Maharashtra HSC Result 2020 Announced, Check Class 12 Board Exam Result Now

Maharashtra HSC Result 2020 : Class 12 Result. The proclaimed Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has published the Maharashtra HSC Result 2020 today. The education ministry has confirmed the Maharashtra Board information HSC Result Date himself. On the date of the July 16, 2020, the Class 12 students are now able to check their Maharashtra HSC Exam Result Online. In general, the HSC Result Date is an issue of high tension among the Maharashtra Board guardians and the students. So, Check the Maharashtra Class 12 Result fast to ease what is in your mind now from here.

Maharashtra HSC Exam 2020 At A Glance

Here is an short overview of the Maharashtra HSC Examination 2020. This section has been included in this post so that the students can know all in out about the Maharashtra HSC Exam at a glance. The Official Exam Name is Maharashtra HSC Exam 2020. The Maharashtra State Board conducts the Secondary and Higher Secondary Education HSC Exam each year. This year around 14.5 lakh students sat for the Maharashtra State Board HSC Exam. The Result will be delivered on 16 July as per the declaration by the state’s education ministry. 2020 HSC Result- 12th HSC Maharashtra Board Result 2020

As you can see the chart of the Maharashtra HSC exam result, you can be sure of it from the relevant sectors. The state board has recently published a notice on the official website stating that result of the exam held in 2020 is yet to be published on the site. Rather they asked the students to visit the Indian government official websites for result checking. Here is the more relative answer for you question relating to Maharashtra Result 2020. 

Maharashtra HSC Result 2020

Today we will talk on the issue of the Maharashtra HSC Exam Result 2020. Due to the worldwide epidemic Coronavirus, there has been an idea of uncertainty about the publication of the Maharashtra HSC Result in 2020. The question when the Maharashtra State Board will publish its HSC Exam Result is rounding on mind. At last the confusion was gone by the declaration from the education ministry. The education ministry made the date of the result publication out.

maharashtra exam result board hsc

The board has demonstrated that it has finalized its all processing relating to the HSC Examination Result 2020. The education board authority has mentioned it that the work of checking the exam paper without any delay. However the board has ruled out the allegation any object about the source of the information. The relating term will be applied in the result getting option. Maharashtra HSC Result 2020 will be available on 16 July 2020.

What is the Maharashtra HSC Pass Marks?

As per the received information from the Maharashtra State Of Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education a single student has to get the lowest 35% marks in the examination. If any students get the amount of marks which is below of the 35 percent in every single subject than he would be treated as a failed student. However, if any single student get more than 80 percent marks in the HSC exam, but gets below of 35 than he still fails in the result sheet.

As indicated by the passing commands of the Maharashtra HSC Exams 2020 set by the Maharashtra Education Board, understudies must score in any event 35 percent or above to breeze through the twelfth board tests. The 35 percent incorporate imprints made sure about in both functional and hypothesis tests. In the event that, the understudy neglects to make sure about 35 percent, s/he needs to show up for the Maharashtra HSC Supplementary tests so as to finish the Maharashtra HSC Exams 2020.

Class 12th Result 2020 Maharashtra Board

Here is the latest update of the Class 12th Result 2020 of the Maharashtra State Board. You will get live updates and information relating the exam of the Maharashtra Exam Result. The Class 12 Students are now being directed to the education board website for the exam result. For the exact time, the students need to hit. The Class 12th Result may bring a joyousness in you with a heap of wishes.

maharashtra exam result board hsc announced

Maharashtra HSC Result Checking Websites

If you want to know how much official websites there are that can allow a student to get his or her Maharashtra State Board Exam Result of the 12th Class, then you will find this post vulnerable. Why this post is so important to know what is waiting next for you. This is because in India there are many government official websites. Among those websites, which website can be used for the Maharashtra HSC Result checking determining is very difficult. The national informatics centers controls all the Result publishing websites in India.


To give a solution against this question of the websites, this section has been included here in this post. Actually, there are various websites officially that is available for the Result Checking instantly. But, there are some particular govt domains that is flexible for the students. Among the various lists of the HSC Result 2020 Watching Websites, these are the feasible that can make you helped in a greater way. Follow these to find out your result or check from our website.

How to Check Maharashtra HSC Result 2020

For the HSC students it is a million million dollar question. On day of the result publication, every student search online how to check out the Maharashtra HSC Result 2020. So, this is one of the most important issues for the students. The students need to know from where and how they can get the result checked. For them, we have brought a very simple answer. We would request them to follow our blog so that they can check it from here very easily. 2020 hsc result 

First Step: Make The bold letters typed on your device, i.e. mobile phone or laptop, or tab or desktop computers. On the display you will find Results option.

