Namaz Time Today Dhaka, Bangladesh [Namajer Somoy Suchi]


Namaz Time Today Dhaka, Bangladesh [Namajer Somoy Suchi]: The prayer time for fazar or fajr, zohr, asar, maghrib, isha, and tahajjud namaz is available here. The Namaz or prayer is a must doing duty for each of them who are from the Muslim community. So, it is very crucial for everyone to know today’s namaz time. If you are a citizen of Bangladesh, you will have to follow the namaz time in accordance with your position such as Dhaka or Chittagong. Hence, watch the today namaz time of fazar, zohr, asar, maghrib and isha from this post and perform your prayers.

Namaz Time Today

Namaz is one of the five fundamental foundations of Islam, one of the largest religions in the world. A member of Muslim community has to peform namaz five times in a day and it is a must for everyone. Hence, knowing the namaz time today is very important to those who are pious and keep faith in Allah. Therefore, check today’s namaz time from this post so that you can perform your prayer on time.

Namaz Time Dhaka, Bangladesh

It is widely known to all that Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh and therefore a citizen in Bangladesh must know the time of Dhaka. As Namaz is the tool that connects a person to his or her creators, one will have to be sure that he is performing the Namaz on time. Various authorities fix the namaz time in accordance with the position of the sun and so do those of Dhaka.

Therefore, as a member of the Muslim community you should follow the exact time for your prayers. You may know that the namaz time differs from one place to another. Moreover, the namaz time today Dhaka will be different from tomorrow. Thus, know the accurate time for fazar, zohr, asar, maghrib, isha and tahajjud namaz for the Dhaka city people.

Namaz Time Chittagong

The namaz time for Chittagong region is also available here. Chittagong is one of the southwest regions in Bangladesh, and the Namaz Time of the area differs in minutes from that of other places in the country. Therefore, it is also necessary for the Chittagong people to know the namaz time for every prayer in their daily lives.

Fazar Namaz Time

Fazar is the first prayer a person has to perform in a day. The time of Fazar Namaz begins before dawn. According to the Hadith, one should perform the Fajr Namaz before everything can be seen clearly. Therefore, the fazar namaz time in Dhaka will begin at 3:45am while the sunrise is at 5:12am.

On the other hand, the people of Chittagong city will have to perform the fajr namaz today at the time of 3:40am. Meanwhile, the fozor er namaz time in Sylhet to be executed at 3:46am while that of Khulna people is at is the same.

Johor Namajer Somoy Suchi

The Namajer Somoy Suchi for the johor waqt begins at 12:4pm minutes in Dhaka of Bangladesh. In accordance to the Hadith, one can perform the johor namaz until the asar prayer time. However, it is better to pray on the fixed time by the Islamic foundation.

Asar Namaz Time

Asar Namaz is performed at the time of afternoon when the sun tilts to the west. According to the prayer time dhaka islamic foundation, Asar Namaz time in Dhaka is at 4:35pm in Bangladesh Time. None can be allowed to perform the Asar Namaz after this period of time.

Maghrib Namaz Time

The Maghrib waqt begins following the sunset. As the sunset is at 6:48pm, the maghrib namaz time begins at 6:50pm in Dhaka and a few minutes later in other parts of the country including Chittagong and Mymensingh. One also should finish the magrib namaz within the time or before the redness of the west sky fades away.

Isha Namaz Time

Isha is the last faraz namaz for the day which is performed at the first hours of night. The Isha time begins in Bangladesh at 8pm and ends before the zero hour of the next day. As per the Islamic calendar, the Isha Namaz Time starts at 8:18pm today.

Table: Namaz Time

Namaz Name Namaz Time
Fazar   4:35am
Johor  12:4pm
Asar  4:35pm
Maghrib  6:51pm
Isha 8:18pm
Tahajjud 3am

namaz time dhaka

Tahajjud Namaz Time

One should also perform Tahajjud namaz at midnight. It is better to accomplish the tahajjud namaz at the last hours of the night. One can easily complete the Tahajudd namaz before the time of fozor prayer. For that, one should also know tahajjud namaz porar niom well.

namaz time today

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