HSC Syllabus 2021 PDF (Short NCTB New Syllabus Bangladesh)

HSC Syllabus 2021

This is post is for the HSC Syllabus 2021 PDF NCTB New and Short Syllabus in Bangladesh of students. The education minister in Bangladesh has declared in the Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban of publishing a new and short syllabus for the HSC examinee. The board of secondary and intermediate education has come up with the short syllabus for the higher secondary students in January 2021. The official authority has said they would like to move for the HSC Exam in June or July 2021. As the upcoming HSC Exam 2021 will take the newly short syllabus into consideration, you must have to download the PDF file of it and get ready.

hsc short and new syllabus 2021 released

HSC 2021

HSC Exam 2021 will take place in this year as per the direction of the Bangladesh Education Ministry. The primary possible date of the HSC 2021 examination in the country is July. The education board is working on the deadline to arrange the HSC in a short period of time. For them, taking class of the HSC examinee has become a great issue of tense. Now-a-days, teachers are also afraid of going classroom to take class. They prefer taking online class.

However, there is no good way to take online HSC Exam in 2021. So, the board authority has managed to publish a short syllabus which is totally new and revised edition of the main syllabus to the HSC students. So grab it from now before your HSC exam starts in this July.

HSC Syllabus

In line with the present plan, the directorate of the secondary and higher education has formed a short guidelines for the HSC students what they have named as new syllabus 2021. HSC syllabus is a part of the whole curriculum of the board for the learners who are next to attend one of the largest HSC event. In Bangladesh, most the HSC students have not take enough time to study in classroom for their higher secondary certificate examination in 2021.

They are still now very helpless as no certain decision about opening their college come to the ground. At this hour of uncertainty, the HSC shorty syllabus will surely be fruitful for them without any problem. The education ministry authorities has urged them to take the HSC Syllabus into full consideration without any hassle.  

HSC Syllabus 2021

Have the HSC syllabus 2021 been published? Do you have any answer of the question we have thrown here? I am sure you have because the college was suspended for long. The government put a stop on the physical education for the HSC students. Though the HSC level examinee are supposed to go their college for academic study, but they cannot go due to the outbreak of the Covid-19. That is why the HSC students get only a few months for their preparation in line with the existing syllabus.

Meanwhile, the Bangladesh government has come out with a plan to reopen the school and college for the SSC and HSC students. As per the recent movement in the HSC Exam Update News, the hsc level students need to go for class five days in week. As the HSC Exam 2021 is very near to the date, the board has taken decision of giving a short syllabus. It is imperative for each of the HSC examinee to make download the new syllabus file on time.

ssc short syllabus

HSC Short Syllabus

After getting the hard and soft version of the HSC Short Syllabus, students at the HSC level have opined that new syllabus 2021 will be very handful for them. It is, as they say, a great ectasia for them to make their lesson in a great way to short. They also relaxed saying that syllabus of the short edition will not only befall upon them, but also give them time to make it finish soon. The HSC Update Short New Syllabus will thus be valuable to the understudies now.

HSC Short Syllabus 2021

Why the HSC syllabus 2021 is short? It is short in the sense that the directorate of secondary and higher education has relaxed some chapters in the new HSC syllabus. The HSC student does not need to read full text but some selected texts from their NCTB textbook. According to the official information dispersed by the authority, there will be 25% less topics in the HSC new but short syllabus for the examination in 2020. However, the HSC practical syllabus will be as it was in 2020 version.

It is a must for the students that they have to continue their academic study for the next months following the HSC short syllabus. If you have already finished reading the HSC Syllabus 2020, then it will be very easy for you to revise the new one. Our website will provide you HSC all subject including Bangla and English (both 1st paper and 2nd paper) syllabus.

NCTB HSC Syllabus 2021 PDF

NCTB or National Curriculum and Textbook Board usually publishes the HSC Syllabus 2021 in a readable PDF format. Consider the easiness of the students, the authorities concerned makes it uploaded in the PDF file. The HSC short syllabus 2021 PDF file is available on our website from today. The mostly desperate examinee will surely look for it. And we have brought it here considering that it will be a help for them from our part.

