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Windows Product Key is the unique piece thing that is provided by the Microsoft Corporation when one buys an original copy of the windows installation file. It may be a compact disk, known as CD, which can be used as a media to install windows operating system on a personal computer or laptop. When one buys genuine windows, either windows 10, or 8, or 8.1 or 7 versions, the Microsoft Corporation provides a serial key or product key which is known as a windows product key or windows serial key.

What is Windows Product Key?

Generally windows product key is a code consists of twenty-five English letters, ether in capital font or smaller font, comprising with numbers and words. One has to need the windows product key when he or she starts installing new windows on his or her computer or notebook.

Basically, Microsoft corporation provides the product key so that a serial key can not be used more than one computer or notebook. According to the windows latest policy, one must have to activate windows by providing the product key given when someone buys new windows. Windows Product

With a new update, Windows always brings a verity of unique new features. Activating windows allows a user to get all the features of that particular versions of windows with the latest service like the Windows 10. Windows 10 brings a number of features than the windows previous version known as Windows 8.1.

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Why Windows Product Key is needed?

Windows 10 is the updated version of Windows 8.1 that is also the most used version of the operating system before the version of 10 was released. After the Windows 10 version of the operating system had been released, it hits most among the users due to its features that have brought a massive change in the sector of the operating systems.

To make your personal computer active which is a must for using all the features of the windows version you are using on your pc or notebook, you will need to activate your windows operating system. You can activate your existing windows in several ways that we are going to describe here one by one. There are several processes you can use for activating your windows 10.

As people usually install the free version of windows, it only allows a user of that particular version limited features and tools. The full and activated windows not only help you protect your pc from any kind of attack but also allows you to do your work in a very enthusiastic way.

Where to get Free Windows Product Key 2019?

To activate your windows, you can use the first way we have described below. Firstly you have to buy Windows 10 from Microsoft Store. You can buy the version you may think fit for you. After you have purchased the version of windows the respective authority will provide windows licenses key for activating your windows feature and tools. The windows product key may be sent either in the mail or can be found in the DVD or USB that they have handed over you when you have bought the windows.

Once you have bought new windows either from the store or elsewhere, you will need to enter the 25 world long code while you start installing windows 10. While installing the windows operating system in your personal computer or notebook, you will find an option or page where you will be asked to enter your product key. If you want to activate your windows later, you can also press on the skip button to continue your installation processes as you can activate your windows after you have installed the operating system on your machine.

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How to Activate Windows Using A Product Key?

To activate windows features on your machine after the windows installation you have to go to the setting. You can go to your PC setting function in many ways. You can enter your setting menu by a single press on the windows key + i button. It will take you to your windows activation menu on your machine. You will now find the Activation option in the left chart of this page.

Then a have click on the Activation button, and you will find a new page where you will find about the details about your windows activation. If your machine is not activated, it will ask you to change your product key in two ways. Firstly it will ask you to enter the window product key which can make your pc or notebook activate for the full feature.

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How To Use A New Windows 10 Product Key?

The second way to activate your machine using windows product key is the manual process which most of the people like in the present context. To follow this manual process you have to first to your command prompt option which is known as CMD in short. You can press the windows+r button, then type cmd or search in the Cortana help button and type cmd. Then select the option of Run As the Administration that will take you to a black page with some code function.

After opening the command prompt, you will need to type “slmgr /ipk yourlicensekey” and then have to enter the windows product key you have bought when buying the genuine version of windows. Following the process, you will need to type “slmgr /skms” to connect you to the KMS server successfully. In the last step, type the command “slmgr /ato” to finish the activation process.

The easiest way to activate your PC or notebook is to collect some free windows product key windows that have provided for the free versions. Using these free keys you can easily able to activate your windows following one of the two methods we have described above. You have to do nothing in this process but have to just copy the below codes for the version of windows you are using on your machine and paste it on the code generator.

Free Windows 10 Product Key 2019 All Versions

We have here uploaded a list of more than a hundred windows product keys that can be used to activate your machine legally. You will find here the product key for all versions of Windows including Windows 10 product key 2019, windows 8.1 product key, windows 8 product key, and Windows 7 product key.

Windows 10 includes a variety of versions including Windows 10 Professional, Professional N, Enterprise, Enterprise N, Education, Education N, Home, and Home Single Language versions. All these versions of Windows 10 have a separate product key for windows activation. The product key of Windows 10 Professional varies from that of Windows 10 Professional N. Like the previous version, the product key of Windows 10 Enterprise is different from that of the Windows 10 Enterprise N. The Windows serial key does not also match with one another for their different versions of edition.

Here on this webpage, we have uploaded the product key for each of the versions of windows separately so that you can use them for the version of the windows you have installed on your machine. Have a look here to find out the windows key for all versions of windows as those are the latest and recently updated serial codes published by the Microsoft Corporation.

