New MPO List 2020 College Schools Madrasah – MPO June 2020

MPO List for both college and school, madrasah levels have been available now. You can easily see and download MPO List 2020 for your college or school from here. We have uploaded the image and PDF of the MPO list 2020 here. You will also find new mpo list 2020 with detail information. Not only that, but you will also get the teacher mpo list with just one click. Along with this, you will also get online mpo list, and mpo notice 2020. We have also collected mpo college list in Bangladesh. For your convenience, we have also displayed mpo news 2020 here on this page. In addition to this, you will able to see new mpo school 2020 here. Also, download MPO October 2020 pdf or MPO list October 2020 Bangladesh from here. Find your teacher MPO notice 2020.

MPO List 2020

The directorate of secondary and higher secondary education usually is responsible to publish the MPO list both for college and high school and for madrasah teachers. According to the new MPO notification 2020, a total of two thousand and seven hundred thirty (2730) new educational institutions are brought under MPO this year. At a programme on October 2020, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced that the government is delighted to bring those educational institutes under a monthly pay order scheme. 

new mpo list 2020 2019

According to the declaration by the ministry, this monthly pay order will be active from July this incumbent year 2020. A total of 1,651 schools and colleges have been enlisted in the MPO scheme while a total of 557 madrasahs and 522 technical and vocational institutes have been included in the monthly pay order by the respective authority.

Teacher MPO List 2020 PDF

The published MPO notification by the directorate of secondary and higher secondary enlists 439 junior secondary schools that mean schools that run from Class VI-VIII, 995 secondary schools (VI-X), 68 higher secondary schools, 93 colleges (XI-XII) and 56-degree colleges (XIII-XV). Along with the school and college, this year a total of 557 madrasahs have been included in the MPO notification 2020. Among the enlisted madrasah, 357 are Dhakil institutions, 29 are Kamil institutes, 42 institutions are for Fazil degree, 128 are Alim institutions.

Among the newly-enlisted 522 technical and vocational institutes, 62 are agriculture institutes, 48 are vocational (independent) institutes, 129 are vocational (affiliated) institutions, 175 BM (independent) institutions, and 108 BM (affiliated) institutions. While revealing the names of those enlisted institutions Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged the respective authority of the newly enlisted institutions to uphold every single condition that is mention in the MPO policy so that their name becomes a permanent one in the MPO system.

Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education 2020

Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education is making progress towards providing instructional offices accessible to everyone, which will help build up individuals to improve Bangladesh in order to alleviate its needs and achieve the MDG by 2015. In order to tackle the issues at voluntary or important grades, the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education works on quality improvements and specific measures to enhance the consistency and efficiency of the service and higher education administration.

MPO 2020

Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education is attempting to give instructive offices to everybody that can add to the advancement of Bangladesh to diminish destitution and accomplish the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) by 2015. The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education deals with execution improvement and solid measures to expand the nature of administration arrangement and lift impartial chances to optional and prevalent schools, to address issues at auxiliary and more elevated levels.

2০১৯-২০২০ অর্থবছরে নির্বাচিত বেসরকারি শিক্ষা প্রতিষ্ঠানসমূহের (উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক স্তর) এম.পি.ও. ভুক্তি।


New Mpo List for College, School, Madrashah 2020

Monthly pay order is a blessing to the teachers as they will get a monthly salary from the government per month instead of getting a salary from the respective institution they are working. It is a huge step of the current government as it takes such a brilliant step that will please the teachers who have been demonstrating for MPO for the last several months. Event the teachers demanding MPO went for hunger strike leaving several agitating teaches injured. Some of the agitating teachers took treatment from different hospitals after they had become sick with observing fast to death.


MPOs of selected private educational institutions (secondary level) in the financial year 2009-10.

us to get your MPO result in no time. As MPO server is very busy with its server due to heavy load on its, you can see it your MPO statues here easily as we upload the image file of the MPO statues here for your convenience. I can assure you none can provide those pictures I have provided relating to your new mpo statues. Have a look into those pictures to find out your institution either a school or a college or a madrassah in the list described in the pictures displayed above.

BTEB Job Circular 2020 PDF

New Mpo Dakhil Madrasah List 2020

The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has also published the new MPO Dakhil madrasah list 2020. To watch the madrasha mpo list 2020 one must follow the guidelines as stated clearly in the teacher’s directions. The new MPO list 2020 madrasah teachers is also available here with a different look. To find out the MPO list for the Dhakil madrasha along with that of the online application in 2020 may be handy at present. So, be in touch with us to get all kinds of MPO list-related information from today in January, February, March 2020.


With the line of the school level that includes primary and high school, the list for the madrasah that includes Dhakil or Ebtedayee. To count your institution in the list, find out the name of the Madrasah in the below-given list at present. I am sure you are subject to get reliable information from our website. If you want to recheck your online list, you can also able be to do it with the below new things.

New MPO List PDF

THE new MPO List PDF file is also accessible here from today. As the authority has come out with the accurate information relating to the new MPO list 2020 and 2020, so make your attempts valuable watching these files. You need to open those PDF files or click for download options. Without having download, none can watch the PDF file for the MPO list in 2020. So this is all you need to do to follow the MPO teacher guidelines.

As, the education ministry regularly updates the website for the MPO for the teachers at primary, school, college, and madrasah, you can get reliable information from here with the most authentic sources. However, you can also find the same information on the official site of the So, finding your MPO 2020 can be a valuable source for us. 

Online MPO List

The MPO List 2020 and 2020 PDF file is also available online. One can click the below link and can watch the online MPO list at any time without any hindrance. So, if you want to check the online MPO list, you can check it from here. There is no hard and fast rule to follow for watching the online MPO list 2020. You can do so just click the below link that will redirect to the new page with the MPO school, college, and madrasah list.

It is to be called end but not the finishing. We will update the information when there will be any update relating to MPO news and information or notice 2020. You need to check this online list for the selected collages and schools of January and February and March. 

ALL MPO Notice 2020

Here you have the opportunity to find out all-new MPO notice and other information very quickly. The online application for the MPO inclusion has been rescheduled for the date and you can watch it from below.

Notice For New MPO Teachers

new mpo list 2020

MPO May 2020 Sheet PDF

The Authority of the Secondary and Intermediate Board Bangladesh has published the online MPO notice 2020 for the March month. According to the MPO March 2020 notice, the check of government portion of salaries to teachers/employees of non-government educational institutions (schools and colleges) has been transferred for the month of March 2021.

The teachers can collect their March salary from the Agrani, Rupali, Janata, and Sonali Bank on 12 April 2020. Download March MPO Sheet 2020 from here with an easy click. Here you will find all district school and college lists for the March month. Download the online MPO list from here in a complete sheet.

Download MPO May (Special) Sheet 2020 For New/Level Changed MPO Institutes


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