The current students who is next to have a public test in 2021 will need to follow this new HSC syllabus. Because, the question in their HSC exam 2021 will be from the latest part of the syllabus. Therefore, make your time proper used by following this short syllabus now. You can see the below subject-wise link for download your HSC new syllabus 2020-21.

PDF List of HSC New & Update Syllabus 2021

HSC English 1st Paper Short Syllabus 2021

HSC English Paper II New Syllabus PDF

HSC_Finance & Banking 2nd Paper Syllabus 2021

HSC_Finance, Banking and Insurance 1st Paper 2021 PDF

HSC_History 2nd part Syllabus 2021

HSC_History 2021 1st Paper Syllabus PDF

HSC_Islamic History & Culture 1st Paper Syllabus 2021 PDF

HSC_Islamic History & Culture 2nd paper Syllabus 2021 PDF Download

HSC_Production Management & Marketing 2nd Paper Syllabus 2021

HSC_Production Management 1st Paper Syllabus 2021 PDF

HSC_Psychology 1st Paper Syllabus PDF

HSC_Psychology 2nd Paper New Syllabus 2021

HSC_Sociology 1st Paper Updated Syllabus 2021

HSC_Sociology 2nd Paper Revised Syllabus 2021

HSC ICT Short Syllabus PDF

HSC Islam Shikkha 1st Paper Short Syllabus PDF

HSC Islam Shikkha 2nd Paper Short Syllabus

Logic 1st Paper Syllabus 2021

HSC Logic 2nd Paper Syllabus PDF

HSC Physics 1st Paper New Syllabus 2021

Physics 2nd Paper HSC 2021 Short Syllabus

HSC Social Work 1st Paper Short Syllabus

HSC Social Work 2nd Paper Short Syllabus PDF Download

HSC Soil science 1st Paper Syllabus 2021

Soil Science 2nd Paper Short Syllabus

HSC Statistics 1st paper Syllabus PDF

HSC Statistics 2nd Paper Syllabus 2021 Download

Agriculture 1st Paper Syllabus Short Version

HSC Agriculture 2nd Part New Syllabus PDF

Arts & Crafts class 11-12 Syllabus for 2021 Final

Arts & Crafts 11-12 Syllabus 2nd Paper

HSC 2021 Bangla Short Syllabus 2021

HSC Biology First Part Syllabus PDF

Biology Second Part Syllabus HSC Exam

HSC Business Organization and Mgt 1st Paper Syllabus

HSC Business Organization and Mgt 2nd Paper Syllabus PDF

Chemistry 1st Paper HSC Syllabus 2021

HSC Chemistry 1st Paper Syllabus PDF (2)

HSC Child Development 1st Syllabus

Child Development 2nd Paper Syllabus PDF

Food And Nutrition Part-1 Syllabus For HSC Exam

Food And Nutrition part 2 Syllabus For HSC Exam

HSC Higher Math 1st paper Syllabus 2021

HSC Higher Math 2nd Paper Short Syllabus PDF

Home management-1st Paper New Syllabus Download

Home management-2nd Paper Syllabus 2021

HSC Geography 1st Paper Syllabus PDF

HSC Geography 2nd Paper Syllabus Short

Home Science 1st Paper Syllabus

HSC Home Science 2nd Paper Syllabus

HSC Accounting 2021 1st Paper Syllabus

Accounting 2021 2nd Paper Syllabus PDF

HSC Accounting 2021 2nd paper

HSC Bangla 1st Paper Syllabus 2020

HSC Bangla 1st Paper Syllabus 2020 is available here. It is to note that HSC Bangla 1st paper syllabus can change in this month. So, never miss the chance to check whether any update is available about the Bangla 1st paper syllabus.

 HSC Bangla 2nd Paper Syllabus 2020

The 2nd paper syllabus of the Bangla subject for the HSC Examination 2020 will be of course an issue of finding. But, you do not need to verify it but study. So, grab it from here whenever you find it and start reading properly.

HSC English 1st & 2nd Paper Syllabus


HSC English 1st & 2nd paper syllabus will be accessible here a while after. Because, it will take some time to complete the forming of the new HSC syllabus for all subjects. Till, then you are welcome to our website at one and always. We appreciate any comment from you about our website or this post instantly.

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 SSC Syllabus 2021 PDF (New Short NCTB Syllabus Bangladesh) 

HSC Result 2021 Published Date Update News 

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