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Windows 8 & 8.1 Product Key 2019 32/64 Bit

People nowadays are after the windows activation as they want to activate their machine in order to get the complete features of the windows. As activating windows, any version is mandatory for any user who wishes to use the total version of the windows he or she has had on his or her machine. Not only the product key for Windows 10 has been given here, but also a serial key of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 has also been displayed. One will easily find these product keys and can use them to activate their machine for the use of it.

The searching for windows product key online is a very tiresome work as most of the websites have a wrong product key that helps nothing to the user but spoils his or her valuable time. We respect you and your precious time and never try to harass you. Rather we always try to provide a genuine piece of information that is 100% true to your readers who are desperately searching for a windows product key.

windows 8.1 activation key 2019

Windows 8 & 8.1 Serial Key Latest Working

Along with the Windows 10 Product Key, we have also posted about Windows 8, 8.1 and 7 product key. Windows product key has a great value in the present context as it is the only method that is used to define the real version of windows. We have also given the same importance to collect windows 10 key as we have given it for Windows 10. It is without a doubt that windows 8.1 and windows 10 are the two updated versions of windows. The last version of windows named Windows 10 is released in 2015 after an update in windows 8.1.

The release of Windows 10 has added a new dimension among the windows operating system users for its unique features and tools that are only for easy access to the machine. To access these features and tools of the latest version of windows one must need to activate windows on his or her machine at the very beginning of the windows installing process. See the below Windows Product Key for Windows 8.1 and 8 versions:

windows 8.1 activation key 2019

Windows 7 Activation Key 2019 32/64 Bit

Here we have talked about windows 7 product key in detail. Windows 7 is the earlier version of windows that was released many years ago, but astoundingly it has been still used by a large number of users in the present day. Usually, modern people look for a new thing, new version, new thought, new update, and a new dimension. But, who are using Windows 7 still now are using this as they love doing so.

As Windows 7 background display goes black if one fails or does not activate windows on his or her machine. So to continue the security update and existing features of Windows, the Windows 7 users must activate windows on his or her machine using these product keys given below chronologically. All these product keys are genuine and you will surely feel good in using them on your machine.

windows 7 ultimate serial key

Windows Activator 10, 8, 8.1 & 7 (32/64 Bit)

Along with the windows product key, you can also activate windows on your personal computer or notebook by using some software decently. Among these, KMS Auto Net is one of the software I will recommend you to use in your first choice. It is a very good software to activate windows on your machine as it works as a subordinate of a windows product key. Suppose you do not have a windows product key but you want now to activate your machine without buying a new product key, then KMS Auto Net is the best solution for you to activate windows on your preferable machine.

kmsauto net

Interestingly, by using this software, KMS Auto Net, you can activate any version of windows either Windows 10 or 8 or 8.1. Even, you can use this software to activate Windows 7 and Windows XP on your trusted machine. This software is a trustworthy software for use as it provides no malware to your machine. KMS Auto Net does not require an internet connection to activate the machine. Rather, you just have to press one single button and it will automatically activate windows on your machine in the first place of action.

Windows Activator KMSAuto Net 2019 Free

To activate windows on your machine either a laptop or PC you have to first download KMS Auto Net from the provided link. Just click on the link and it will take on the download page: 

Download KMS Auto Net

Download KMS Auto Net (Mirror)

After downloading KMS Auto Net, you have to follow some directions to activate your machine. Firstly, you have to first disable your antivirus for a few minutes. You will need to turn off your Windows Defender if you are using it as your antivirus program. To turn off your Windows Defender, open your Windows Security Center on your computer and then off your defender.

product key 2019

Then you have to disconnect your internet connection with your machine, as sometimes internet connection disrupts the windows activation process. So disconnect the internet connection from your pc for activating windows without a product key. Then you have to open the KMS Auto Net software that you have downloaded from the given link. Just press on the Activation Button and Activate Windows for a successful process. 

Windows 10 Activator Microsoft Toolkit 2019

You can also activate your machine by using a tool named Microsoft Toolkit Activator like the previous process of activation of windows. It a similar app like the KMS Auto Net that is also fruitful in the activation process of the windows for all versions including the recent version. You can also activate your machine for windows 10 without a windows product key safely. In this process of activation, you will need an internet connection to activate your machine by Microsoft Toolkit.

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How to Upgrade Windows 10 From Windows 8 or 7 2019

You are using an older version of windows such as Windows 7 or 8.1 and now want to update your windows up to the latest version of windows. If you are thinking so, then you have to follow some method to update your windows version. There are several ways to update your version of windows from an older version. You can use a USB or CD drive to update your older version of windows or can use the software. If you wish to upgrade your personal computer or notebook, then you can select any of the processes described below:

At first, go to the Microsoft Official website and click on the Download tool now button to download Windows Medica Creation Tool. Run the app after it finishes downloading and select the option of upgrading you pc if you want windows to make the upgrade automatically. But you want a fresh upgrade, you will require to select the option that says create installation media (USB Flash Drive, DVD or ISO File), and have to continue the following process.

windows 10

If you are a Windows 10 user, but now want to upgrade your windows 10 to the latest version, you need to click update now to download your Windows 10 Upgrade Assitant. For more information or any query or ask, email us at

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