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The Editorial Section of the Daily Star is one of the important sections of the renowned newspaper. It is the vital section that helps the readers what the paper is on. The editorial section shows what the principal a newspaper is following. It leaves no doubt that The Daily Star is more prominent among all English Newspapers in Bangladesh. The Newspapers has more circulation than any other English National Daily in the country. The Daily Star Editorial Section is also a very helpful for the job seekers and English student learner in acquiring command over vocabulary and translation for different exams including BCS Written.  

The Daily Star Editorial

The Editorial Section is useful for the reader. The Daily Star Editorial is not any exception of that. The editorial of a newspaper helps one to understand how the readers will evaluate them, what is the perspective behind them, what is their significance. One reads newspapers quickly, and in that speed the editorial helps him or her to understand their meaning without being overwhelmed by the news.

The people in the editorial office know, keep informed, advise, and do research; As a reader, One is enlightened by their work. No newspaper is neutral. It is not possible, nor should it be. Because there is a conflict within all the news; In fact, the external news is created from the internal conflict. 

Daily Star Editorial Today (20.08.2020)

The newspaper will give the news, will make different comments, will try to be objective, but it must look at the conflict within the news for a position. There it is no longer neutral. As a reader, one may or may not like this position of a particular newspaper. But he or she needs to know which side the newspaper is on, what his or her expectations are and how much.

the daily star editorial picture 20.08.2020

The editorial helps one to know the position of the paper. Therefor, the Daily Star Editorial also helps us to understand what is the opinion of the particular newspaper about a current or selective issue. Watch the star today editorial.


Daily Star Editorial PDF Download 20 August 2020 


The Daily Star Editorial Vocabulary

In short, when the editorial is important, it cannot be ignored, there is no way to ignore it. And that means the editorial is not a light thing. However, to learning vocabulary Editorial especially the editorial of the daily star is very helpful to the students. In every exam, vocabulary is a common topic that is must to answer.

Besides, having a good command on English language, one also needs to know more vocabularies. The students who have a daily practice of reading English newspapers are well known with more English words. The daily star editorial section, thus, helps our reader for the job appointments. But what is the reason that most newspapers now take the editorial lightly?

Daily Star Editorial Translation

The translation has become a very prominent part in learning the foreign language. The daily star editorial section can help the students to translation its language to Bengali. Here are some translations of the daily editorial section that will surely help you much. The reason is the lack of both commitment and thought.

daily star editorial translation (2)

Neither of the two magazines, which are important in contemporary history and have a place in history, was lacking. Rather it was in greater quantities. History is being made, and newspapers are the accompanying document of that ongoing history. He is a mirror, but not only on the outside, but also on the inside.

the daily star editorial for bcs written pdf

The daily star editorial for bcs written pdf can also be a very good point to the students who want sit for the BCS written exam. The Editorial helps the student to flourish their written styles and thoughts. To be the true mirror Whether you can do it or not, and if you can do it, it will be decided in the editorial. Because the editorial is not just an isolated work, it is not just a mirror, it is the observer and guide of the whole magazine.
The analogy of the observer and the indicator cannot be blown away like other analogies. But now the promises are very weak, the thinking is quite shallow. That fact must be taken into account. ” I don’t see the conflict between the newspaper and the newspaper in that dual field of commitment and thought.
If there were conflicts, the quality of the editorial would rise, and they would be interesting. There is a fierce, almost throat-cutting competition between magazines. But that is not ideological, it is commercial. Thoughts, promises and conflicts about ideology – all three are lacking in Bangladesh today. That lack is not allowing us to move forward. Newspapers can definitely help us in this regard. But what to do?
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