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Dr Sabrina Chowdhury or Dr. Sabrina A Chaudhury is the hot topic in Bangladesh. But to most of persons in the world the one and only question is who is this Dr Sabrina Chowdhury. Our team has attempted to give a short biography of Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury as she is hot cake in the country for Corona virus test frauds. Bangladesh Police has arrested her for cheating people by providing fake certificate of Corona virus test. A court has also accepted three-day remand of Sabrina Chowdhury. 

Who is Dr Sabrina Chowdhury?

Who is Dr Sabrina Chowdhury? This is the question of everyone. She is not only a wonder to the people of Bangladesh but worldwide. Everyone is after here following her recent activity. Sabrina Chowdhury is a doctor in profession. She is a Cardiac Surgeon. Dr Chowdhury works at National National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD). Mentionable, NICVD is a government-run specialized institute for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in Bangladesh. She is the chairman of JKG Health Care.

Sabrina Arif Chowdhury is an doctor. She is known as Dr. Sabrina A Chaudhury to most of the people. Earlier she used to provide health treatment and advice to people, and to be guest in live talk show. She has other name such as Sabrina Misty Chowdhury , Sabrina Khatun Misty. Her hometown is not Bangladesh. She is from Kalkata, India.

Dr. Sabrina Chowdhury Biography

A few days back, none has no idea who dr sabrina choudhury is. But, at present, she is story of the mouth of people. There is hardly any person who does not aware about Sabrina Choudhury. The biography of Dr Sabrina Chowdhury is also gorgeous like her. She is a very healthy and beautiful women with a fine body structure. She is the chairman of JKG Health Care, a Dhaka based hospital in Bangladesh. Sabrina is the fourth wife of Arif Choudhury, who is the Chief Executive Officer of JKG health care.

The marital life of Sabrina and her husband Arif is not happy. Arif Chowdhury beat up a doctor at Suhrawardy Hospital after seeing his wife in an abusive situation. Later in the incident, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar police filed a GD against her husband. Sabrina. Besides, there is a case against Arif Chowdhury in Gulshan police station for making an indecent proposal to a JKG worker. BMA leader broke the identity of the movement.

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Dr Sabrina Age

Dr Sabrina is an middle age woman. There has been talks about her age at all level but she is up to 35 years old. However, the age we have shown is not correct at all. Rather, it is an anticipation of her age. 

Dr Sabrina Chowdhury Education

Dr Sabrina completed her graduation in medicine from Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Medical Collage. Sabrina studied her secondary education from Viqarunnisa High School. She claimed to be the first female Cardiac Surgeon and only one in Bangladesh. However, her college at the National National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) have ruled out her claim.

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Dr Sabirna Chowdhury Instagram Pictures

You may searching for the Hot Pictures of the Bangladeshi Doctor Sabrina Chowudhry. Sabrina Chowdhury has an account on Instagram. You can visit here Instagram profile to watch her all pictures. We have given the link to Sabrina Chowdhury Instagram Profile link so that you can find it very easily. Sabrina has a great passion for dancing. She used to dance at various programme. We have found pictures of her dancing movement. The more you will know the more hatred will grow on your mind. 

Download Sabrina Instagram Picture

Dr Sabrina Chowdhury Pictures / Photos

I have earlier stated her as an beautiful lady with fine body structure. She is while in color and tall enough. Dr Sabrina has shared a number of pictures and photos on social media including Facbook and Instagram. One can find her all shared picture and photo from here. She used to model and stage dancing for various programme. One can find Sabrina hot picture or Pictures from here.

Sabrina Facebook Profile

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dr sabrina chowdhury picture

  Dr. Sabrina Chowdhury Biography

Sabrina Chowdhury Leaked Video

A video went viral naming Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury Leaked Viral Scandal Video. We are here to proclaim that we never share those information or data that one may face inappropriate. We have only shared on those pictures and information Dr Sabrina herself shares on here facebook and Instagram profile. We can assure that it is a site of porn. However, you can interview of the debuted doctor Sabrina who gave a Television Channel a short interview.

Why Sabrina has been arrested?

The police has arrested Dr Sabrina for his involvement into making and providing false and fabricated certificate of the Corona Virus Testing. 

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