Second Step: Make a click on the Results option to move. After finishing up that second step, you will find a new webpage on the screen of your device.

3rd Step: Write Down your Exam Roll Number and Mother’s First Name in the input box. [Mention able that you must type your Mother’s First Name as written on your HSC Exam Admit Card. If the name of your mother is mentioned in the form, then you must type XXX].

4th Step: Then you need to have a click on the View Result button. After clicking that button you will be able to watch your own or other Maharashtra HSC Exam Result. 2020 hsc result

The most known and widely famous website for the official exam result in India is This is the main website of the Indian government that makes publish of the exam result from all over the country. Many students cannot able to check their result from the Maharashtra Board official website. They search on search engines for an alternative option. To them, it is an totally alternative websites for checking the Maharashtra HSC Exam Result. 

Now what to do if you cannot access websites. If you are one them who cannot access your HSC Exam Result till Now, you are asked to read this section. It is the biggest gateway to the exam result of India. Anyone from any state can collect the exam result of his or here board from here. One can use it as an alternative website of the

Check Maharashtra Board Result 2020 From Here

Thinking about the student’s conveniences, we have updated the core of the result checking website. From now, the students can check their Maharashtra Board Class 12th Result 2020 from here. Many times students can get access to the official website for the Class 12 Result Checking. Sometimes the website does not respond the request due to heavy pressure on it. So, we have brought a piece of solution for the Maharashtra HSC examinees. They can be able to check the Maharashtra HSC Result 2020 of July from here in a simple way.

Enter XXX if mother’s name not mentioned in form

Maharashtra Board Result Via SMS

There are also alternatives to the ”websites not working properly”. The students can also get their Maharashtra State Board HSC Exam Result Via SMS method very easily. For that they have to follow a quick method. It is quick in the sense that it does not say as the website makes problems. Rather it forward a message to the students in a reply message with the grade number. However, in this process the student may need to wait for a while to get the reply message.

It is mention worthy that you can only be able to check your Maharashtra Result after the declaration is made by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. Before the declaration comes online or in the television, one has no need to send any SMS. Because that will only cost you your Rs., but you will not get your exam Result.

SMS Format:

  • At first, go to message option on your mobile phone.
  • Then type MHHSCSEAT NO.
  • After that make it sure that you have sent it to 57766.
  • Check the Reply Message where you will get your Maharashtra HSC Result 2020.

Maharashtra HSC Board Result 2020 Toppers

Each Year the Maharashtra Secondary and Higher Secondary Education State Board makes publish of the HSC Board Result Toppers. This year in 2020, they will also proclaim the name of the toppers with the total marks. However, the declaration of the maharashtra hsc board result 2020 toppers may come few days later after the result publication. The students cannot but wait for the toppers list. However, the students should leave the tension to us.

They should keep their visible eyes to us and check this post everyday to know whether Maharashtra HSC Board Result 2020 toppers is available or not. We will also make publish of the toppers name when it would be declared by the education board. So, till then you must be peace on with your result. 

Maharashtra Board HSC Result 2020 Verification

After the Maharashtra HSC Result 2020 publication, the students will surely find their exam result online or off-line. Getting their Result, if any student believes that he or she will get more marks than his or her present marks, he or she can apply for the HSC Result Verification 2020. In this process of the Maharashtra State Board Result Verification in 2020, only the total marks of the students are rechecked. The Result Verification checks whether the marks shown on the marksheet or transcripts are the actual marks or not.

For that process of the Maharashtra State Board HSC Result 2020 Verification the students need to fill in a form that is required to submit to the departmental secretary of the Mahartashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. For each of the subject application, the students has to cost at least 50 Rs. as per the Maharashtra State Board directions. If any examinee wants to get a photocopy of his or her evaluated answer sheet, then he or she must apply using the same form. In that case, the student needs to pay Rs. 400.

Re-evaluation of Maharashtra HSC Result 2020

The Re-evaluation of Maharashtra HSC Result 2020 does not apply to all students. It fits with the students who want to recheck all of the exam scripts again by a new invigilator. In that process, the students will request to the board to recheck his or her every single exam script by a new teacher who will give his or her new marks after the reevaluation. Mention able that the process may increase the marks of a student or it can decrease the grade of the same students. You can call it total new process. 

Like the previous one, for the Maharashtra HSC Result 2020 Re-Evaluation the students will have to submit an amount of fee. The amount of the application fees is Rs.300. The reevaluation application from must be submitted to the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education’s Departmental Secretary.

