HSC Result By SMS System – How to Check / Get HSC Result 2023

HSC Result 2023 By SMS System

The Result for the HSC and equivalent Examinations-2023 has been published today. Both the students and their gaurdains can easily check the results using the SMS system. At first, the students will have to know hwo to get the HSC Result By SMS System. Since it is a very easy way, they can easily obtain what they want. So, try to find out How to Check / Get HSC Result 2023 method from here. It is not mandatory to use only teletalk mobile sim to check the HSC exam result 2023. The students can watch their HSC Marksheet Result with Number from here using the SMS Code displayed here.

HSC Result 2023

The HSC Result 2023 has been published just now. Bangladesh Education Board has announced the result for the Higher Secondary Certifcate Examination. The students at present are allowed to find out what they done in the tests. In general they have two particular methods which they can use for knowing the HSC exam result. The first one is checking it online. The other method is to check HSC Result By SMS System in 2023. Here we have dicussed all about the HSC Result 2023 by SMS system and code for all mobile operator including that of teletalk sim.

HSC Result 2023 SMS SYSTEM

At this moment, the first and foremost priority for a student is to watch the HSC Result. The education minister in the country has announced the results at 11:30 AM on Wednesday. The debut findings of the examinations can be checked using HSC Result 2023 SMS System. Now-a-days, every HSC class student has a smart phone with them. They are also good at using the mobile phone for almost every purpose. For them, using hsc result sms system is one of the most easiest ways in 2023 .

HSC Result BY SMS System

Actually, SMS System for addressing the HSC Examination Result is relatively easier than that of online. This system requires only a mobile phone and balance on the sim. If you are good at running a mobile set, then HSC Result By SMS System is for you. You can make the hsc result check by sms with a cost of Tk. 2.50. However, the cost can varies from SIM to SIM or mobile operator. Hence, first know the proper way how to write a SMS for securing the HSC outcome today.

How to Get HSC Result by SMS

First, a student wishing to know his outcome in the past board exam will have to know how to get hsc result by sms. By knowing hsc result ber korar niom, he or she is subject to get the most desired results by sms. In this case, they need to have proper knowledge on sms er maddhome result. It is very important in which number the students will have to send an SMS to the get the HSC Result in 2023. Not only does the information is necessary. Rather the code is also very important for all of them in order to know how to get hsc result by sms. 

Basically, hsc result 2023 by sms is an easy process for the students. They students will have to need the board name, exam roll and registration numbers and the SMS code. Here, we have discussed every possible ways which the learners can use for checking their HSC Exam Result 2023 marksheet with number of all subjects.

How to Check HSC Result by SMS

Here we have talked on how to check hsc result by sms in detail. The first question from the side of students is how how to see hsc result by sms. In reply, an accurate answer to the query how hsc result 2023 kivabe dekhbo is given here. In the first step, students will require three particular information for finding hsc result mobile sms. They will need a mobile phone first in which a SIM of any operatore must be inserted. Students can make use of any SIM including Teletalk or Grameenphone for sending the SMS with the view of seeing HSC Result.

The first move for how to check hsc result 2023 by sms is opening the message option in your smart phone. Then, you will have to write down the name of the examination – HSC first. Then write the name of your education board followed by a space. Next step is putting down the roll number with a space. The last but not move is having the passing year. Now, you can press on the send button to send the SMS to 16222 for getting on how to check hsc result 2023.

HSC Result SMS Code

This year, the HSC examinations took place under several education boards in the country. Therefore, the HSC Result SMS Code also differs from one board to another board. Without typing the write SMS code you may fail in securing your Higher Secondary Certificate Exam Result. So, one pick one of the hsc result sms codes displayed below as suitable for the students.

SMS Code for General Board is the following : –

  • Dhaka = DHA
  • Rajshahi = RAJ
  • Barishal = BAR
  • Chittagong = CHI
  • Comilla = COM
  • Dinajpur = DIN
  • Jessore = JES
  • Mymensingh = MYM
  • Sylhet = SYL

The SMS Code for Madrasah and Technical Education Boards are the followings :


  • Madrasah = MAD
  • Technical = TEC

HSC Result 2023 SMS Format

We have also provided the acurate and proper hsc result 2023 sms format for all education board here. The students can easily write the following HSC mobile sms formats in order to send to 16222. It is very necessary that a student of Dhaka Education Board will have to write the sms code for his or her own board. He or she cannot use others’ board name. In that case, the particular student will fail to see the result. So the solution hsc result 2023 kivabe dekhbo is using any of the format and code.

General Board HSC SMS Code & Format:


‘HSC DHA 123456 2023’

Madrasah Board SMS Code & Format:

‘HSC MAD 123456 2023’ 

Technical Board SMS Code & Format:

‘HSC TEC 123456 2023’

HSC Result 2023 SMS SYSTEM

Always use the first three letters of your education board. Never forget using space betwen each word you write in your SMS box. After sending a successful SMS, a student will have to able to check his or her HSC result in a reply message from the number 16222. 


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