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17th NTRCA Written Result 2023

The Non Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority has published its 17th Written Exam NTRCA Result 2023 today. According to the release of the result, the candidates will be able to watch the NTRCA 17th list result from official website ngi.teletalk.com.bd. Along with the official website, the examinee will also get the NTRCA Exam Result 17th Written Exam from our website also. So, download the PDF file of check result online using your roll and password. 

NTRCA Result

Have you been informed that the NTRCA Result 2023 has been disclosed? Definitely, not! You have. not heard any formation of the NTRCA Result 2023 or like that either in the daily newspaper or any other sources. But here we have provided you latest information about the NTRCA Result 2023 that will undoubtedly bring a sense of pleasure as the 17th Written Exam result 2023 is associated with both hope and desire.

Hope for the 17th list 2023 is the ultimate result of the job seekers under ntrca. As you have known that date when the NTRCA Final Result 2023 will be published, you have to need to be active regularly to visit this page for the result of NTRCA 2023. We will publish the NTRCA Result 2023 as soon as possible.

Non-Government Teachers’ Registration Result 2023

As we are both devoted and committed to helping the students who are seeking a job in this present context, we will provide the sixteenth NTRCA result as soon as possible we can afford it.  Here is available the result of the Non-Government TeachersRegistration result 2023.

PDF of 17th NTRCA Written Result 2023 also will be available on our credible website. NTRCA Result 2023 in picture and image files. Both scanned and jpg files of NTRCA Result 2023 of 17th Written Exam will be accessible on the unique web portal. To see your NTRCA Written Result 2023 which you desire most in the present context, have a precious eye till the last of this article.

www.ntrca.gov.bd result 2023

Once 17th NTRCA Written Result 2023 is published, you will find your sixteenth NTRCA Result 2023 here on this website. You do not have to run to and fro for your NTRCA result as we will upload both PDF and picture files of the Non-Government Teachers’ Registration Writtenination result 2023 for high school and college here.

You will be able to watch your most expected NTRCA results on our website which most of the students like most. Along with the PDF file, we will assist the examinees who sat for the 17th NTRCA  Recruitment Test 2023 by publishing the most desirable result of the sixteenth NTRCA recruitment exam 2023.

ngi.teletalk.com.bd result 2023

As we have already stated the possible date of NTRCA result publication 2023 at ngi.teletalk.com.bd, your next priority will be how and where you can get your NTRCA result in the least easy method. To know the detail information about the processes of getting the 17th Written Exam NTRCA Result 2023, follow this article till the end with the concerned look you can have in this article.

Here we have demonstrated several ways that may be fruitful to you. Usually, the NTRCA authority sends SMS to those students who have passed the preliminary viva questions and have been selected for NTRCA 17th, and publishes the list on ngi.teletalk.com.bd result 2023. If NTRCA authority sends a message to you after the NTRCA results publication, then it is sure that you have passed the NTRCA preliminary viva test, and NTRCA has fixed you for their next examination which will be in written form.

NTRCA Result Notice

If you do not any SMS from NTRCA authority, never be depressed. You can also check your result in another way which is more feasible than any other way of getting NTRCA result. Firstly you have to visit the website of NTRCA result ngi.teletalk.com.bd which is a service of Teletalk, the lone mobile telecommunication service in Bangladesh. Having a click on the link, you will get a page where you will find a similar page as we have shown a webpage below.

17th The Authority of Non-Government Teachers’ Registration and Certificate Authority (<yoastmark class=

ngi.teletalk.com.bd result 17th Written Exam 2023

Then you have to type your NTRCA exam roll no in the first gap. If you have forgotten your roll number, you can check your NTRCA roll number in your 17th NTRCA admit card where your roll number has been clearly written down. Next, you have to select the 17th NTRCA Exam (Preliminary) from the option and have to click on the submit button. Applicants were sent their ngi.teletalk.com.bd result 17th Written Exam 2023 via SMS service that the phone number they used while submitting the application form.

And, you will find your 17th NTRCA result here. This is the least feasible way of getting your ngi.teletalk.com.bd result for 17th Written Exam in 2023 within a very short time. You can check the official press release up to this post as we have here included the ntrca press release in picture format. The last examination for the primary result was held and its result was published in two ways. 