MAH HSC Result Supplementary Exam 2020 

Only do the students who have failed to secure the minimum pass marks in the Maharashtra HSC Exam in one or two subjects. can sit for the MAH HSC Resutl 2020 Supplementary Examination. The number in the subject they have failed is about to the margin of the pass marks. Such examinee can apply for the Maharashtra HSC Result 2020 Supplementary Exam. If he or she could make himself or herself passed in the Maharashtra HSC Result 2020 Supplementary Exam, then he or she would not face the session loss. 

However, if one does not make the supplementary examination passed, then he or she is bound to sit for the Maharashtra HSC Exam once again. The date or the timetable of the Maharashtra Supplementary Exam 2020 is the August. On the month of August, the Maharashtra Supplementary Exam 2020 will take place.

What After Maharashtra Board HSC Result 2020 Get Published

Now, the HSC Board Result 2020 by the Maharashtra State Board has been published. And, you have already checked your own result. Now the question arises what after Maharashtra Board HSC Result 2020 Get Published. Some candidates know what should be done after the Maharashtra State Board announces HSC Result 2020. However, there are still more students and their guardians who do not know about the next processes of the Result Publication.

The Next thing that the students need to perform after the result publication is collecting original marksheets or transcripts from their respective colleges or institutions that. Then they to take preparation for the Admission. It is the main period of the students from where they can select what degree they want to do in their next live. From here they can select in which career they are going to step in.

Maharashtra State Board HSC Result 2020 Brief Summary

Each year the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Education publishes a set of summary of the students’ achievement. The state level performance has been updated on the official website from where the authority can watch it. The board authority provides the core information to show what the state has improved up in this year’s examination. The board has also arranged an analysis of the result data to far the process. One can find out all the state level result from here.

Maharashtra HSC Result 2020

Here is the brief summary of the Maharashtra State Board HSC Result 2020. The information of the HSC Exam Result 2020 will be available on July 16 when the state board will declare the Exam Result

Maharashtra HSC Result 2020- Grade-wise Division-wise Performance

Here is the performance of the candidates as published by the Maharashtra State Board on the basis of grade and division wise. The students can look at the analysis to know more about the Maharashtra HSC Result 2020. This is the official information. Only the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has the lone authority to modify or edit it.

Mah HSC Result 2020- Stream-Wise Performance

Along with the Grade-wise performance of the candidates, the Maharashtra HSC Result 2020 Stream Wise Performance is also available here. One can easily find the complete and authentic analysis from here. You do not have any authority to make the below information wrong or inappropriate.

FAQs Related to Maharashtra HSC 2020 Result

Q: When will Maharashtra HSC Result 2020 be published this year?

A:  The State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is scheduled for July 16 for publishing the Maharashtra HSC 2020 Result. On 16th July, students and guardians is also set to check their MAH Class 12th HSC Exam Result.

Q: What is the date of Maharashtra HSC Result 2020?

A: The date of Maharashtra HSC Result 2020 is 16 July 2020. In the current fiscal year and in the month of July, the Maharashtra HSC Result is the date.

Q: What are the Maharashtra HSC Result Checking Websites?

A: is the official Maharashtra HSC Result Checking websites.

Q: How can I check Maharashtra HSC Result 2020?

A: You can check your Maharashtra Board HSC Exam Result 2020 by visiting the official website. You can get more information relating this question in the earlier section of this post.

Q: How can I download Maharashtra HSC Result Marksheet and Transcript?

A: One can download Maharashtra HSC Result Marksheet and Transcript on July 16 from the government declared website as described here. If you become failed to download Maharashtra HSC Result Marksheet or Transcript, you can take a snap or screenshot or save the result page as PDF file.

Q: What is the process of Maharashtra HSC Result Reevaluation?

A: If you are not satisfied with your result, then you can request the Maharashtra State Board to recheck your HSC exam scripts for reevaluation with a minimum fees. The Maharashtra HSC Result Reevaluation process will begin after the result publication.

Q: How much fees have I been set to pay for the Maharashtra HSC Result Supplementary Exam?

A: Maharashtra State board fixes the fees for the HSC Result Supplementary Exam. You will able to collect the fees from the education board notice after the result goes for declared.

 Final Words:

The examination is over and you have also got your Maharashtra Board HSC Exam Result. Now, you must concentrate on the admission process. You should choose on which subject you want to study in next and on which college you want to get admit. This a very crucial issue to deal with. So, be prepared from now for the admission.

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