Facebook Classic Version- Alternative Way to Switch Back to Classic Facebook 2020

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Facebook Classic Version Login or How to go back to classic Facebook 2020. Is there any way or method or option that you can sue to switch back to your old classic version of Faebook? We would say, ”Yes”. There is still some ways to go back or switch to Facebook Classic version. Here read the following post to go back to your classic facebook anytime in 2020. Actually, the Facebook authority is working with the new design and update. That is why you are a watching a new version of Facebook on your desktop mode.

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Facebook Classic Version Login

Are you facing no option to switch back to classic facebook or classic facebook missing problem. If you find the problem, this has been for the ongoing update on Facbook looks. The Facbook authority earlier started its trail mode and now is going to transform the whole classic version in the new look with fine design. A number of the Facebook users has made complaints that they cannot find any option to switch back to classic version or login of facebook.

On the other hand, a group of users alleged that the switch to class facebook option is missing on their facebook account. What actually has been done can be noticed on the facebook authority’s declaration. At first, we would try to discuss what is the possible cause of the Facebook Class version missing. Why such incident took place for the facebook users. Facebook has started updating its appearing looks recently. They have mad the new version optional. 

How to go back to Classic Facebook 2020

If you cannot find the option or your switch to classic facebook is not available, then you can read the following steps. According to the Facebook’s declaration, the company will remove the classic version from September permanently. At present, Facebook company is conducting an survey on how its users accept the new version instead of the classic version. That is why, the facebook company authority has allowed a option to switch back or go back to the Facebook classic version in 2020. 

A Facebook user need to do the following steps to go or switch back to the classic version of Fecbook in 2020.

  • At first login to your Facebook account with your User ID and password.
  • Then find out the drop-down icon in the right corner of your desktop or mobile phone or Facebook app.
  • There you will notice a write up Switch Back to Classic Facebook
  • Click on the Switch Back to Classic Facebook, and use your old version of Facebook.
  • No Option To Switch Back To Classic Facebook or Missing

No Option To Switch Back To Classic Facebook or Missing

What happened when the Facebook users find no option to switch back to classic facebook or classic facebook missing problem. Facebook authority has given answer to this question. If you cannot find the switch back to classic version of fecbook on the right corner drop down section, then you cannot get the old version again as per the Facbook’s announcement. But, we can tell you how you can turn to your old classic Facebook from the latest version.

To remind you, we will try to attempt to give you answer for the question. When you log in in Facebook from your internet browser or mobile phone app, you will automatically enter into the Facbook New Look. You there find two option for choosing whether you prefere dark or white mode as your appearance color. Then, you see that there is no option or missing the option of switch to classic Facebook in the drop-down corner.

How to Switch Back to Classic Facebook (alternative way]

There is an alternative way of using Classic Facebook if you want to use the old version of the social media. For that, you first have to enter the Facebook either from your desktop browser or mobile phone app. There you will find the new appearance of the Facebook. So, what you can do is try to open any Facebook Group in which you are a member. Then on the left-top side of the display of the screen, you will notice the following words:

If you’d like, you can switch to the classic Facebook.com for 48 hours to manage your group.
There, you will also find an option of Switch Now. Just make a click on the switch now button, and you will find your favorite old classic version of Facebook.

classic facebook switch

According to Facebook, it will permanently remove its classic feature from the website both in mobile app and desktop view in 2020. This shows that the Facebook has removed the previous classic version and included a new version login. So, you find that there is no option left for you to go back or switch back to classic edition of facebook, then you must habituate yourself with the new version. However, y1ou can also contact with the Facebook Support Team anytime.

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