Check NTRCA 17th Result Online

If you have lost your 17th NTRCA admit card and roll number and cannot fin your NTRCA 17th Result Online, there are some ways that you can use to download you NTRCA admit card using your User Id and Password those were given to you when you completed the online registration for NTRCA preliminary exam 2023.

16th ntrca result 2019

Using your NTRCA User Id and NTRCA password, you can simply re-download your NTRCA admit card where you will find your NTRCA roll number. Again, if you have lost both your NTRCA admit card and your 17th NTRCA User ID and Password 2023, you need to recover your NTRCA User ID and Password at the NTRCA official website using some easy steps that you will find there.

Click here to check NTRCA Result 2023

NTRCA Result 2023 PDF Download

On this page, we have demonstrated a few strategies which can be effective for you. The NTRCA body typically gives SMS to those students who are picked for composed assessments for NTRCA and who have gotten the Preliminary viva demands. On the off chance that NTRCA gives you a sign after the arrival of the NTRCA results, you are sure that the NTRCA Preliminary viva Test has been finished.

NTRCA has tackled the issue. As we have recently referenced the attainable cutoff time of the NTRCA 2023 outcomes, how and where you can accomplish your NTRCA result in all clear way is your next concern. Pursue this post until the completion of the paper you can discover increasingly about the techniques of getting the fourth cycle NTRCA results 2023.

NTRCA Preliminary Exam Solution 2023

Have you become tired of searching NTRCA Preliminary Exam viva Solution 2023? Here we have uploaded the solution only for you.

NTRCA Question solution

NTRCA Preliminary Exam Solution 2019 

High School Teacher Exam Result 2023

Both ntrca result for non-government school and college levels have been declared by the respective authority who has the complete authority to publish ntrca result 2023. This year, NTRCA has published its result for non-government high school and collage level examination which was held in viva method on its website. A notification or press release has also been published by the respective authority on Monday noon on its official website.

The Written Result of the NTRCA teacher recruitment of 2023 has been completed in due time. Now, the NTRCA authority is about to publish the 17th NTRCA Writtenination Results of 2023. You know that the Final Viva result of the 15th NTRCA was published on 15 January 2023. Now, the only thing that the Non-Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority is going to give more emphasis is publishing the 17th NTRCA Written result by any mean soon.

NTRCA Written Result 2023 

There have been talks in the air that the respective authority will publish the result of the sixteenth Writtenination result today. However, no official statement has been made until now by the NTRCA authority. However, the rumor that is floating in the air since last week states that the NTRCA is going to publish the Writtenination Result by the date of 02 February 2023. If we take their talks as the true one, then the 17th NTRCA Written Result 2023 Publish Date is 02 February 2023.

As per the notice, the 17th NTRCA MCQ preliminary exam took place on 30 August 2023. According to the published notice of the Non-Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority, a total of 11, 76, 189 candidates submitted their applications online for taking part in the examination. However, only 9, 59, 727 applicants, among the total numbers fo the students, paid the registration fees. Therefore, nine lakh fifty-nine thousand and seven hundred twenty-seven candidates took part in the 17th NTRCA preliminary MCQ exam on 30 August 2023.

17th NTRCA Result 2023

The NTRCA comes up with the 17th NTRCA Preliminary MCQ Exam result after a month since the test took place. The NTRCA publishes the result on 30 September 2023. In the MCQ exam, a total of 2,28,700 students get the minimum pass mark. The pass rate in the 17th NTRCA MCQ examination was 23.80 percent. As per the written notification, a total of 84696 candidates pass from school-2 while the number of the passed student from school-1 is 11574. However, the number of students having the pass mark was good in a number.

In sum, 1,32,457 candidates get selected for the 17th NTRCA Writtenination 2023 from the college level. Following the result, the NTRCA authority has asked the candidates not to submit their educational certificates and mark sheets to the respective offices. In October 2023, the NTRCA publishes a new notice on its official website. In the new notice, the NTRCA has said that only the candidates who will be selected for the viva voce will be of need to send their educational documents to the NTRCA head office.

NTRCA Written Result 2023

The NTRCA authority makes the Admit Card of the 17th Writtenination available online in November 2023. The Writtenination for the 17th NTRCA teacher recruitment in school and college levels held in December 2023. It has been more than one month that has been elapsed since the Written in which the candidates participated. If you have participated in the Written, then you are surely tensed about your upcoming. Getting a little bit tense about the 17th NTRCA Writtenination result is not unusual. Rather, it is normal if I want to be honest with you.

