Cat Que Virus Symptoms (New Virus) Vaccine & Treatment

cat que virus

Cat Que Virus has reportedly emerged in this world with its symptoms, say medicine specialist. Cat Que Virus may be more dangerous than Covid-19 or coronavirus, as per the statistics of ICMR. So, know about what is cat que virus. You can get also answer for cat que virus treatment and vaccine related information from here. So, start reading about Cat Que Virus in India and China and relevant topics.

What is Cat Que Virus?

The medicine scientist has found the existence of a new virus that can turn into a deadly virus. What is Cat Virus is now question of milion of peoples across the whole word. The medicine specialists have given the name of the new virus as Cat Que Virus (CQV). Where is the origin of the Cat Que Virus is not clear? The Indian medicine scientists has claimed that CAT QUE Virus has get its release from China. However, they could not establish any prove of their claim so far.

Cat Que Virus Symptoms

Cat Que Virus is a mystery to the specialist of in the respective fields. However, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) researchers have indented several symptoms that may be seen in a person who is reportedly affected with Cat Que Virus. According to them, the symptoms are not single or one. Rather Cat Que has several symptoms as like Covid-19. Cat Que Virus Symptoms include having severe fever, meningitis, pediatric encephalitis, and so on. 

cat que

How does Cat Que Virus spread?

According to the researchers, there are two prominent ways that can be the vital cause of the Cat Que virus. At present, the whole world is struggling with the existing coronavirus despite several month attempts to generate a vaccine. This new Cat Que will forward the mankind to a near disaster if it spreads as Covid-19 has been doing. There are two media – one is mosquito and pigs- that are primarily responsible for the spread of the Cat Que virus in 2020.

Scientists opine that Cat Que virus is the mysterious airborne virus that is transmitted to human body from another animal. The existence of the Cat Que Virus can be examined in Vietnam and China. As per ICMR report, the mosquito is the prime media of the Cat Q virus spread. Azepti, Culexus quinquifacita, Culex trichinarinicus are the carriers of this deadly virus.

Cat Que Virus India

According to ICMR, the institute found the symptoms of the Cate Que virus among two people in India in 2014 and in 2017. However, no report of the latest infection of the cat que virus has been lodged in India so far. Though, the ICMR has asked the government to become alert that it may enter in India as covid virus did.

Cat Que Virus China

The Indian based scientists has alleged the China as the source of origin of the Cat Que Virus, However, no official statement relating to Cat Que has been issued by the Chinese government yet. Now, we have wait to see what comes next. The following country Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Canada, United States of America (USA) and India may be more vulnerable to the Cat Que Virus in 2020.

Cat Que Virus Vaccine & Treatment

No vaccine along with treatment is now available for the deadly Cat que virus. We will let you know if their is any such type of inforamation relating this new virus.


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