Al Haiatul Ulya Result 2023 Marksheet Download

Al Haiatul Ulya Result 2023 Marksheet Download: The results of the central examination of Al-Hayatul Ulaya Lil-Jami’atil Qaumiya Bangladesh have been published. The average pass rate of the exam is 72.75. The pass rate of students is 72.10 and the pass rate of female students is 56.21. The results were announced after a long review at today’s meeting of the Standing Committee of Al-Hayatul Ulaya Lil-Jami’atil Qaumiya Bangladesh. Check your Al Haiatul Ulya Result 2023 with Marksheet from here.

Al Haiatul Ulya Result 2023

Al Haiatul Ulya Result 2023 results were announced by Mohius Sunnah Allama Mahmudul Hasan, Chairman of Al-Hayatul Ulaya Lil-Jami’atil Qaumiya Bangladesh. Before announcing the results, Allama Hafeez Maulana Muhammad Ismail, Controller of Examinations, handed over the results file to the Chairman.

Al Haiatul Ulya Result 2023

Shaikhul Islam Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi, former chairman of Al-Hayatul Ulaya, former co-chairmen Allama Ashraf Ali and Allama Noor Hussain Qasemi and member Allama Azhar Ali Anwar Shah Dua is made seeking its forgiveness. While announcing the release of the results, Allama Mahmudul Hasan expressed his gratitude to Allah Ta’ala.

Al Haiatul Ulya Result 2023 Marksheet

At the meeting, representatives of the six boards under Al-Hayatul Ulaya expressed hope that the results of the next examination would be released in the month of Ramadan. (Note that in the Act No. 46 of 2016 of the National Assembly of Bangladesh, the certificate of Hadith in the doorway of Qawmi Madrasa is given the equivalent of Masters (Islamic Studies and Arabic).)

The total number of candidates in the examination was 22,342 and a total of 18,232 passed. Of these, 11,360 are male students and 4,752 are female students. The pass rate for students is 82.10 and for girls it is 56.21. Mumtaz (Star Mark) got 933 students and 57 female students.
Zayed Ziddan (1st) section has passed 3,500 students, 61 female students. In Zayid (2nd) section 4,691 students have passed, 2,261 female students and in Maqbool (3rd) section 2,057 students have passed and 1,844 female students have passed.

Al Haiatul Ulya Result 2023 By SMS

Through a joint meeting of the Standing Committee and the Examination Sub-Committee, the results of the Al Haiatul Ulya examination of 1441 AH / 2023 will be published. Due to the introduction of the rule of keeping the roll number of the examinee secret from the Mumtahins, there has been some delay in publishing the results this year as compared to other years.

The results of the hadith test in Daora can be known through the message of the mobile phone. Go to the message option and type HTR and space and roll number. Then you have to send to 299933. You will get the Al Haiatul Ulya result 2023 in the reply message.

Al Haiatul Ulya Exam Result 2023 Online

One can also check the Al Haiatul Ulya exam result online of 2023 from here now. Click the below link to download your result now. The Except Al-Hayatul Ulya website and this page will have the link to download the results.

Al Haiatul Ulya Result 2023 Marksheet Download

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ফলাফল প্রতিবেদন

মেধা তালিকা (ছাত্র)

মেধা তালিকা (ছাত্রী)

At the top of the merit list of students is Al-Jamiatul Ahlia Darul Uloom Muinul Islam Hathazari Madrasa Sharif Md. Ismail, Roll No. 5352 of Chittagong. Saker Ullah of Al-Jamia Al-Islamia Patia Madrasa, Chittagong, Roll No. 2369 has secured 2nd place in the merit list. 2nd place in the merit list has been jointly won by 2 people; Jobayer Ahmed of Al Jamiatul Arabia Shamsul Uloom Karbala Madrasa in Bogra, Roll No. 1069 and Md. Abu Naeem of Jamia Rabbania Arabia Jalkuri Madrasa in Narayanganj, Roll No. 10341.

At the top of the merit list of students are Fatematuzjuhra (ra) of Dhaka, Saat Masjid Housing, Naima Hussain of Mohammadpur Madrasa, Roll No. 21536. Maria Tabassum of Jamia Millia Madania Arabia Mirpur Ajma Mahila Madrasa in Dhaka has secured 2nd place in the merit list, Roll No. 21645. 3rd place was jointly won by 2 people; Sanjida Sauda of Miftahul Jannat Golgonda Women’s Madrasa in Mymensingh, Roll No. 18940 and Sauda Akhtar of Begum Lutfunnesa Women’s Madrasa in Shariatpur, Roll No. 19454.

The meeting was attended by Hazrat Maulana Mufti Md. Waqqas, Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Nurul Islam, Hazrat Maulana Abdul Quddus, Hazrat Maulana Abdul Hamid, Hazrat Maulana Sajidur Haq, Vice President of Befaqul Madarisil Arabia Bangladesh Hazrat Maulana Faizullah, Hazrat Maulana Muslihuddin Raju, Hazrat Maulana Mufti Nurul Amin, Hazrat Maulana Ubaydur Rahman Mahbub, Hazrat Maulana Bahul Hazrat.

Also present were Hazrat Maulana Shamsul Haque, Secretary General of Befaqul Madarisil Qawmia Gowhardanga Bangladesh, Hazrat Maulana Abdul Halim Bukhari, Secretary General of Anjuman Ittehadul Madaris Bangladesh, and Hazrat Furqanullah Khalil, Azad Erini Mawlaw Ta’il. Abdul Bachir, Tanzimul Madarisid Hazrat Maulana Yunus, Secretary General of Deenia Bangladesh, Hazrat Maulana Yahya Mahmud, Vice President of National Board of Religious Madrasa Education, Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Ali, Secretary General. Maulana Mohammad, office secretary of Al-Hayatul Ulaya Lil-Jami’atil Qaumiya Bangladesh, acted as the moderator. Achiur Rahman.

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