HSC Scholarship Result 2022 PDF Dhaka, Rajshahi, Dinajpur, All Education Board

dhaka board hsc scholarship result 2022

HSC Scholarship Result 2022 PDF for All Education Board Including Dhaka, Rajshahi, Dinajpur, Comilla, Jessore, and Sylhet will be available here on March 31. The students who have got their HSC auto pass result in 2022 will be in the list for the scholarship. This year the government has awarded a total of 11,101 learners with both talent pool and general scholarship for their outstanding marks in the HSC Exam Result 2021. So, make download of the HSC Scholarship Result 2022 PDF for all education board in Bangladesh from here now.

HSC Scholarship 2022

The government has taken initiative to provide scholarship to the students who have just finished HSC level education in 2022. Already the secondary education directorate has made a decree over all education board asking to prepare a list of the students. According to the direction, the board will have to publish the list of the students who will get the HSC Scholarship Result 2022 on March 31.

HSC Scholarship Result 2022

So, our learners who have earned their HSC certificate in 2022 will be awarded this prestigious scholarship. This year, more than one million novice has received their HSC Result 2022 a few month ago. The students at present are in the race to make them well prepared for the university admission. For them, HSC scholarship is a very helpful thing as it can ease their financial pressure for instance.

HSC Scholarship Result

HSC Scholarship is a government scheme under education development project. Bangladesh government gives this scholarship to the students who have just completed their Higher Secondary Education. The main aim of this HSC scholarship is that the meritorious students can continue their study with the money they get from HSC Scholarship Result.

As it is a continuous development project, the authority at the education ministry has also decided to offer the scholarship result in this month. In accordance to the declaration of the secondary education, the name of the students who will be beneficiary of this scholarship should be online on April 2022. Therefore, on the date of the April 2022, our learners will be able to get HSC Scholarship Result 2022 online. 

HSC Scholarship Result 2022

This year the concerned authority has finalized that they will give scholarship to eleven thousand one hundred and one learners under nine education boards. In the scholarship notice, the secondary education directorate has urged the board administration to complete HSC Scholarship Result 2022 publishing process before March 31. So, our students will get the HSC scholarship result on that particular date from here.

The authority has also published the number of the scholarship in the HSC education level for the year 2022. At present, there are a total of nine education boards existing in the country. And the directorate has divided this total number of the scholarship result among those 9 boards. So, you are an HSC student of either Dhaka or Rajshahi, this does not influence, but collecting your scholarship result in 2022 is main goal.

HSC Scholarship Result 2022 PDF Download

Each of the nine board is responsible for publishing their board’s HSC Scholarship Result 2022 PDF file for download. The separate file is also located at various government web portals. Our website has collected all those PDF files of the scholarship result and uploaded here chronologically so that students find them easily. Whatever your board is you can get the HSC scholarship result from this webpage at any movement.

Besides, our team has also divided all board scholarship result by sub-categories. The base of the sub category is the region from which the learners have gotten their HSC scholarship form. According to the recent notice, a student is subject to get a sum of 11,700 Taka for a year under Talent Pool HSC Scholarship in 2022. On the other hand, one will get 5,250 Taka under general merit scholarship in 2022.


HSC Scholarship Result 2022 Dhaka Board

Dhaka Education Board is also going to declare its HSC scholarship result 2022 following the directorate’s direction. In 2022, a combined 1127 students are in the list to get HSC scholarship Dhaka Board. It is the highest number of leaners among the total scholarship. Dhaka always stands first in every cases including the scholarship result in 2022.

HSC Scholarship Result 2022 Dhaka Board

In the final list of the selected candidates, there will be 427 HSC scholarship from telentpool categories. On the other hand, 2700 students are next to earn their scholarship in 2022 of the board result list. So, our students of the Dhaka education board can download their HSC scholarship Result from this webpage following below link.

Dhaka Board HSC Scholarship Result PDF

HSC Scholarship Result 2022 Rajshahi Board

The students from the northern part are in the second list of the HSC scholarship Result in number. There will be a total of 1,456 scholarships for the Rajshahi education board leaners. It is the second top statistics in the scholarship result in 2022. The directorate has enabled the authority to issue this HSC scholarship to the eligible students in per demand.

So, the novice of the HSC level education has to make their way to check the scholarship result list. In 2022, it is the first scholarship they are going to get from the government. The money fixed for the HSC scholarship can help our learners in many way during this hard time. So, download your Rajshahi board scholarship result 2022 from here now.

Rajshahi Board HSC Scholarship Result 2022 PDF

HSC Scholarship Result 2022 Dinajpur Board

HSC Scholarship 2022 is now has also gone for the Dinajpur board students as per the result. From this particular education board, a total of the 1077 leaners have been awarded the scholarship. HSC 2022 scholarship will be in the list for every single novice by this way of learning. Our team is also prepared for downloading and uploading the result whenever the board will make it ready.

So, the students of the Dinajpur board can also learn the proper way to find out student’s name in the scholarship 2022 list. The list is a sole property of the Dinajpur area administration. Hence, always look for the official scholarship result for the HSC level education. Our mentors have in the going for the students’ outcome of the debuted year.

Dinajpur Board HSC Scholarship Result PDF

HSC Scholarship Result 2022 Comilla Board

Comilla board has been given a total of 965 scholarships for the students who have successfully completed the HSC examination in 2022. Therefore, the combined scholarship result will be very fruitful for this present condition. As a scholarship, a student is to get Taka 825 as monthly basic for one year while there is a basic 1800 BDT. So, check the HSC scholarship result here so that you cannot miss the chance knowing it.

Our students from the Comilla education board has been on the list of both talent pool and general categories. Therefore, the money will varies from one another. You will find the total accounts of the payment method of the HSC scholarship from below. Our team has just added the information of the result in 2022 so that you can be helped.

HSC Scholarship Result 2022 Jessore Board

The Jessore board is also scheduled to declare this year’s HSC scholarship result on March 31 2022. The officials at the board is now looking for the students who has been qualified in HSC Examination 2022. Because, it the scholarship scheme only for the basis of HSC Result. The learners need to download the scholarship result sheet in 2022 first. They must be aware about their name and that of school in the sheet.

The students will have to open a new bank account with the help of their college’s teachers. The board is about to send the money of the HSC scholarship through that EFT services in 2022. So, the leaners need this step to complete after the result is available online.  

HSC Scholarship Result Sylhet Board

HSC Passed students of under Sylhet board will not also miss the chance of getting scholarship 2022 result. The reason is that the directorate has also included the name of the Sylhet education board. As per the serial, this region gets the lowest number of the scholarship in 2022. The total HSC scholarship for the Sylhet is only 623. Of them, only 31 will get the scholarship in merit while 592 will get as general class.

It is a very clear instruction from the secondary education to issue the scholarship gadget within March 31 2022. So, the students do not have any chance of doubt of getting the scholarship result on the date. 

HSC Scholarship Result 2022 Chittagong Board

Chittagong board students will also receive a total of 819 scholarships in 2022. The authority of this area of the education is now making their final trial for the publishment of the scholarship result for the HSC level. The students will find their Chottogram scholarship result for the hsc pass here with britti sheet in 2022. How to download the hsc scholarship in 2022 has been answered here.

Students are also invited to visit Bangladesh Result BD Website for getting result and education related news and information.

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