Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond Result 2020 (101th Prize Bond Draw)

Bangladesh Bank Authority has published the 101th Prize Bond Draw Result 2020 today on November 01. The draw of 101th prize bond result of the Bangladesh Bank took place in the conference room of Dhaka Divisional Commissioner’s Office under on Sunday. The responsible authority has published the number who has got the prize bond in 2020. You can check the prize bond list from the Bangladesh bank official website as well that of ours now.  


Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond Result 2020


Bangladesh Bank was scheduled to declare its latest prize bond draw result on 31st October 2020. However, 31st October 2020 was Friday, a public holiday in Bangladesh. As per the rules of the Bangladesh Bank, the prize bond draw cannot be held on public holiday. That is why Bangladesh Bank authority has declared its 101 Prize Bond Draw Result November 01, 2020.


To increase the savings trend among all sections of the society, the government collects loans directly from the people through the “Department of National Savings” by selling price bonds and the government repays the loans by buying them again. By purchasing this bond, the customer can engage himself in building the country for his personal gain as well.

What is Prize Bond?

Prize Bond is an interest free investment system of the Government of Bangladesh. It was launched with the aim of raising resources locally and encouraging the public to save. Through the sale of prize bonds, the government borrows from the public and provides financial rewards in favor of the winning number bonds as per the pre-determined draw.


A type of paper currency introduced by the Department of National Savings under Bangladesh Bank. Prizebonds are a lot like lotteries but not lotteries. Once the lottery is “drawn”, it has no validity and no value for the lottery, that is, if you do not win the lottery, the whole money is lost. Meanwhile, the price bond does not expire even after it is “drawn”. It also expires during the next “draw”.

When the draw held?

Generally, draws are held 4 times a year, every three months (January 31, April 30, July 31 and October 31). However, if a weekly holiday (currently Friday and Saturday) or a public holiday (general / executive order / optional), or for some unavoidable reason, the prize bond draw cannot be held on any of these dates, it is completed on the next working day.

101th Prize Bond Draw Result 2020


The 101th Prize Bond Draw Result 2020 of Bangladesh Bank is available online for download. You can see the bond result on the BB official website and different newspapers. National dailies publish the results of the draw. However, looking at the results of the draw and the number of prize bonds in the magazine is a time consuming and difficult task. In this case you can easily know the result of the draw by using the prize bond checker app.


If a winner does not claim the prize within 2 years of winning the prize, the prize money is deposited in the government treasury. If you have any questions about the prize bond, please comment. Bangladesh Bank operates this scheme as an agent of the government. Bangladesh Bank has all the power to change any rules related to prize bonds.

101th Prize Bond Result pdf Download


You can download the 10th Prize bond result pdf download from our website The pdf file you need to download can be available here. The previous year prize bond draw result of the Bangladesh Bank will be available in number and series. 

Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond Result 2020 (101th Prize Bond Draw)

How to collect the prize money

Pay-order is given to the winner within a maximum of two months after application in the prescribed form along with the original bond. Rewards claim forms can be found at any bank or post office. Apart from this, Bangladesh Bank and Bangladesh Form will be available online on these two websites.

Prizes will be given through pay-order so the winner must have a bank account. It is to be noted here that if the prize money received in the draw is not claimed within the next 2 years from the date of the draw, the prize is canceled and is no longer paid.

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