However, being confident is the best way before the publishment of any exam result. In the examination, many students become tense thinking whether he or she is answering right. Some having a good preparation cannot write well in the Writtenination. They fear to get a lower mark than usual while some of them do not focus on writing on content-based topics. While most of the candidates wish to get a good number to be selected as one of the passed applicants, a large number of them get failed them for various reasons.

17th NTRCA Written Result Download 

You have known the possible date for the 17th NTRCA Writtenination result 2023. So, you need to check our website to find out when your result is going to be published this month. You need to follow some steps to download your result from here. If you think that you are not getting the result from the official website for any reason, you can collect your Writtenination result from here easily. The specialty of our website is that we try to collect the PDF file of the published result from the NTRCA head office that none is able to do.

So, easily you can understand why you can your 17th NTRCA written result 2023 from here while your friends and relatives become tired of finding out the result. Therefore, you will easily understand what I have stated in the earlier text with an exact example. In rural areas, it is more difficult to know the result of any examination. So, we try to collect the official result from the authority who provides us the result. So, download your result from here.

16th NTRCA written exam result 2019.JPG

17 NTRCA High School Written Result 

In 2023, a total of one lakh thirty-two thousand and four hundred and fifty-seven applicants sat for the 17th NTRCA Writtenination. This is a vast number of candidates if you consider it by number against the published seat vacancies. Especially, the opportunity of getting a permanent job at the college level is bitter than that of the school level. In the college-level job, a candidate has to face Writtenination and viva voce both. But, at the primary level, there is no burden as the candidates of a college-level need to face during the recruitment processes.

An aggregate of one lakh thirty-2,000 and 400 and fifty-seven candidates sat for the sixteenth NTRCA composed assessment. This is an immense number of up-and-comers on the off chance that you think about it by number against the distributed seat opening. Particularly, the chance of finding a lasting line of work at the school level is harsh than that of the school level. In the school level occupation, an up-and-comer needs to confront composed assessment and viva voce both. Yet, at the essential level, there is no weight as the up-and-comers of a school level need to look during the enrollment forms.

NTRCA School Level-2 Written Result 

As in the earlier notice, you have shown how many candidates have passed in the 17th preliminary test, you can know how much of them sat for the NTRCA Written last year under school-level 2. In the NTRCA Writtenination, eighty-four thousand and sixty-nine hundred six applicants took part under the school level-2 as the official record shows. How much of them will pass in the Writtenination is a question of altercation now. We can only know the number of candidates who have made the exam out after the result publishment.

However, this is a huge opportunity for people who wish to build their career in the teaching profession. Being a teacher either in a reputed univeristy or in a rural village school is always prestigious. Though it is, especially in our country, an issue of regret that the teachers in high school do not get the honor they need as a teacher. For being their salary low, they tend to be a tutor. Even, many teachers ask their students to read with him and provoke them. 

NTRCA School Level-1 Written Result

The candidates for the NTRCA school-level in the Written result is not many in term of number. The NTRCA official documents state that this year eleven thousand five hundred and a few more candidates sat for the Writtenination under the school level category. If you want to watch your result in PDF then click the below link to open your result. As in the prior notification, you have demonstrated what number of up-and-comers have gone in the sixteenth primer test, you can know the amount of them sat for the NTRCA composed test a year ago under school-level 2.

In the sixteenth NTRCA composed assessment, eighty-4,000 and sixty-900 six candidates participated under the school level-2 as the official record appears. The amount of them will go in the composed assessment is an issue of squabble now. We can just know the number of competitors who have made the test out after the outcome publishment. Be that as it may, this is a colossal open door for individuals who wish to construct their vocation in the instructing calling. Being an educator either in a rumored univeristy or in a provincial town school is constantly esteemed.

ntrca.teletalk.com.bd written result

If you are a candidate who wants to see his or her own Writtenination result, he has to visit this official website to find out the result. Despite the fact that it is, particularly in our nation, an issue of disappointment that the instructors in secondary school don’t get the respect they need as an educator. For being their pay low, they will, in general, be a guide. Indeed, numerous instructors request that their understudies read with him and incite them for their 17th ntrca.teletalk.com.bd written result 2023.

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