until the present virus does not fade away. Therefore, the administration has published a routine for the Sangsad TV live class from class six, seven, eight, nine, and ten. You can watch the Sangsad TV Live Class Online Routine 2020.

How To Watch Sangsad TV Live Class Online

When the decision of taking the live class online gets approved, then the proposal for launching it at Sangsad Television also makes its way to the finalization. For the way of watching the live class, Sangsad TV is the only way. The live classes are very important as it has marks for the students to be given. So, one should not miss the online live class that is made only for them so that they can get further preparation without any confusion.

Now, comes the tension of how one can watch the online live class on Sangsad TV.  The students are looking for the procedures they need to follow in order to watch the Songsod Television (TV) live class online. As the classes will run for a long time, the students need to be confirmed about how they can watch the live class online in the least easy method. There are two ways that the students can take into consideration for watching the live class.

Watch Online Class on TV

If you have a television set and a diss-connection, you can watch the live class program on TV screens. The online class starts at 9:00 am each day. Teachers from different districts will take online live class streaming. What you need to watch the live class on the television set you have is to search the channel named Sangsad Television Bangladesh. It is the only television that will broadcast the live class program.

From class six to ten students, they are only the students whose classes will be available for live streaming. The online live class will be streaming on the television. According to the schedule of the first week, there will be sixth to ninth grade classes. There will be a total of eight classes from nine in the morning to 12 noon. Then it will be reprinted from two in the afternoon to five in the afternoon. Each class will be 20 minutes.

Online Live Class Kivabe Dekhbo

Due to the coronavirus, the classes are being started from Sunday through the Sangsand Television Channel (Sangsand Bangladesh Television). The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (Moushi) also announced the class schedule from tomorrow to April 2.

According to the schedule of the first week, there will be sixth to ninth grade classes. There will be a total of eight classes from nine in the morning to 12 noon. Then it will be reprinted from two in the afternoon to five in the afternoon. Each class will be 20 minutes.

Amar Ghor Amar School Online Class Routine

Mushi director (college and administration) Shahidul told Khabar in the first light that a continuous evaluation would be added to the annual test results. And now the schedule of sixth to ninth grade has been announced, but preparations are also underway for taking the tenth grade.

Watch Live School Class Online Free

Earlier, after the closure of the education program from March 8 due to coronavirus, Moushi decided to promote the recording classes of the best teachers through Sangsand TV. For this, the class was recording last week. Due to the coronavirus, all the educational institutions and coaching centers from pre-primary to higher education were initially closed till March 7 but were later extended to 1 April.

BTV Live Class Online 

Students are instructed to stay home during this time of closure. As a result, about 4 million students are in a lot of housing conditions. Of these, the primary level students are like two crore. And the middle student is over one crore. On the one hand, the education system is closed, and on the other hand, coaching is being stopped. The closure may extend further if the situation deteriorates, sources in the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education and Education said.

In such a situation, Moushi took the initiative to teach Sangsand TV for the next three months. The classes are being begun from Sunday through the Sangsand Television Channel (Sangsand Bangladesh Television). The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (Moushi) likewise reported the class plan from tomorrow to April 2.

Sangsad TV Live Class Download 

As per the calendar of the principal week, there will be 6th to ninth grade classes. There will be an aggregate of eight classes from nine toward the beginning of the day to 12 early afternoon. At that point it will be reproduced from two toward the evening to five toward the evening. Each class will be 20 minutes.

Moushi authorities said the class was named ‘my home in my school’. According to the choice, the encouraging instructors will give schoolwork regarding the matter educated toward the finish of the class. For each subject, understudies will finish schoolwork on a different date. In the wake of opening the school, the concerned class will submit to the instructors. The number on this schoolwork will be considered as a feature of a constant assessment.

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